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December 13, 2012

The Bad-Ass & The Non-Sensical

Perhaps I'm making the wrong assumption here and I'm giving out way too much credit, but my impression is that Heather Tom is now back from maternity leave. Already.

Katie is back
I mean the woman is a bad-ass. I can't believe she's already back! After having given birth to her first child. And looking healthy and adorable and freakin' twenty-three somehow (seriously, will this woman ever age?).

In other news delivered by the Soap Opera Contrivance Gazette, Taylor has overheard Bill and Brooke talking about their kiss.



I really have to say that I loved how utterly shocked she was at this total non-revelation, especially considering she'd already accused Brooke of this very thing.

But no matter, this is standard soapy stuff and it's fine. Secrets and scandals and drama and betrayals. And the best part of it is that Taylor may likely misconstrue what she heard, big-time, and that will be fun. Because here's a little snippet of what she actually heard:

Brooke: But I'll never forget when you put that ring on my finger and we went into each other's arms and we shared that kiss.

Ha! Beyond that being hilariously silly dialogue, I'm going to be super-psyched if Taylor runs off half-cocked thinking Mr. Bill asked Brooke to marry him!

That said, it's completely absurd that this whole thing was predicated on Taylor acting as family therapist for Katie, Bill, and her worst enemy Brooke. I know this show has returned to this well about a million times over the years, but good grief. Taylor becoming Katie's therapist was organic and almost even an accident, and they actually had a good many scenes where Taylor was actually allowed to be an extremely effective counselor. I don't object to their continuing with that doctor/patient relationship, but come on. Brooke and Taylor just had a slappy cat fight the other day! Couldn't Taylor have overheard that when she came over just for Katie or something? It's nit-picky, I know, but it just seems so silly to ever watch a scene in which Taylor acts as Brooke's therapist, even if it's a collective situation.

As for the business storyline, it's mildly entertaining to watch Thomas and Rick act like terrible human beings and have bitchy little cat fights with each other all over the place (although I still don't understand why Rick is unequivocally considered not a Forrester), especially when Caroline gets fun lines like, "Now you two can duke it out on the catwalk, like real men." Of course moving forward, I hope things get a little less vague. I have no idea what Thomas's big plans for FC are. Only that they're apparently less traditional than the company has been in the past. We haven't gotten one specific. Oh, and as far as the actual fashion design is concerned? Apparently Caroline's niche is "young urban style." Has anyone looked at her lately? I think we're all just going to have to suspend disbelief and assume that her designs are, in fact, nothing like the way she actually dresses.


Hilarious. Per usual, Louise your commentary was spot-on. I watched the episode wondering about Heather Tom's maternity leave. She really is a powerhouse! So impressive. I'll suspend belief enough about Taylor counseling the group. Taylor's normal advice always come off as "therapist" mode (even when the context is absurd.) I loved how deliciously soapy her overhearing part of Brooke and Bill's conversation. I do not look forward to Katie's impending overreaction to this news once it's revealed, so I hope Brooke and Bill actually have an affair to warrant Katie's over the top reaction (you know it's coming!)

Glad Eric is back in the reigns as Forrester's CEO, but I'm with you, I have no idea what the fashion/business perspectives are, so I have no opinion whose vision should direct the company. I'd like to see Thorne and possibly Felicia involved to at least mentor Thomas and Rick. I also agree that the "us" versus "them" thing seems forced considering Eric is a Forrester by blood! I like B&B's return to the industry driving the story but it needs to be fleshed out. Also, Adam Gregory who plays Thomas doesn't come off as competent let alone business savvy. The storyline needs some meaty dialogue and meaty actors. It would be great if B&B hired some heavy-hitting performers to tell the business story and leave the usual light-fare to the young adult actors. I would love to see Kassie DePaiva as a high-powered fashion exec whose company rivals Forrester's Creations. FC needs a competitor. Plus, KDP could mix it up with Windsor Harmon, Jacob Young and have a slap-off with Brooke!

LOVE the screencaps. Total LOL at Taylor's exagerated OMG. I am looking forward to Katie finding out. I am not crazy about the company s/l, but I guess it's better than the triangle!

I don't think I've ever seen a daytime actress's maternity leave handled as seamlessly as B&B just handled Heather Tom's.

Of course, it helps that HT is a rock star.

Did anyone else think about the Friends' episode (where Joey buys a large and gaudy bracelet for Chandler) after seeing the HUGE and very feminine bracelet $ Bill was wearing in Monday's episode??? "bracelet buddies....that's what they'll call us!!!" Lol.

Not bad for a Goodfella!

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