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March 12, 2013

From The Dumpster Outside PCU's Nursing School

Y'all, it helps to have an "in" amongst the sanititation department at Port Charles University.

Check out this piece of paper someone found outside one of the nursing classes last week:

Wow, I wonder who it belongs to! Seems like some important conclusions were drawn.

Editor's Note: Okay, so I'm adding this because a lot of people have inquired about the MASH game. Different regions had different rules, and I don't know when it was at its height of popularity (I played it in the late 70s/early 80s) or if kids still play it today, but here's a little primer: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-M.A.S.H

(I'd take issue with the "teen savvy" part of that entry because, really, I think any kid would have been mocked mercilessly for playing it after at most age 11. But otherwise it's a good breakdown of how it worked!)


So appropriate for a waste of a story.

Louise, the only thing that could make this better would be if you had Europe listed under the cities.

I absolutely love when soaps say characters are just living in Europe without any specifics as to what city they are actually in.

"But it's clear that he sees Sabrina as a suitable substitute for ROBIN FREAKING SCORPIO"

@TV's Tim Thank you. This is exactly it. Are we really to believe that the man who fell in love with and really appreciated the dynamo that was Robin, the man who needs, became a better person because of, a partner who was his equal in every way, would fall for this little girl? I really love what RC has done for many of my favorites, but seeing JT go from Emmy material to this silliness ... I just don't get it.

@TV Tim. Here's hoping a chandelier is in Sabrina's future...

I think I'm too old because I'm not familiar with the game MASH. But I figured it was Sabrina. Love the hearts over the "i" 's.

Watching Sabrina yesterday was like watching that show "MADE" when a kid wants to be popular and their coach makes them ask out their secret crush. You just know they are going to be turned down and it's so painful you almost can't bear to watch. Although with Sabrina my guess is plenty of viewers were looking forward to her getting turned down :-) !

I think the show should be gutsy and just leave it that Patrick doesn't think of her that way. That would avoid the cliche ending. Like having her take her glasses off - "I didn't realize how beautiful you were!" Have him turn her down and not think of her romantically at all and that's that. The character is too immature for Patrick.

I'd definitely bet that the vast majority of viewers are really hoping that Patrick sticks to his "don't think of you that way" guns from yesterday.

I wouldn't mind if they developed and deepened the character of Sabrina (and obviously had the big transformation ala Lucy Coe) (in fact, I wouldn't just "not mind" -- I'll possibly go insane if they don't develop the character more), but not to make her a "suitable" match for Patrick. He can most certainly find an excellent match that has already grown up and moved on from schoolgirl crush behavior.

Sabrina belongs with Dante, Lulu, Maxie, etc.. group and not around Patrick.

I thought the exact same thing as far as the recycled Lucy Coe, nerdy librarian transformation storyline. Hated it then and I hate it now.. Sabrina and the actress are a snoozefest.

Oh if she takes the glasses off and turns out to be a villain like Lucy was and all this was an act I would LOVE this storyline.

@Gwen Hayes, that's about the only way I'll like it. And considering that Ron copies storylines a lot, he should crib that bit from Lucy's past just because Sabrina is intolerable to me atm and I will take anything to make her a bit more interesting.

It's been a long time since I've seen one of those. PCU's nursing school students are giving me middle school flashbacks!

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