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February 21, 2013

The Fog Begins To Lift (or Metric Tons Of Gumption)

After that adorable awkward moment the other day when A.J. showed up at Elizabeth's door with flowers that she mistakenly thought he'd brought her, I knew those earlier scenes between the two weren't just accidental and irrelevant chemistry. No indeed. 

Today, we got a phone call between the two implying at least one of the major topics of conversation from their impromptu spaghetti dinner -- PickleLila and A.J.'s strategies for dealing with Tracy and saving ELQ. And A.J. talked about how much fun he had playing with the boys and both of them said how good a time they had and it was super-cute. And! 


A.J. really did end up sending her flowers!

And his handwriting doesn't look like an eight-year-old's like Michael's did the other day!

And she was all bashful when Steve was prodding her about it. I love when the two of them are actually siblings and act like it, but far too rare (I might still be a little grumpy about that time he basically accused her of trying to kill Siobhan). And Liz gave her big brother her patented Liz look when she 'fessed up to who her admirer is.



Sibling rapport! If I didn't know better, I'd think they were giving us this cute brother/sister stuff to up the drama because something's going to happen to one of them soon. I KNOW! I'M REALLY GOING OUT ON A LIMB HERE, Y'ALL! Sherlock Weezie here.

Anyhoozle, Liz promised Steve that she's sure A.J.'s attempts to be a better man and a better father are sincere. Meanwhile, A.J. had another panic attack and begged for Tracy to call Liz. He needs his Florence Nightingale! 

Liz calmed him down over the phone and then after Tracy dropped him off at GH, they continued their sweet little flirtation.




I love it. LOVE IT.

Now, if you're sitting there thinking, "Uh, Louise, we all watched the same episode. You basically just explained what we all watched," well... I can't argue with you. I JUST WANTED TO RE-LIVE IT, ALL RIGHT?!

Otherwise, not an especially action-packed episode. I mean there was a jailbreak and all, but we pretty much knew that was going to happen. And there won't be any consequences because on soaps, it's totally legal to break out of jail and set fire to police stations as long as once you've escaped you can prove your innocence or save the town or... something. Then it's a pat on the back and a key to the city. No problem-o!

However, the pre-jailbreak scenes did give us this gem from John McBain:


John: Since Manning's with his lawyer, we might be able to have a conversation without the laugh track.

From your lips to God's ears, McBain!

Otherwise we did get one of those hysterical post-D.I.D.-emergence episodes where the host identity comes back after several months away and has to be filled in on all the soapy chaos she missed. (It cracks me up that an episode like that is now so standard in soaps that it's officially a TV Trope.) I can't say I felt bad for Kate (as I sometimes did for Viki over on OLTL when such episodes unfolded) because Kate bores me to tears (if we have to have this character around, I'd much prefer the softened-down non-nympho version of Connie we were starting to see, so here's hoping there's an actual integration so we never have to go back to either extreme). Don't get me wrong, Kelly Sullivan is one hell of a fearless performer and that's sometimes fascinating to watch, but I've just never cared one iota about her Kate. Not one. But the domino effect of tragic and terrifying news that she got as today's episode progressed was kind of awesome. Was I supposed to find it awesomely funny? Well, I did. 


I sure hope someone taped her bachelorette party with a smartphone or something. She has to see what she missed!


Chemistry is, of course, subjective. But I see a lot of it between Liz and AJ. And I don't see what's really been contrived about their interactions so far. She gave him medical attention and talked to him about Nurses' Ball business; their pasts with Jason and guilt over various misdeeds helped them understand each other and forged a connection. And now because of that, they're tentatively becoming friends -- something both dearly need. Chemistry + a reason to run into each other and bond + a slow build friendship = a pretty organic start to me. And no, that's not just because I want both of them to have story.

Re: Connie and Kate, I doubt it's the writers who are confused. Connie only made the claim she was the host when she was trying desperately to not be committed. All of her other behavior has been that of an alter; she's always known things Kate didn't and feared she would disappear forever if Kate remembered the last detail about Hope and Cole's deaths. I am hoping, though -- like Louise -- that the line between her and Kate will now begin to blur so they can integrate into a more interesting character than either is individually.

A friend reminded me recently that the only consistent aspect of Soap DID has been that the 'host' doesn't remember what happens when an alter is in control, but the alters all remember pretty much everything. Which means there's really no doubt that Kate is the original, host personality.

That said, the way this has been presented is confusing - near as I can tell, Connie (the alter) emerged when Joe Scully Jr raped Connie (the host). AlterConnie would have been in control during the pregnancy and subsequent abandonment of the baby, and then HostConnie went to college, with no memory of those traumatic events, where she changed her name to Kate Howard. (Changing her name is not the equivalent of DID. Connie's reasons for changing her identity to Kate had everything to do with her personal and professional ambitions, and the show has suggested nothing to contradict that piece of her history.)

I agree with Elizabeth and Louise that some integration allowing KeSu to keep some aspects of Connie would be ideal. She's a good actress, but her Kate bores me to tears; and Connie, through no fault of the actress, until recently was written as a one-dimensional cartoon. KeSu is terrific, it would be nice if they could give her a strong, consistent character and some story that doesn't revolve around everyone talking as though Kate and Connie are two different human beings who happen to look alike.

i loved the Liz/AJ interaction and yes it has come naturally. they have known each other, not just through jason. she was emily's bff since they were teens. they both have been the least loved children of their parents.she is a forgiving person and really HE never did anything to HER. i liked their 1st scene together, it wasn't about jason. and she is the only person besides his mom that is giving him a chance, so yes i can see him running to her to talk to, they're becoming friends, that is how Liz has always stated relationships, except ric, even w/ewen she was takig it slow. so far i like them. plus she has little kids and HE wanted his kid.

the DID story is annoying and needs to go and ksu needs to apologize to the hair,make up,and costume depts. she always looks a mess.

now as for molly, why is she taking pics of her "sis" to pcpd, she is an ex con and was married to a well known hitman, plus she's been stalking mcbain for months, i think they know what she looks like. and the brat needs to go to juvie, 1st she hides an escapee then she breaks out 2 prisoners. she needs to be in juvie and her dad needs to come home and tell her some home truths about her oh so great family, he doesn't want his only kid turning out like him,her murdering mother and her exprostitute,con,child endangering,murderer big "sis".the big "sis" that broke up her parents by sleeping w/her mom's husband on her mom's floor while her mom was suffering from cancer. molly needs to grow up some and stop idolizing her big "sis".

The thought of Molly in juvie trying to heal her fellow inmates with talk of romance novels gives me the hives. And she might end up like poor Jen Lilley's Maxie, terrorized by clown makeup. However, Molly going (stupidly) above and beyond for her family is (soap) admirable. Not to mention it gave us the beginning of what could be a fabulous Anna/Alexis friendship.

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