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January 07, 2013

Wholly Unbelievable!

Please don't misunderstand, it is TOTALLY believable that Carly would take a situation concerning, among other horrible things, dead children and make it all about her. And it is EQUALLY believable that she'd make it about her at the loudest and shrillest volume imaginable and make wounded faces while she self righteously lectures on the importance of honesty. This is CARLY. She is a terrible and hilarious human disaster who has never had an unselfish thought.

But for Carly to hear that Todd was involved in a baby switch involving Jason's child and say these words? I call the foulest of fouls.

Carly: The crazy thing is, I would have forgiven you. I would have been really mad about the whole Jason part, but I would have listened to you explain and I would have forgiven you. Hell, I would have gone to my grave defending you. But you didn't trust me enough to give me that choice.

The Carly I know and love and would be absolutely terrified of if she was a real person and I had the misfortune of knowing her would never forgive anyone for anything for even midly irritating Jason, so I am supposed to believe that she'd not only forgive Todd for keeping Jason away from his son but would also defend him for the rest of her life? No. I'm sorry, that would never happen. Ever. I don't even think Carly would go to her grave defending Morgan if he did something to upset Jason. She'd be more likely to send Morgan to his grave for upsetting Jason.

This is absurd, is what I'm saying.


The thing is, though, that this was JASON'S baby--and that Slagbeast's middle name is hypocrite, so her saying she would have forgiven the switch is utter BS, because she was obsessed with Jason, and had to settle for his being her best friend, when as sure as the Sun rises in the East, if Jason had crooked his finger at her for more than just friends, she would kill anyone who stood in her path to make it happen.

So yeah, knowing this character after so many years and watching her sick twisted obsessed love for Jason, for her to just hand wave it away, is out of character for this hosebeast.

Can someone please tell me what OTB is? Own True Blair? I feel stupid...

Belatedly, I must say that I really missed a lot of Carly's ranting because my brain just plain broke after she vigorously declared, "I am not a hypocrite!"

Now that prospect park has revived OLTL I pray the soap gods that means that RH will return to OLTL. I Can't stand pod-Todd and Tarly!

Loving these posts! It's funny because I do think Cartini are trying to portray Slagbeast as more "human" than before, but it just comes off as "stupid" and "pathetic" and OOC! I almost believe that she WOULD forgive Todd, because ya know what? Jason's dead y'all. Carly needs a new man and Sonny is busy, Jax is too sane. This slag could care less what Todd does or has done. She just wants him to worship her and lying to her isn't worshippy enough for her. This show acts like she is a catch - with Johnny and Todd fighting over her, obsessed with her, todd said something today like, I've never NOT played games my whole life until now. Ya, thanks for that, Ron. FML

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