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March 12, 2013

From The Dumpster Outside PCU's Nursing School

Y'all, it helps to have an "in" amongst the sanititation department at Port Charles University.

Check out this piece of paper someone found outside one of the nursing classes last week:

Wow, I wonder who it belongs to! Seems like some important conclusions were drawn.

Editor's Note: Okay, so I'm adding this because a lot of people have inquired about the MASH game. Different regions had different rules, and I don't know when it was at its height of popularity (I played it in the late 70s/early 80s) or if kids still play it today, but here's a little primer: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-M.A.S.H

(I'd take issue with the "teen savvy" part of that entry because, really, I think any kid would have been mocked mercilessly for playing it after at most age 11. But otherwise it's a good breakdown of how it worked!)


It's always good to have a plan. But not a plaaaan.

Soooo brilliant.



LOVED playing that game as a teen! I can definitely picture Sabrina sitting around playing it, deciding Patrick is her true love forever.

If I remember my MASH right, I love that she marries a well known neurosurgeon and they live... in an apartment. <3

spazzo47, which would totally make sense if they ended up in NYC, but they ended up on the coast of Bolivia.

I want to watch that sitcom. The wacky adventures of a doctor and nurse driving a Porsche around the shores of Bolivia on their way home to their studio apartment.

So romantic!


I'm surprised she left the piece of paper laying around somewhere. You think she'd hang it up in her locker at GH or at least show it to her girlfriends @work (Liz & Felix).

sayyed, I'm sure she has one laminated in her locker at work -- but it was the one that yielded a "mansion" in "Port Charles." She had to keep playing the game till she got what she wanted on all five counts!

You're right, Louise. I forgot how to play MASH sometime in middle school.

I am REALLY upset they cut out the scene where Liz and Sabrina decide whether Sabrina tells Patrick or not(by playing "eeny meeny miny moe", of course).

This is frickin hilarious.

Louise FOR THE WIN OF ALL TIME! Hilarious.

Seriously, I cannot with St. Sabrina's General Hospital. It's gotten so bad that I have ffwded 90% of every episode since January (except for the vet-heavy episode last week.)

Brilliant Louise!

True Story: My friend & I were playing M.A.S.H. and needed a fourth name to put on the list, so I chose the okay looking nerdy guy who worked the shift after mine in the parish rectory. He ended up the winner. I was so disappointed that it wasn't the hot guy I was crushing on. Fast forward twenty two years later we - we are happily married with a 6 year old girl. M.A.S.H. KNOWS!!!

Gail, that story is adorable, I love it!

I think all the fellas I "ended up with" in the M.A.S.H. game way back when are... well, up for parole soon, I guess?

Sayyed, at least some crazy geek dude didn't come by and swallow it whole. A lot of stuff from the hospital tends to disappear that way.

HA! Oh Louise, how you slay me.

Louise, so clever. We didn't play this game in Iowa (if my memory serves me correctly?) but friggin HILARIOUS!

@soapbaby -- no kidding. THAT must be why my remote needs new batteries!

The icing on the cake was how they all *dreamily* stood by witnessing Sabrina finally fessing up to Patrick. Honestly, if i didn't know better, i think JT phoned in those scenes from Bolivia!

Louise, this TOTALLY Needs to be posted on Serial Drama's Facebook Page!

Haha I remember playing that game. Ugh Sabrina. Why do I feel like she's the only character who's featured constantly?

I'm going to say something I never thought I'd say: Guza was the better technical headwriter. He had horrible priorities (mob, the trio of suck, male-centered) but his stuff went SOMEWHERE. RC is horrible because his stuff isn't character-driven, but at the same time, his plots go nowhere. This is a complaint I had when I returned to OLTL in the last year and I find it much worse on GH. Case in point: Frisco's return in relation to Maxie. He meets up with Maxie and we don't see the aftermath for weeks (?) RC ignored the inherent drama of Frisco's abandonment of Maxie and Georgie and had Maxie let it go and hug and call him dad without even addressing it explicitly between them.

You'd think a nursing student could spell "Cadillac!" Poor girl...well, she is only 13, so I guess she still has time to learn....

@ iowahawkeye: You missed one helluva fun game growing up! M.A.S.H. (and it's lesser-known sister game, M.A.S.H.O.) was at least 30 minutes of free fun!

@ Ann: I feel Sabrina and Konnie are the only two constantly featured characters. Even Starr isn't featured as often (and she's om a lot.) My argument has been, since Sabrina is featured so often could she at least be developed as a character beyond frizzy hair and oversized glasses? RC is piss-poor at character development.

Guza was definitely the better technical writer.

Ann, I have to disagree, even though we share a differently spelled name. I don't think Guza's stories went anywhere, and I can recall being frustrated by dropped plot threads on...every soap I've ever watched, since far too long ago (early 1970s). I do think that the current regime thinks that Connie/Kate and Sabrina are far more interesting than - well, than I do, I can't speak for anyone else. But Guza's regime thought that Courtney was appealing. I can't think of a stronger argument...

Both Sabrina and Westie are throwbacks to the types of "good" and "evil" characters that used to populate soaps in the 1950s. Love of Life and Search For Tomorrow ran for years on the concept before better writers took over and introduced wacky concepts like "motivation" and "character development". Some writer decided that Jo Gardner and Van Dale were simply "good" and that everyone would walk around declaring how wonderful they were without them having to do much to earn the praise. Same goes for the "bad" characters, even when their supposed "badness" is perfectly justified.

If RC was playing this silly storyline tongue-in-cheek, it would be one thing. But it's clear that he sees Sabrina as a suitable substitute for ROBIN FREAKING SCORPIO and is determined to ram her down our collective throats no matter what. She's the new Robert Ford.

At first, I thought RC brought on Sabrina and Britt in order to make Scrubs fans think that they were better off with Liz/Patrick if KMc decided to never return to the show. However, now I think RC is just enamored with the whole concept of the story that Lucy had years ago as the dowdy librarian when she was really wearing a disguise.

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