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March 07, 2013

Lady of MY Heart? Tracy Angelica Quartermaine

Sometimes Tracy The Ball Buster gets on my nerves a little bit -- never because of Jane Elliot, who is a rock star champion of the world at all times and is beyond reproach -- just because she is occasionally overwritten. But when she's on, she's on.

And today she just slayed me when she suggested that perhaps Luke wants to be with Laura. It wasn't that she suggested it, and it wasn't that she called him out on acting as if Scott Baldwin is his own issue when it's really not about him at all. It's just the way she said the word "Laura." Because, see, it was like this:


And, see, that is just awesome. (And I say that with all due respect to Laura, who is also awesome. Just in a totally different non-Tracy-esque way.)

She even teased it again later!


(By the by, I'm oddly glad Luke's back on the sauce. I don't think Luke Spencer is a man who'd ever stay on the wagon for life.)

Also, Anna and Duke were referred to as "Anna and Duke" countless times today and even walked into a room together and said "us" and it meant "us" as in "Anna and Duke" because Anna and Duke are an "us" now because yay hooray.


It's just so natural for them to be walking into a room together!

And then, because this is General Hospital, they ripped my heart out at the end.

(In other less interesting news, I seriously cannot sit through another second of the D.I.D. storyline if KateConnieWhoever doesn't go to an effing psychiatrist immediately. Also, clearly nobody loves her since no one has insisted she seek treatment right this very second, so the stakes in that storyline have pretty much just whittled themselves down to... absolutely nothing.)


I'm sure everyone has already heard that Brandon Barash has decided to leave the role of Johnny. While I like the actor a ton, can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief that the seemingly-impending union of Johnny and Kristina will now never happen? Well, unless it's with a recast Johnny but come on -- for once it's taken care of for the writers that they can actually have a character serve legitimate time for a litany of serious crimes. They don't have to fake Johnny's death! Like at all!

And everyone has probably also heard that Marcy Rylan is replacing the already-departed Julie Marie Berman as Lulu. I've heard as many opinions as there are viewers already as to whether or not this is a promising idea, so as there's no consensus I guess I'll have to be all sorts of non-soap-fan-esque and just wait to see how it works before I judge. WHY? WHY CAN'T I MAKE A HARSH JUDGMENT IN ADVANCE? This is absurd.


I hate to disregard marz's excellent point that this discussion has veered far from Louise's superb post. But I have to take objection to the characterization of the death of Jake as "murder." Furthermore, the show, intentionally or not, actually established that Luke's drinking may or may not have had anything to do with the accidental hit and run. How many people were driving down that particular, poorly-lit stretch of road that night? If I recall, Carly, Robin and Lisa - anyone else? And Carly and Robin, at least, both thought it might have been them. The writing was dreadful. Dreadful.

Back to current, improved GH - any episode that revolves around Tracy, Luke, Anna, Duke, Laura and Scotty is now on my top ten list of favorite things of the week. I could watch those six performers do their thing endlessly, especially since Laura finally has some agency again.
When writing is that bad, I tend to give characters a pass.

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