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February 11, 2013

It's Here, It's Here, It's Finally Here!

It's finally February 11th! And we know what that means.


It's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day!!!!

Oh and also there was this....



Guess who agrees with me?


Laura, that's who!

Now I'm going to do several dances around the room and do some cartwheels and totally ignore the weird silliness about the Vampire McBain and the totally nonchalant way Dante told the police commissioner that one of the PCPD had just been killed on the job. ("Bummer, Anna. Bad news. I forgot the beer." That was about the gist of it.)

Also, is Luke now pronouncing "Robin" with an English accent? What is that about? Is that part of his attempt to woo Anna? (Which he incidentally pronounces Ah-na. Ugh.)

And how sweet was Duke making his super-worried phone call to Anna after hearing about Lucy attacking her?


His voice when he said, "Would you please call me? I'm thinking about you." made me melty and weak in the knees. He's killin' me, y'all. Killin' me.

And in conclusion, LAURA!!!!!!


I know I skipped a few day, but when I went back to find the maxie/frisco showdown, I can up with nothing! NOTHING?! Where the hell is the Maxie/Frisco scene? What a letdown of gigantic proportions.

Laura! YAY ... Duke is a dream boat-- if my choice is between Duke and Luke (they rhyme) no contest--Duke all the way....

I do hope Frisco has a scene with Anna and/or meet Patrick. I would really like a Robin mention from him.

I am pulling for an Anna/Duke Valentine's Day romance-fest. With flashbacks.

Genie Francis is back as "Laura"….and all is right with my world!


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