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March 05, 2013

So Much YAY and WOO and GLEE

While I was in the midst of crafting a truly hilarious (to girls who grew up in the 80s and 90s reading the works of Ann M. Martin and to absolutely nobody else) comparison between the "Sabrina is unjustly accused of cheating on her nursing exam because she's just SO perfect that she got a perfect score which nobody in the history of General Hospital has ever done" story and the plot of Claudia and The Middle School Mystery, the 40th Baby-Sitters Club novel that saw Claudia accused of cheating on a math test, a comparison that ultimately fell apart when I realized that Claudia was much more worldly and mature than Sabrina is (and more fashionable--even Claudia would judge the hell out of Sabrina's glasses), I got a series of texts that included so many exclamation points and capital letters and the breaking news that Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher are coming back for GH's 50th Anniversary festivities and I let out the kind of squeal that is unbecoming once you pass the age of eight. Who the hell can even take the time to mock Sabrina when there is Brenda and Jax action to dreamily imagine?!

We've been down this road before, so I feel like I know what to expect: the pair NOT returning as a couple, since Jax is all about Carly and Brenda is probably married to some random (remember, the show decided to give her a child with some long-dead offscreen nobody and then saddled her with the block of wood who goes by the name Brad Rowe for weeks that felt like decades!); one or both of their returns being TERRIBLY written because...remember what happened last time Brenda came back? I don't even have the heart to go through the archives and link to specific examples of how awful it was because that would just ruin the good mood this news has managed to cultivate; and my own broken heart when I realize that this visit is both short and unlikely to end with the two of them living happily ever after with Brenda's son who was rewritten hastily and awesomely to actually be Jax's.



Yay to Jax!! Meh to Brenda. I never cared about her.

I do look forward to seeing Jax back.

Brenda's last stint was so disappointing on so many levels, notably Vanessa Marcil's poor acting. That fact coupled with how mixed the bag of returns has been, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Robert was wasted. Frisco is smug and unappealing in an insta-reunion with Maxie with no angst. Duke is AJ's lackey. Lucy was shrieking about vampires. Anna has only made out with a rubber mask and Luke (not sure which is worst.) Laura showed up for three episodes and Sabrina has been on EVERY DAY. GH has been really bad most of January and all of February. Both DAYS and Y&R have been fantastic in that same time. I hope GH can get back on track...

A friend thought it made more sense for Brenda to show up with her son by Jax to blow apart Carly's tiny little world; and then end up in a triangle with Jax and Sonny, with Jax winning in the end.

Sabrina is so annoying. Is it wrong that I wanted Epiphany to smack Sabrina in the head with that box?

Listen, I am with you Mallory. I am actually a S&B fan, but J&B at this point make me all sorts of happy. I have fond visions of them in Rome playing with Joss and Alec all married and happy. Nothing is gonna bring me down until I see the actual shit that will inevitably play out onscreen. I am just happy dancing in my living room and I am going to enjoy this moment until it all goes to hell.

Umm.....I would still love to hear more about Sabrina and the BSC because YES. She is no Claudia. She is a totally Mallory. Frizzy hair, terrible fashion sense and everyone hates her because she grates on every last nerve.

In other news.....yay to J&B! And yes...I'd like to use this time to change paternity on that kid of Brenda's...whatever his name is. If his name doesn't already start with a J can we get it legally changed?

I feel like even if they do screw this up, it still won't be as bad as the last time, so yay! Positive thinking! No matter how much something sucks on this show, there is no way it can suck as much as it would if Guza was still in charge.

I really have to agree with Soapbaby's comments. Even though GH has had some good moments, it seems to be going downhill pretty quickly the last two months.

As I figured, the "Return of the Vets" has been disappointing for the most part. Anna is the only one who's had any decent writing (and maybe AJ), but the rest of them have not been well served. It's sad really. Everyone looks forward to having favorites from the past return, but when the characters are ruined, we can't wait to have them leave. :(


I love this blog. I just came to check in and see what's been happening on the canvas. I basically stopped watching after the first shot of Caleb. I totally respect that this blog seems to like the camp that comes of the vampire storyline, but I'm boycotting it. It's just too stupid for me and I don't believe it has a place on GH.

Please please please report when the vampires are gone!

Also- yay Jax!

I've never been on the great Brenda adoration ship so I'm completely blah about her returning. It will be nice to see Jax again though.

I was never a fan of the Brenda character and her last couple of returns didn't do anything to change my impression...but if Brenda and Jax come back married, I would love to see Sonny's and Carly's heads explode. So, if they are "together" and cause some angst for S&C, then yay, I can totally get on board.

I am so HAPPY to see my fave character return for however long!!! Always happy to see Brenda and I'm always happy to see Jax!

Please please please soap gods let Jax and Brenda come back together so we can see Carly and Sonny explode!!! I am up with the change of paternity of Brenda's baby-- I soooo want it to be Jax's baby....

I will love to see Ned come back for interaction with Nurse's Ball, Tracy and the relish, plus Jax

My favorite vet returning so far has been AJ-- loving Liz and AJ!!...

Enough with the Vampires-- so upset Lucy has been vampire slayer and no interaction with Scotty or the q's.....

and Enough of the child nurse. The BSC members have more maturity.... Am I suppose to like this character???

Gabby,you'll be happy to know that the vampire story is done. I get why they felt they had to do it, but I'm glad that it's over.

Also, I guess I'm in the minority here, but I'm not bothered by Sabrina like so many here are. I actually kind of like her.

As for Jax and Brenda, I really, really, REALLY hope they come back to town as a couple. I've been on the J&B train from the beginning and never, ever bought his relationship with Carly. I still have faith in the current regime and am somewhat confident that they will be able to pull off the return of all these vets.

"if Brenda and Jax come back married, I would love to see Sonny's and Carly's heads explode. So, if they are "together" and cause some angst for S&C, then yay, I can totally get on board."

I'm just copying what Tish said because I came in here to say exactly that and maybe if we put it out into the universe enough it will come true.
As for the Claudia/ somebody who grew up with a younger sister AND working in a small one room library where I pretty much read all the YA books so I could vet them for concerned parents (I always let kids read them), I'd have a surprising amount of opinions on this matter for a 38 year old man. I'd say that Sabrina reminds me more of some sad sack character from the early days of Sweet Valley High. She's so "supposedly perfect" that Elizabeth would befriend her and take her out of her mousey shell, and then Jessica would hate her, and then after that was resolved, she'd get hit by a bus right after she got her cancer miraculously cured.

(Okay, I would actually like that version of Sabrina much more. Feel free to steal this idea, GH writers.)

(And Robin Scorpio was driving the bus.)

Soapbaby, you just about said it all here! Unfortunately i haven't been watching y/r and days, but am more curious by the day to check out y/r...

This soooo made my day! I will enjoy every minute of it and if it's only two weeks well that's better than nothin. However, I'd like no contrived kids or other things brought into the mix just to "blow-away" Sonny and Carly. Clearly, Carly could give two sh*ts about Jax and same with Sonny about Brenda. The way they treated both of them last time they were in town, well, just no. I want Brenda and Jax to not give a f*ck about them and enjoy the cast! Now if Sonny wants to come begging and apologizing, that's fine, as I'm a die-hard S&B'er always was always will be. But he did her dirt last time so he needs to grovel for any attention or time from her. I'd say the same with Carly/Jax but i abhor the shebeast and she's worn out her welcome onscreen, period.
Whatever happens, I have so so so much confidence that Brenda's return will be nothing like the atrocious last returns that Guza penned, so for that I am grateful. Yes, Cartini could improve (coughSabrinaCoddcough)but since they're giving me the glorious gift of AJIZ I will skip along merrily :)

I have always wanted to see Liz and Jax get together. Imagine how mad Carly would get.

Could care less about Brenda. Maybe she will take sonny with her when she leaves. One can only hope.

OMG, I totally remember that BSC storyline with Claudia accused of cheating! Hello, childhood!! I admit that I live for your BSC references <3

Okay, I love that you guys are so vocal about your knowledge and love of the BSC. MY PEOPLE! Let's all have a group hug and make a pledge to call things "dibble"!

I am trying valiantly to let the Brenda criticism roll off of my back without personalizing the attacks on my VERY BEST FICTIONAL FRIEND EVER.

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