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March 27, 2013

The Day's Most Old School Soapy Dialogue

As much as I rolled my eyes over the continuing saga (with the amount of time this so-called story has gotten, you'd think it was actually an epic storyline of its own!) of Milo being straight that has seen Felix pout for the past few days and Sabrina stare into space all doe-eyed and awkward--and I rolled my eyes at that A LOT!--and as much as I groaned over Scott whining again some more incessantly about Luke and Laura--and I groaned over that A LOT like, ohmigod, there is so much more to Scott Baldwin than JUST being the guy who lost Laura to Luke and when he made a remark the other day that he blamed BOBBIE for bringing Luke to town in the first place, I guffawed a horrified guffaw. A horrifaw. Although the petty, grudge-holding part of me kind of respects his commitment to not letting things go--I ended today's episode of General Hospital squealing and saying "Holy 1994!" because, really, this moment?

Laura: WAIT! I'm coming with you.


I could not have loved it anymore. I'm STILL squealing.



What about Laura slapping the crap out of Luke when she caught him in Nik's hospital room? That was awesome. You go, girl!

Scotty's whining is getting old, but I do really like his friendship with Lucy.

I know I'ma take heat for saying this, but I am actually enjoying the old school soapy build-up to Sabrina and Patrick getting together and can't wait until Dr. Brit's nefarious scheme to break them up is put into motion the second they are a couple.

Say what you will about this pairing but they have tons more chemistry than Alexis and Sean (every time those two were on my finger automatically gravitated to the fast forward button).

I'm hoping Sabrina chokes on her own sweetness and put us all out of our misery. Team Britta and her BSC mother all the way!

Sabrina reminds me of how much RC pushed Ford down the throats of OLTL fans, until he finally bought a clue that pimping a man who had sex with a mentally disturbed Jessica and impregnating a legacy family member with his spawn made fans furious. Ford's "death by Chandelier" was one of my favorite year-end scenes of 2011.

Laura's slapping the carp off Luke's smarmy face was my favorite part. I could watch her do nothing but slap him again and again and again.
Even Laura's return hasn't resurrected any liking I once had for that over-the-hill whiny mope of a Luke Spencer.
I hope when Laura said "I'm coming with you", she was muttering under her breath "and I'm going to push your flat behind out of the copter first chance I get".
Poor Laura is doomed if all she's left to choose from is those two moops from hell, Luke or Scott.

"It's just as much my fight as it yours. Helena put a curse on both of us and our families, and it's high time that we broke it, Luke -- once and for all. So, you coming?"

I may or may not have woken up my partner and/or my neighbors with my "Ah, hell yeah" shout watching this just now.

Amen to all of the above, plus, I loved Anna all of a sudden being a former WSB agent, turned police commissioner, who is now also, apparently, an air traffic controller who can clear a helicopter for take-off!

I am not hating the Patrick / Sabrina soapy build up at all. I like it! I've especially enjoyed watching Patrick progress through his stages of grief and now, dealing with the reality of liking another woman who is not his wife. I just wish Sabrina had a bit more edge to her. Going out with her bestfriend's crush was a start. Personally, I thought that was extremely shady. If she had been a better friend to Felix, she probably would be preparing to attend the Nurse's Ball with the one and only Dr. Hottie!

All of this is so much YES! BUT! THEY WERE OUTSIDE IN A NON-CGI ENVIRONMENT WITH A REAL FRICKIN' HELICOPTER! No Jason in a boat with the worse animated cartoon Wyndemere ever to disgrace celluloid in the background. REAL, ON-LOCATION SCENES!

OMG, the actors being out in the world back in the day was part of what I loved about GH. I know it got too cost prohibitive, but remember Luke seeing Holly swimming in the lake? Or Luke and Laura actually running through the center of an actual town being chased by Frank Smith? There's something about these characters getting off a sound stage that just makes me squee with delight!

Oh, and all of the hate I thought I was going to have for AJ when he returned (so NOT!!) has been transferred squarely to Scotty. Why are they trying so hard to make him into a total louse? Even when he caught the bouquet at L&L's wedding, you understood he was in pain and angry, but now he just seems like he's doing all this for no other reason than he's an epic, gold-medal winning douchebag. Dislike.

Also, Richard "The Bitchard" Simmons scenes? What was that? I don't even.....

Scott had moved on from Laura years ago. Dominique was the love of his life, and Laura was his first love. I wish Scott had come back as Lucy's friend and to bring Serena onto the canvas rather than tied with Laura/Luke.

Well I liked it all a lot. . . Scotty is staying very true to his ole whiny self - and is very enjoyable in scenes that DON'T have LorL in them.

I think Sabrina is either going to be "Serena" in disguise, OR this mysterious "Lauren" daughter of crazy pants, and grandaughter of ALAN!! She talked about her mom being a nurse, FRanco's mom was a nurse - presumably she would have raised said retconned daughter?

Oh ya, also wanted to point out that I think, if I remember right, Dominique was also a nurse? Anyone remember?

Dominique came on as an unhappily married deaf woman whose first fell in love with Mac. She inherited a chunk of the husband's estate when he died, and went into Deception partnership with Julia Barrett (Brenda's sister) and Scott.

Right! Now I remember. . . I think I'm thinking of Tanya Jones.. . was she a medical professional?

Plus also just thinking, she would almost certainly know Lucy, right? I mean Lucy WAS Serena's mom for all intents and purposes? Correct?

Show, please stop trying to make Rafe happen. HE'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Well gee. This SL actually brought me back to GH again, after my brief, and very brief viewings of Heather 2.0. I like that Scotty, Sabrina, and Lucy are back, but do not want him with Laura. I don't even want Luke with Laura either!

I agree that these outside location shoots with no cgi is a rare treat and one that I recall so many years back as being wonderful.

I haven't watch GH so much in a long time. Is the Sonny, Jason, and Carly show still going? SMH!

TABATHA! GIRLFRIEND! Jason is GONE! He's over stinkin' up the screen at Y&R now! They are actually trying to write Sonny as a semi-decent human being these days, though I'm still not buying it, and he is rarely, RARELY on screen anymore, which is AWESOME! Since Todd "toddled" off to do OLTL for a few weeks, Carly hasn't been seen too much either. It's heaven!

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