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March 20, 2013

The Most Relatable Moment In The World

Let's face it, we've all been there. We're just liars if we say we haven't.

I mean who hasn't found out that a convicted gang rapist was spying on us through a camera hidden in our toddler daughter's toy and then just finally found ourselves completely and utterly unable to resist his advances?

Carly just cannot resist the irresistable

No one, that's who. It's happened to all of us. Three times this week for me so far.

That's right push me up against the wall you child user you

But alas, because Carly is so emotionally mature, she cut it off before it went too far. She regrets nothing, but is wise enough to understand that she and Todd are both just terrified of love, despite the fact that the two of them combined have been madly in forever-love with a combined total of at least five people in the last two years.

Again, this is emotional wisdom and has nothing to do with a bunch of intellectual property issues still being sorted out behind the scenes, nor does it have to do with Roger Howarth being on contract for the first six weeks of the re-launch of that show that created this here Todd Manning character. (Where perhaps big sis Viki will make him start being less douchey or... something?)

We're all worried, right? Oh, stop. There's no way these two won't come back together! How could they not, when they are the greatest love to ever love and the most unique relationship in history and the most passion either has ever known?

Similar emotional wisdom was going on elsewhere as well. Sam and John decided that their being together would just make them feel guilty, and lamented over how much better it would be in a world where they could unite romantically and it wouldn't hurt anyone. This, too, was entirely about making mature decisions and protecting people from getting hurt and nothing to do with actor contracts or production companies not quite having worked things out yet. I mean for heaven's sake, if Sam and John got together now, the list of the injured goes like this: (1) probably not her "dead" husband, (2) probably not his estranged girlfriend considering she told him to take a hike and currently has a restraining order out against him. So who exactly are they trying to protect? Caleb?

 John and sam and all manner of heat

Regardless, they, too, managed to resist in some clever effort to blue-ball the entire audience of General Hospital for either a few months and forever and ever.

(It's no secret that I have my personal preferences which one of these things gets a payoff and which one goes away forever please.)

Get on with it
Why can't i have nice things

But no, it appears that it's not going to happen because, you know, it's not the "right" thing to do. I am confused because that's what I thought made it hotter. (I may be a little blinded by the fact that I've been watching both of these characters for a lot of years now and have never personally seen either one of them have even a modicum of this amount of chemistry with anyone else despite my fondness for various pairings because just holy crap.)


Oh well. It'll be fine. If they work out the licensing issues, they can just put Sam in grave danger in a few months and John McBain can come rescue her and then sex her up, because of course that's kind of his thing. (And "Sam in grave danger" is even more standard.)

Meanwhile, dayplayer nurses threw some attitude at A.J. on Elizabeth's behalf.

Nurses comin' outta the woodwork
And said nurses had dialogue. You know what this means? Dayplayer nurses getting dialogue? NURSES BALL IS SO SOON, Y'ALL.

Oh yeah, and A.J. told the truth to Elizabeth and she agreed to give him another chance on the condition that he performs with her at the Nurses Ball and I'm totally excited and dorking out and yay and he's just so totally enamored with her and it's awesome.

A.j. likes a girrrrrl he likes her so much

And somebody kinda digs it!

Dude is smitten. He's done for! (And I love it.)


I love A.J. so much, you guys. And I'm terrified, like Carly is of loving Todd, because the moment I let my A.J. love happen, something's gonna make him a douche bag and my love will be all for naught.

After all, we know all A.J. does is disappoint people right? That's what my Aunt Tracey says all the time.

Much like with Felix, AJ made me cry and totally swooning...and it takes a lot to make me swoon. What he said to Liz was so heartfelt and romantic...Le sigh.

Neka, I completely understand. Risking your heart is scary. But be brave! And remember, Aunt Tracy is... not always the best judge of character.

Liz/AJ/Felix were AWESOME and I am glad AJ's rouse with Carly was short-lived.

McBam felt like overkill. The actors had such low energy and whispery that I barely paid attention because I could not hear their dialogue. Sam is always so weepy. After being benched for so many months, their scenes felt like they came out of nowhere. Can these people ever have fun, romance, sex?! It's hard to remember what I liked about them months ago. Sam is as boring and irrelevant as she was with Jason.

I did enjoy some aspects of the conversation between Todd & Carly but overall I wasn't that engaged.

There is something terribly wrong when Starr Manning and Michael have sex while Todd/Carly and McBain/Sam have remarkably depressing, serious conversations about their "relationships." Between OLTL & GH, I've had the misfortune of seeing Starr Manning have sex more often than the total of the entire casts of characters of both shows in the past 5 years. It's awful and I have no idea why this is the case. She's so sexually unappealing.

Note to GH: Starr Manning is not a sex kitten. Please stop.

Another note to GH: It is a major crime that AJ Quartermaine has not gotten laid since returning, but we've had to be subjected to MiStarr sex approximately a gabillion times. AJ needs to get some. So does Liz. Please fix this immediately.

AJ/Liz and Felix as the great gay Greek Chorus were amazing yesterday. AJ's smile when he agreed to Liz's condition, his "Done", Felix's "Bitch, please", Liz looking at AJ angrily, then softening and finally relenting... all of it was GOLD! Also loved AJ buying all of the Nurses Ball tickets for the goods on Lizzie. I love seeing my girl pursued like this.

I'm actually legit sad to see McBain go here. I liked his chemistry with Sam, and this is from a diehard Natalie fan, but she's been screwed over time and again by McBain so I'm ready for OLTL to resurrect Jared or bring back Brody for Nat to play with. The juxtaposition with Todd/Carly and McBam was soap at its best - two couples about to break up, with the possibility of being lost forever. Missed opportunities, screw ups, missed possibilities... it was all quite lovely.

Then you have the beginnings of AJ and Liz, with the same themes, yet they're trying to find a way toward each other. Quite lovely!

This was a Scott Sickles episode. I tend to want to snuggle with any of the episodes he writes. This ep is no exception.

Last but not least, the stuff at Dante and Lulu's loft was pretty good too. I'm glad JMB's final scenes will be with Luke and Laura.

Scott and Lucy = LOVE!

Dammit Louise,now I have to watch this wretched mess, just for AJ/Liz. I hope it's worth the dryheaving I'll be doing when the Codd scenes come on. I watch on online, so how the hell do I FF the Codd scenes without totally throwing my wifi/laptop/whatever out of whack?

It's "ruse." Not "rouse." "Rouse" means to waken. "Ruse" is a deception. You're welcome.

Melanie, if you watch the show on youtube, you can fastforward, because you can "see" what scenes you're fast forwarding on the bottom of the screen.

I love the pairing of AJ/Liz as much as I loathe Todd/Carly. I've always been a die-hard Carly/Jax fan, so it's hard for me to understand how she can fall for a rapist who sold his child on the blackmarket, yet considers AJ to be a loser.

I would love to see scenes of Patrick and AJ bonding at an AA meeting. I hated the scenes of Steve, the man who killed a patient, getting all in Liz's face for wanting to believe that AJ might have changed.

I am still curious, how on earth did they get those balloons at Carly's withe the helium shortage. Perhaps THAT is what Sonny deals underground as his business.

@ marz. You are right, I used the wrong term (typo.) I think your snark is unwarranted.

Do you have an opinion of the episode?

I was disappointed to see in the preview for the next episode that Todd isn't quite gone yet. I was hoping yesterday would be his last day; I can't stand him!

I know that some on this blog think that Jason and Sam were boring and I agree that I am now glad that the show has stopped revolving around the mafia, but I still think Jason and Sam were one of the few couples that actually made sense because she was the only women who actually ever accepted his life. I hate John and Sam because the only reason they were attracted to each other in the first place was because of the writers wanting to give a nod to their relationship on Port Charles. I guess I just never really bought Natalie's reaction to seeing a picture of John and Sam kissing; I am not even sure that is legal to file a restraining order on someone because they were unfaithful to you for 2 seconds. I guess I don't like Sam's character recently; she used to be much stronger, not being saved all the time. I just want more interesting stuff from here and to me, her and John equals boring.

I absolutely loved every bit of the exchange with Liz and AJ. And Felix was cute as well. I like that AJ made a point that his reason for stopping the deal with Carly was so he could finally stop being the "punchline" of Port Charles. I like seeing him redeem himself and seeing how much he cares about Liz. I had to watch that scene like 3 times because it was so cute. I absolutely cannot wait to see them perform together at the Nurse's Ball.

Also, Lulu and Dante were amazingly cute as usual and I hope Laura comes to her senses soon, because I cannot stand Scott Baldwin.

After all of the crap that Carly has done since day one, she more than deserves everything that Todd and Johnny put her through over the last year.

Liz/AJ/Felix scenes were awesome.

I hate that Frons insisted that only Courtney and Sam be paired up romantically with Jason, when Guza was writing Liason in 2002, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Can some erase the past 6 months of Todd's existence on GH from my brain, strangely the Carly love has done more to
dim my Todd love than switching dead babies.. I just need hime to go back to the happy dance that Blair's wedding wasn't happening..
Please Prospect Park fix him

General Hospital made me hate Todd Manning. How is that even possible? This is why two distinct universes should never collide, yo. I couldn't help but side-eye the dude all year, and I'm still not quite sure what I watched.

I guess I'd hoped Todd would escape the one soap female I can almost smell through my television set. Alas, none of the male characters I've liked have made it past her unscathed. Now the once-great Todd Manning wears Carly's stink. Codd has got to be the most descriptive, odoriferous squish name ever.

Tarly's conversations are GH Dark Ages talk. As in two people who rejoice in the fact that the other IS A BAD PERSON TOO, and doesn't "judge them".

The problem (well, A problem) is that both of these characters really, truly need to be judged. This is why so many ofus thought CarJax was Carly's best pairing. Because on at least some occasions, Jax called her out on her terrible way of life. Having someone challenge these two, respectively,would make way better development than Toxic Lurrve/HateSex redux. Because that turned out so F'ing well.

FWIW, the person I enjoy Todd with the most on this show- far and away- is Lucy. I could really see them as "we'd never admit it but we're actually awesomely good friends and platonically love each other" types. Todd is much better in that kind of scenario, rather than patting himself on the back for what a piece of shit he really is.

It's weird because most of the characters involved are unlikeable (except Laura and usually Lulu), but I really like the Lante/Olivia/Luke and Laura family unit. It sucks that JMB is leaving, because I unfortunately think that's going to fall apart without her.

AJ and Liz were already pretty much the best thing ever, and they got even better. Hell, AJ/Liz/Felix is pretty much the best thing ever.

This show has some true, unwatchable crap right now. But it's also doing some things really, REALLY well.

Absolutely loved the AJ/Liz/Felix scenes. I've lost count of the number of times of watched them. But did anyone else notice that Sean Kanan forgot to remove his wedding ring in the scene where he's standing by the elevator trying to call Liz on the phone? (Sorry, my sister's a film major, she loves to point out these little editing/filming errors.)

Yes, I noticed SK's wedding band.

@Suzanne, you are absolutely right about Starr. I watched Starr grow up on OLTL and she's now on her fourth relationship (Cole, Ford brother #2, Cole, and Michael)in barely five years. Also, the ick factor at watching Starr and Michael in bed gives me the dry heaves.

Thanks @Scorpiosrule! I will try that tonight. @Tail-ey you are right on the money honey!
Also,it's funny how many things we disagree with just on this blog alone, but everyone is in agreement that Liz/AJ are AWESOME! I wonder if we will ever be able to come up with a decent squishname for them....

Love my Todd and Carly! Really hoping RH reprises Todd on GH and gets back with her.

Well very unpopular opinion on this blog but i am brave..lol and i will say it : i don't like Aj and Liz together..SK here in his way of being 'romantic' plays it smarmy with lot's of forced smirks..i don't get it..and although RH as Liz is her cute self (although Liz is not perfect and can be pretty annoying, self-righteous) i don't see it with Aj and Liz..nope nope nope..i tried i tried but nope ! By the way on B&B back in the day SK plays a dirty jerk as Deacon Sharp but he coule be really sexy and his chemistry with KKL as Brooke was awesome and so forbidden sexy..Aj and Liz are just pathetic next to that..and i love mostly Liz and Aj's characters..
Othe unpopular opinion : i like Todd and Carly..well i almost always enjoy Todd and Carly well it depends althought mostly i can't stand her but with Todd she works at least on these final scenes..i saw great chemistry..their story is not the most 'powerful' and strong but these actors work together imho.

The only thing wrong with Liz and AJ is that the only squashname I can think of is AJIz. I just am amazed at SK on this show every single day. I had only previously seen him on B & B, where he was nothing but a big dumbass who banged a mother/daughter team. SO glad he got out of that morass.
I too was disappointed the the McBam chemistry seems to have gone the same place as the PickleLila formula (maybe we need to check Spinelli's digestive tract again for it).

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