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March 14, 2013

Is That A Little Sun Peeking From Behind Those Clouds?

What with the later-afternoon shows being pre-empted for white papal smoke and the like, I decided to spend my evening catching up on the week's B&B episodes so far. I think I might not have even fast-forwarded anything! (If I'm not mistaken, Liam hasn't even shown up once this week.)

The primary stories right now seem mostly to be about the various Forrester Creations dramas, the new cohabitation status of Taylor and Eric, Caroline's new obsession with sushi and her freshly-minted Manhattan Princess attitude (seriously, no one who lives here without being a billionaire is afraid to get a Iittle dirty -- the sidewalks alone on a rainy day mean you find a system for dealing with mess in expensive shoes, and that's to say nothing of the rats, and let's not pretend any New Yorker isn't quite accustomed to regular interactions with homeless people... but okay, show! we'll take your word for all this!), and the budding romance between Maya and Rick.

Maya and Rick, who I'm pretty sure made out in broad daylight on a median strip. Which, really, if you have a serious girlfriend and you're also an allegedy fairly high-profile public figure... it just doesn't seem wise. 

But no matter! Rick and Maya played "rich girl tries on fashions" at the FC boutique and Rick was quite smitten.

Maya shows off rick's dress to rick

Rick admires maya's assets

And really, who can blame him?

Maya looking crazysexycool

Super-pretty. And she wasn't the least bit suspicious when Rick seemed to know precisely the right poses she should make to properly display a garment. 

Anyway, Rick finally 'fessed up that he's really Rick Forrester, president of Forrester Creations, and Maya promptly fled back toward the median strip. Most young women recently out of jail who are pursuing acting careers generally run away as fast as they can when they find out their new suitor is a multi-millionaire, right? Makes perfect sense! Wealth? What a turnoff!

Speaking of that whole "president of FC" thing, not for long! Not if Taylor has anything to say about it.


There was a big meeting at Forrester Creations that was partly about Eric's personal life (as CEO's are so prone to discussing in meetings) and partly about how Rick's "sticking to tradition" approach has made the quarterly numbers really low. I want to know what a fiscal year is for FC since the first quarter of 2013 isn't over yet. Regardless, I always love when B&B tries to throw businessy-sounding phrases like "quarterly reports" into the scenes so that we'll think they're fancy.

Anyway, after Taylor literally pulled very-recent-widower Eric's wedding ring off his finger, she's workin' pretty hard at being the FC puppet master and getting Thomas in a position of more power. I'd say it's very Lady Macbeth-ian, but ole Lady M wasn't pullin' any of that to benefit her children so the comparison doesn't work all that well. That said, I'm surprised his knuckle didn't start bleeding when she took that ring off of him -- that would have been a nice touch. (Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?) (Out, damned spot!)

Her other child, however (or wait, not really her only other living child, doesn't she have a little kid with Nick somewhere out there?), is not really getting as warm a reception at work, what with her romantic rival just having had the unmitigated gall to request that she quit her job.

Hope and her absurd cajones

You know, because Hope has the sads and it's all Steffy's fault (WHY WILL NO ONE BLAME LIAM FOR ANYTHING EVER), and since Steffy got Liam and his kid, Hope totally thinks that she deserves a Steffy-free workplace as a consolation prize.

Hope: Seeing you here every day is torture for me. You have to realize that, right? Steffy, you have everything -- you have Liam, you're having his baby. You can at least let me have this.

Steffy: I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't understand.

Hope: I want you to go. I'm asking you to leave Forrester creations.

Steffy is not impressed

As you can see, Steffy was deeply moved by this request and thinks it perfectly polite and reasonable! 

Me? I'm still just waiting for both these gals to kick Liam to the curb and run off to raise the munchkin together.


That last line, Louise. I don't even care if they have to eat magic berries to make that happen!

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