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December 27, 2012

The Soporific & the Hypocritical

Oh good! Steffy and Hope are at each other's throats about Liam again. Santa Claus really does exist, and he gave me JUST WHAT I WANTED.

And I mean really, why should 2012 go out any differently from how it came in? My DVR description for tomorrow's episode tells me that Steffy and Hope continue to fight about Liam, so that seems a perfectly fitting way to spend the final 18 minutes that B&B has in the entire year. The year in which they said goodbye to two of the four leads who have been with the show since the very beginning, twenty-five years ago.

Hope's decided to fight for Liam with a little more fire this time, but who the hell cares? Oh and Steffy's had a complete turnaround. Remember how when Liam was with Hope and Hope would get jealous or upset about the time he spent with Steffy, and how according to Steffy that made Hope uptight and clingy and possessive and childish and controlling and unable to let Liam be "free?" Yeah. Actually, Steffy just made a beeline for Hope's house to tell her to back off of her man and that she needs to respect Steffy and Liam's relationship.


You know, like one should do. One should respect other people's relationships. I mean as long as "one" isn't Steffy, who kissed and professed her undying love to and "cha cha cha-ed" at Liam every chance she got while he was with Hope. (Which cycles it all back around to: Why the hell does Hope want that douchenozzle back??)


Well, apparently she's not taking it lying down this time, or some shit. Or something about how she's a new woman and how Steffy can't threaten her anymore. Or something. And something something something.

Wow. Just when I started feeling a little bit less hatred for these people, here we go again. AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

How did they give us such a beautiful and heartbreaking episode yesterday (note to John McCook: EMMY REEL!!), and then offer up this tripe today? I am seriously losing my holiday spirit.

There's a silver lining. Now that Katie's PPD is miraculously out the window overnight (thanks to her shrink who considers doctor-patient confidentiality a quaint triviality that's more of a suggestion than a rule on which an entire profession hangs in the balance, because yay soaps), they're glamming her all out with the makeup and the cascading 1980's long soapy waves.


Yeah. New mother right there. Superhuman, that one. Or well-staffed.

Whatever she's having, I want to over-indulge in it on New Year's Eve please!

And finally, as this is likely the final B&B-only post of 2012, I want to thank all of you who've been stopping by this year! We're a little ABC-soap-centric here at Serial Drama so it means a lot that you've kept checking in and joined in the crying over Stephanie and the railing over the triangle that never ends and the laughing at Bill's smugness and the warm fuzzies over Pam's sweet vulnerability and all the rest. Your visits and your insightful and funny and heartfelt comments have been so appreciated. Happy happy happy new year!


Aww Louise. You are the greatest. Your care and attention to us readers/commenters never gets old. Your kind words talked me down from the ledge when OLTL went off the air (the show's demise hit me really hard over the holidays last year...I digress.)

The most frustrating thing about B&B is that the writers do know better (as evidenced by their handling of Susan Flannery's exit and Katie's PPD) but choose to write for the vapid triangle of Hope/Liam/Steffy. I actually like the actors involved in the story but it's written with no depth or soul. There are many ways the triangle could be revamped into something truly soapy. There's no intrigue or schemes that amount to more than locking someone in a room or someone telling a lie. I enjoyed the reprieve from this story being backburnered for a few months and I dread Brooke Logan hand-wringing over this. At least there's Brooke and Bill's inappropriate chemistry. ;-)
Also, Jacqueline McInnes Woods is a pretty woman but her cosmetic procedures have resulted in her face looking unnaturally smooth and eyes too tight. Her ability to emote seems impacted (not that the writing dictates that she should show deep emotion.)

I save my sanity by FFing all things Hope/Liam/Steffy! Of course, since that shit makes up 50% of the show, I can whip through an episode in 8.5 minutes.

Happy New Year to you too, Louise! I'm so happy that you continue to cover B&B even though there is less interest in it than GH. But your snarkiness & screencaps make me laugh, and it's always good to find out that I'm not the only one exasperated and overjoyed about certain things.

I too have noticed how fab Heather Tom has been looking recently, and I'm loving it!

The triangle is not worthy of my time.

Hell, I don't even watch B&B but I read your recaps which I find wildly amusing. Your recaps make me think B&B is like the Carol Burnett sketches where they made fun of the soaps... Keep writing. I love to see it thru your eyes!!!

Louise, thanks for covering B&B! I agree that John McCook was wonderful during the Christmas episode. I hope that they continue to brink Kristen & especially Felicia back on a more regular basis since they seemed to make better contact with the actresses every since the Stephanie storyline. Here's to hoping B&B has a been mix of stories in 2013!

I'm not really a B&B watcher but I do catch bits here and there and read here about it. I decided to watch today's show and was dumbfounded by how all the ladies let that smug Brad.. umm I mean Bill just snarl and sneer, threaten and bully while they just forgive and defend all his nasty actions. I was almost screaming at my television by the end of it. I just want one of those gals to point out the obvious and tell him off.

Hope seems to have a backbone now. I wished so much that she has said, "Hey Bill? What is with your complete and utter fascination with your son's love life? Is it because you had to give up Stephanie as your fuck buddy and now have NO choice but to live vicariously through your son? The only way you can get back into Steffy's panties is by fantasizing that you are your young, studly son? You are one disturbed and sickening bastard!" I don't know how people stick with this show. It's kind of disturbing.

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