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March 14, 2013

Nonsense And Sensibility

So in the latest episode of General Hospital, Sonny made this face:

Sonny makes a duh face but speaks a non-duh truth

What else is new, right?

But wait! There was a catch. He was full of accuracy. Insight. Sensible thoughts. Good advice. Reasonable human empathy and sensitivity. He basically displayed the most emotional intelligence and maturity of anyone on this show. 


He told Connie that he loves both her and Kate because they are, in fact, two parts of the same person and so he can't cheat on her with... her. And he told her that she needs to get psychiatric treatment, like, pronto. And get integrated.

Sonny: You can't live like that! At constant war with Kate, being afraid that she's gonna, you know, take over!

Which was an excellent point, one that he hilariously followed up by challenging Connie to go have the sex with him and show him how long she can stay Connie. His magical alter-emergence-inducing rod to the rescue!

Sonny: I told you that I love you both and I want both of you to be happy, but that can't happen unless you see a doctor. Can you trust me on that? Can you let me help you? 

Who is this supporting, patient, thoughtful man and what has he done with Sonny Corinthos, the man who tried to have Jax murdered for giving Brenda a ride to Europe???

Connie: What if I'm wrong and she's stronger than me? What if I just disappear?

Connie having a moment and with less accent

Sonny: No, you will be a whole person!

Connie: I can't, I can't, I'm scared!

Sonny: Listen to me, hold my hand. I told Kate that I would never abandon her. And I would never abandon you, too. I'm right here with you no matter what. 


Sonny being legit moved by someone ELSE's problem

Man. I really wish these two had some serious lightning chemistry. They are great in scenes together and obviously really love being acting partners. If I saw some fantastic spark I could get past the "she's seriously s'posed to be his age?" issue, storyline notwithstanding. But speaking of storylines, is there any hope this means we're headed toward a legitimate integration? ANY HOPE? Because I need that. Now. Yesterday.


Otherwise, today we learned how intellectual property and plagiarism work (it's all so easy!) and that TJ is adorable, AJ remained the hilarious bright spot of a story about some kids pretending to date to make someone else go away (what's that? you say they aren't kids? I'm going to need more evidence), Elizabeth's hair still looked awesome, Todd still cares more about getting back the girl he slept with once than making amends to the beloved daughter he betrayed so horribly, Agnes hit on Mac, and oh yeah....

I was just telling some friends that in a way I'm relieved it won't be Julie Marie Berman in the role of Lulu when the truth about the baby comes out, because seriously. Lulu and Dante are so cute and happy and it's just going to be heartbreaking.

Lulu and dante are beaming and that makes me so so sad

Maybe a new actress in the role will offer up some aesthetic distance that'll make the heartbreak easier to take?

Speaking of the baby that is not theirs, Maxie finally noticed that she and Spinelli have a DNA mix growing in her belly into a whole human person and that it's a little more complicated than a big shrug and a, "Well they wanted a kid, so any kid will do!"

And maxie's heart grew three sizes that day


And Spinelli, who is taking antacids because he swallowed a piece of paper they think they're going to somehow read words off of during an endoscopy (if you didn't see, don't even ask, seriously), popped in with excellent timing and saw the sonogram.

Spinelli needs a better angle

I dislike him a lot less lately because of Ellie, but it makes my tummy hurt that I'm supposed to be moved by this and so desperately want him to get to be a daddy in a family with Maxie. Or not? Maybe I'm not supposed to want that. Maybe they're writing this in such a way that isn't so wildly heavily weighted toward one "right and good" outcome that it has some complicated layers, and so I can feel free to want whatever I want?

But is it time for the Nurses Ball yet?


Johnny and Maxie having a baby? Yes. Maxie and Dante having a baby if the sample actually was mixed up during implantation? Yes. Spinelli creating a living breathing spawn? Hell to the N.O!

Sonny's little sausage cures the ills of all the girls!

Sigh. I really wish this show would allow Liz to show her anger and backbone like she did upon arrival back in 1997. Liz from 1997 would have ripped AJ and Carly a new one before walking out and not looking back. I miss THAT Elizabeth Imogene Webber!

Okay. Yes, I know RC is going for the old messy angst with Quiz, but it would be nice if Elizabeth actually went out on a date with a guy and we saw it instead of interruptions with Ewen/Connie or AJ/Carly. Enough!

Of course, I still had to giggle that AJ was all about why Elizabeth did not show up for their date at the MC when he confronted her at the nurses hub, and then remembered his new scam with Carly.

Oh my goodness this mess with AJ is just dumb! I know he isn't the brightest, and I love him, but how is he going to explain this Carly thing exactly? Hopefully he spills the truth to Michael and Elizabeth after they both take him to task.

@LadyBug Also AJ kept checking his phone at the MC clearly wondering about Elizabeth. Again the crazy thing is him showing up at the nurse's station wondering where she was/worried about her. What was he going do/to say if Elizabeth HADN'T seen the kiss?

@Kate, Yes! I wondered what AJ was going to say to Elizabeth, because the man was definitely concerned about her whereabouts.

"Connie: What if I'm wrong and she's stronger than me? What if I just disappear?"

Um...there will be dancing in the streets? (At least in my TV room.)

I love T.J., I think he is adorable and a good actor. His face when Molly was reading the racy parts of the novel on Tue. was priceless. I hope he doesn't get thrown over for Rafe, not that I think Molly is such a prize, but T.J. is so cute with Molly that I don't want to see him on the losing end.

Maybe Britt misdiagnosed Maxie after all? *grabs at straws*

I actually bought Love in Maine and so far I'm not impressed.

I kinda wished that Elizabeth had dug into AJ more, instead of giving him the silent treatment and letting Michael explain why she was mad.

I really want AJ and Liz to actually have that date soon, but I think AJ is probably gonna need to take some time to make up for what he did, though I am looking forward to see how all of that plays out. Hopefully, this dumb rouse with Carly will end just as fast as it started.

Another cool thing on this episode was how Elizabeth had told Sabrina she didn't care about AJ, yet she was distracted for the entire episode thinking about what had happened with him and Carly. It was a good way of showing that this minor roadblock hopefully went set back Quiz to much.

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