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March 10, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Ah, irony.

I just crammed 4 episodes of this week's The Bold & the Beautiful into a mini-marathon, made tolerably brief by fast-forwarding through a lot of the stuff with the Triangle of Doom. 

"But Louise," you may say, "Liam made his choice! The triangle is over!"

And to that I say:



Oh and Liam proposed to Steffy because Hope told him to do that (for Hope) and she said yes, so they're engaged. Again. But this time it's totally different, right?


The final moment of Friday's episode could have been promising:




But really, this show is really boring and pretty much nothing of consequence ever happens (and when it does, there are somehow still no consequences), so it'll probably turn out on Monday that Pam is holding up a spatula because she brought over some sort of congratulatory pan of lemon squares to bless Eric and Taylor's cohabitation. Or something. Or hey, maybe she will stab both Eric and Taylor. And it'll all be forgotten by Tuesday.

In summary.... uh, yay Rick and Maya? I don't know, y'all. I got nothin'. 


Ok this:

it'll probably turn out on Monday that Pam is holding up a spatula because she brought over some sort of congratulatory pan of lemon squares to bless Eric and Taylor's cohabitation

made me snot Diet Coke on the keyboard. I just got this laptop.

Be a knife please. Kill Pammy, kill! Because Eric and Taylor give me the shudders. Yick.

If we who have watched B&B from the beginning could never break free from the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, why should this generation be let off easy? LET THEM SUFFER I SAY.

Just kidding. I seriously don't understand this at all unless they want B&B to get cancelled.

The only thing this triangle is really doing for me is making me appreciate Tylo and Lang; and making me realize that the way that B&B writes its central males will defeat any actor. Ronn Moss is a bad actor. Scott Clifton is a good one. But Liam is indistinguishable from Ridge as a limp, wimpy, waffle of a man.

Rick and Maya are about the only thing on B&B holding my attention. I'm thrilled that they didn't stick her into the predictable couple with Marcus's brother. Although Caroline's devolution into Forrester's answer to Paris Hilton is abrupt, to say the least.

Yep you're right it was a spatula. Pam brought Eric and Taylor lemon bars. She even got into the bed with them. Someone needs to hide her meds.

There is, however, one difference between the male leads in the two triangles: I never, ever once felt sorry for Ronn Moss over what he was handed to play. But whenever I can make myself watch these days, I DO feel sorry for Scott Clifton. (Maybe I shouldn't, because he's clearly got permanent employment if he wants it--or at least until B&B is cancelled. But I do.)

That's a good point, Michael. SC is such a good actor that it's hard not to pity him for being stuck in triangle hell.

I do enjoy the cheesy 80's music video feel of that first photo.

Wait, seriously, Barbara?? I haven't seen today's episode, but it really was a spatula? And lemon bars?

I was only joking! Oh dear. Oh, show.

When you are in the middle of a popular triangle most of the time viewers, well at least fans will resent you and soon will begin to kind of hate your character..because they take sides, they want you with your favorite and if you are not your are the worst pos that ever lived..yep So while Ron Moss was/is really a bad actor (but the best of the best for the Soup..lol) for years and years he had really great charisma and chemistry with his lead ladies which of course make his triangle, pairing so popular and Scott Clifton is a better actor although he doesn't have as much charisma and sex appeal as young Ron Moss had their characters being the 'prize' in the middle will always be screwed in the writing department..'fans' at least rabid fans will always have a kind of 'love to hate' relationship with their characters, they will trash them but if they are not here anymore these same fans will miss them because their favorites need them ! Ah fictional tv triangles..if you are in the middle you are the desired one but also the hated one..irony..irony..

I'm totally with you, Anne, in appreciating Tylo and Lang. Pam & spatula shenanigans LMFAO

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