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February 06, 2013

Sometimes Absence Makes The Heart Just Fine

Hang on a second. Was that an actual PCPD briefing on an ongoing investigation? Like, where a higher-ranking officer provided information to a team of people? People employed by the PCPD? They actually have a staff for more than filing?



(I loved how these mug shots reflected reality for these ladies -- Heather's seriously dangerous, Lucy's just a kook.)


Is that a member of the PCPD taking notes on a criminal investigation? Where are we?

Why aren't they just letting some non-police entity solve the crimes and save the day? I'm really confused.


Meanwhile, I really liked the color of Olivia's dress.


Also, hey girls! Whoa.

Otherwise, what was I supposed to be rooting for in this scene? Connie to let Kristina off the hook? Because I am meant to care about Kristina? Now I'm lost again, and this time it doesn't seem to be about Jason's absence.

Speaking of Kristina, sweet mercy. She had a little "moment" with Johnny today.


Kristina: I wanted to kill Connie. I wanted her dead with all my heart. But you -- you never meant to kill Starr's family.


That better not be part of some sort of "understanding" that leads to... I'm not even going to say it. DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT!


Starr and Todd had a couple of lovely scenes today. Let's call it a pleasant surprise because while Roger Howarth playing Todd as just a comic villain is certainly entertaining, I do miss dark, tortured Todd who really does have a small handful of people he truly loves (and respects!). (That guy still had a good sense of humor, you know!) Ever since the big reveal about the baby switch and the Johnny blackmail, he's exclusively cared only about Carly or escape and has basically shown not a shred of remorse over the unspeakable way he betrayed his daughter. So it was great to see them today and hear him actually express that he does love her and that he ruined everything with her and the rest of the family.



And they said goodbye and he called her Shorty and I actually felt something! So you know, what better time to take up a third of the screen with some annoying graphic plugging a new show?


Way to make your moments work, ABC!


Really hoping there's some fun and excellent rationalizaton for all this because I definitely do not want any actual vampires anywhere near this show. But this Sinister McBain/Caleb hybrid thing that keeps showing up actually might keep me entertained in the meantime.


Because seriously. That continues to be hilarious.



Because I'm pretty sure they did. Not cool. Not cool at all, Afternoon Television Program.


Oh goodness I agree with you on Mac, Felicia, Frisco and Maxie. I tuned in (or tried to, my mother can't properly change the channel to save her life) at the beginning of the show to see if they would show the aftermath of that.

No such luck, hopefully it will be shown soon.

Also a fond wish is that Frisco tears into Carly about screwing his brother's life up.

Lucy's mugshot is love.

Todd never mentioning his screechy daughter with Tea is love.

Don't worry. I'm sure Samsel will eventually solve the case. McBaim never solves anything.

Where's Guy Lewis? Was he taking notes in the briefing?

How did Carly mess with Mac (Frico's bro)?

@sueb ..Frisco and Mac are not brothers. Frisco Jones is the late Dr Tony Jones brother .. Mac Scorpio is Robert Scorpio's brother

@sharon ... Re Carly and Tony, long story. Tony Jones was married to Bobbie Spencer, Carly's mother. When Carly first came to town, Bobbie didn't know that she was the daughter, Carolne, whom she'd given up many years before while working as a prostitute. Carly was angry at Bobbie and wanted to hurt her, so she interfered in her marriage and slept with Tony, then tricked him into thinking Michael was his son when he was really AJs. Check Wickipedia for the whole sordid tale.

Carly initially came to town to find her birth mother (Bobbie Spencer) and destroy her life. Bobbie was married to Tony when this happened and Carly's plan included stealing Tony from Bobbie, which she did.

While she was with Tony, she slept with AJ and got pregnant with Michael. She initially led Tony to believe Michael was his. Tony was ecstatic and awaited the birth of his son with anticipation. However, when Carly and Tony's relationship turned sour, Carly told Tony that Jason was the father. She left their apartment and showed up at Sonny's seeking refuge. Tony wanted to be a father to Michael nonetheless and thought life with the mob squad was too dangerous.

Meanwhile, Jason went along with Carly's plan and lied to everyone, which meant telling people he had cheated on Robin, to make them think Michael was his. When Michael was born he was very sick and Carly couldn't handle it (it was retconned as post-partum depression). She left him with Jason and took off to Florida.

When she returned, she moved in with Jason and Tony flipped at the thought of mobster Jason raising Michael. He kidnapped him and since Robin saw him, he took her too. He didn't give her her HIV meds while he held her, so when Jason rescued them, she was very sick. She did feel compassion for Tony though, so when he was put on trial for the kidnapping, her testimony went a long way to get him community service for the crime.

It was Carly's time to flip out, and when she heard the verdict, she shot Tony in open court.

After that, Tony recovered but basically never had another real storyline. They never explored his and Bobbie's son Lucas's homosexuality, except for him coming out to his father right before Tony was cut from the canvas during the virus outbreak. My take on it is that the Guza regime never had much use for the hospital part of GH and Tony being "old" and a neurosurgeon (they had just brought on Patrick Drake, super neurosurgeon) meant the death of him.

So that's why you can trace Tony's descent into hell to Carly's appearance in Port Charles. And let's not forget that Frisco is also one of Robin's godfathers. Hopefully the writers will also remember that.

@Nathalie - They have to remember that Frisco is one of Robin's godfathers. It would be a great story if Frisco was working with Sean and they had a lead that Robin was alive. Then Mac would have to work with Frisco, and accept his help, and the storyline could just be awesome. Even if Frisco's stay is short term, just seeing him on my screen makes me feel like a teenager again. I even dug out a Jack Wagner album last night.

All this talk of Tony reminded me of his final scene, when he was delirious and dying and could "see" BJ. So sad.

One of the all-time great GH moments was when Tony went off the rails and had kidnapped Michael and Robin, and shaved his entire head onscreen. An iconic scene I'll never forget. It was a big mistake killing off Tony, like killing off Alan.

I didn't get Olivia's argument to Connie that Sonny would be mad at her if she let Kristina go to jail. I'd think Connie would want Sonny to hate her and leave her alone.

@catherinejbr - I love the way you think! The reunion on Night Shift with Sean and Tiffany when Robert got really sick... The same should happen now! The old gang SHOULD rally together to save Robert and get a clue about Robin. That would be awesome.

It's such a shame that they killed off so many great characters, characters with so many ties that could enrich a lot of stories, all in the name of a quick ratings surge during the "shocking" death. A good soap is about balance, you need to inject new blood every once in a while, but you need to work with the established characters and let them get old and hold everything together. Guza was all about getting new viewers and he thought he would do that by glorifying the mob and filling the canvas with new fresh faces and getting rid of all the older ones.

If you want to built on your audience, you have to reward your long-time viewers with storylines that integrate veterans AND new characters. If you only go for the "young" demographics, you alienate your loyal "older" one and this is your die-hard core.

Anyway, enough rambling, I'm just glad almost all of my favorites are back on my screen! Yee!

My understanding is that Frisco won't be on again until FEBRUARY 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a little upset about this too Louise. It's ridunkulous that we won't see Frisco again or the scenes that we need to see between Frisco and his daughter. I had hoped that yesterday's episode, we might pick-up where we left up but nope the whole let's keep Kristina from going to prison storyline was still going on, and the whole John McBain/Lucy Coe/Caleb yada yada stuff. I'm really peeved with Carlivati and Co. over this. How hard would it have been to include those scenes in Wednesday's episode?

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