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January 20, 2013

I Think I Need To Be Medicated

I spent the better part of last week suffering from the world's worst headache; one of those "I'm pretty much convinced that my right eyeball is going to explode out of my head like I'm living in a scene from an alien movie" headaches, where all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and avoid loud noises at all costs--it made it impossible for me to watch any Carly scenes on General Hospital.

One small GH marathon later and I'm right back where I started, except this time I am sick everywhere and it's entirely Maxie and Spinelli's fault.

Maxie: So? Will you do it? Will you pop another one of Dante and Lulu's little embryos in me?
Britt: Maxie, I-I'm sorry. I can't.
Maxie: I thought you understood. I am trying to spare my best friend. Why make her suffer when I can be pregnant before she even gets back?
Britt: It's not that I'm unwilling to do the procedure.
Maxie: Then what is your problem?
Britt: Maxie, you're already pregnant.

I think we all--if we're all dour and pessimistic, which we are and have every right to be--saw this coming from the moment Spinelli and Maxie spent the night together, so it's not that it's surprising. It's just that it's horrifying. I'm trying to think of things that I hate more than Spinelli and Maxie as a couple (besides actual real world issues like genocide and famine...although I'd probably take certain diseases over this pairing) and I'm coming up empty. I'd even take the vampire stuff over this, and the vampire stuff had me hiding my face behind my hands, overcome with secondhand embarrassment. This relationship completely obliterates anything I've ever enjoyed about Maxie, and it gives Spinelli much more screentime than he ever deserves and--AND! All of this will make Ellie incredibly sad and who among us wants that?

WHO WANTS TO SEE HER DEJECTED AND DEPRESSED?! No one! And--shameless editing of a post to include a .gif of my new favorite thing ever, ever, ever-- I hate it like Jim Harbaugh hates blown calls

 SPOILER ALERT: I will never get sick of seeing this and it will most likely come in handy during the coming weeks on General Hospital.

Maybe I am wrong and this story will play out very differently than it is in my nightmares, with good writing and unpredictable plot twists and a happy resolution for all involved, and by that I mostly mean Ellie (and me). I'm probably not, of course; that is most likely just my migraine medication talking. Can I request that GH reimburse me?



I had to share this little story...

My mother watched General Hospital since she was in her teens...she's now 67. I started watching it with her in my late twenties. At first it was pleasant (if corny) mother, daughter time. Somewhere around the time Dante appeared on the scene through the show became either a tedious bore or enraging (if Sonny was on the screen, it was guaranteed to be enraging.) Even mom was spending most of the hour screaming at various characters for being idiots. Little by little we both lost interest and stopped watching.

Last week mom asked me if good old GH was even still on the air. I told her it was and had actually been getting better ratings. We decided to turn it on for a look-see.

Now, I don't know many of the 'new' characters that were imported from other soaps (or any characters returning from the old days of GH.) Mom never watched any of the other soaps either. So we turn on the show and there's some woman neither of us know in a jail cell. And this woman is in the middle of talking about how, yes, she is in fact a vampire slayer and yes, she is out to kill a vamp...

Mom and I looked at each other. And then promptly burst into hysterical laughter. I mean, full out tears streaming down our faces, laughing so hard it sounds like sobs, convinced we're about to barf from hilarity...it took an hour before I could stop giggling. I'm not even sure WHY it was so damn funny. It's the hardest I've laughed in a good few years.

And no, we still decided not to give the show another shot. I'm afraid if I laughed that hard every day I'd have a heart attack.

Triangle to be fair I haven't watched in a while either (nor kept up with this blog) but can the current storyline be any worse than the cheesy 80's storylines of saving the world from the Cassidines and the freeze machine?

Love the gif! I'll catch up on the blog this weekend and give GH another try!

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