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March 24, 2013

Things Happened In Port Charles And I Loved All Of Them

I can't explain exactly what made Friday's episode of General Hospital such a delight--the big returns? The great performances? The fairy wings? The noticeable absence of Carly?--but I do think I bore more than a passing resemblance to Nelson Muntz when he watched Andy Williams perform, all adoring and blissful.


I mean, NIKOLAS! For the past few years, I was uninterested in Nik at best and disgusted and horrified by him at worst (I'm doing a kind thing for all of us and NOT going through the archives to find the grossest and most upsetting Nikolas/Elizabeth link to use as proof of said disgust. You're welcome!), but the second he appeared at the end of the show, all of my fond memories came rushing back and I'm pretty sure that I started clapping. Nostalgia is a crazy thing. 


Cop played by Rick Springfied's real life son, which I guess was the most important thing on his resume and landed him this gig because oh my gosh, is he not good at acting: There's someone here to see you.
Luke: Well, let him in.
Laura: Nikolas. Son. Thank you.

Eeeeeeee, right?

  • Bobbie also came back, and it's nice that there are SOME family events she considers important enough to fly in for. Kidnappings are a bigger deal than the rather routine births, deaths or marriages, I guess.


She also had her lips done for the occasion, which...well, once again, I am NOT going through the archives to find a comparison picture, so just take my word for it: this is actually a lot better than I thought it would be! Plus, she nicely played the voice of reason with Luke and his obsessive Scotty hatred (Although this go-round, I am also kind of hating Scotty. It's not fault of Kin Shriner's that he gets terrible, terrible writing. But this angry, possessive Scotty? No, thank you). Good things all around.

  • As much as it saddens me that Julie Marie Berman left (and it does--I adore her! I am interested in seeing how Emme Rylan works in the role, but I will probably miss JMB for a long time, because I don't like change), I am enjoying her exit storyline. I think it's terrible that she won't be around for the eventual Spinelli-baby confrontation with Maxie, because it's going to fall a little short with a new actress in the role, but if they had to write her off, a mystery isn't a bad way to do it. And after a hilariously over-the-top performance on Thursday (Dante's hatred of that damn bear makes me laugh every time I think about it. "If it wasn't for that STUPID bear!" He was so angry!), Dominic Zamprogna just KILLED me on Friday. He was SO, SO good. His anger with Scott was well-played, breaking the news to Maxie was fantastic and then the voicemail he left Lulu and his voice broke? It just killed me dead. "Hey, it's me again. I wish -- wish you could tell me where you are. I love you so much. Just know that I'm coming to get you."
  • Emma is just too cute. Felix is right to celebrate her as a budding fashionista.


  • Sabrina graduated from nursing school and has a pretty stellar set of Post-It notes, which is the most/only interesting thing I've learned about her so far.


  • The truth about Britt's role in framing Sabrina was revealed in pretty predictable fashion--Patrick paid for an investigation, which is going to make Sabrina's heart sing and Epiphany was all sorts of angry. The good doctor didn't take the news all that well and made lots of threats and venomous faces.


All of which run in the family, because it turns out that she is the daughter of the nefarious Dr. Obrecht, who spent a few dazzling moments terrifying the crap out of Lucy with her coldness and her weirdly philosophical view of evil (Lucy's "Uhhh. All right, then" tickled me).

This is a twist that was either meticulously plotted from the word go or pulled out of nowhere at the last second, but I feel confident in saying that I like it. Or maybe I'm just blinded by the fierceness of Dr. O's hat.

Either way, I am tentatively optimistic about this. Please know that I reserve the right to pretend that I NEVER typed these words the second this story starts to annoy me.


I thought Lulu and Maxie's faux confrontation was wonderfully played! Emma is adorable!

Dr. O's hat IS fierce. A predictable twist, but sometimes the predictable ones are better than the stupid ones that come out of nowhere.

Dr. Britt as Dr. O's daughter? I vote for plot twist meticulously plotted from the beginning....or at least the middle somewhere. A couple of months ago during the face melting shenanigans, Robin asked Dr. O if she had any children and Dr O said she had a daughter. I figured that Britt was the only viable candidate then. I wouldn't be surprised if dear old dad has an affinity for cigars and long grey hair.

I agree about Nikolas; I squeed when I saw him appear on the screen. After he returned on Friday, I went back and rewatched the scenes from when Emily died and some other stuff to remind myself of why I used to love Nikolas. Hopefully, he want be as gloomy and cold as he was when he left Port Charles; I like happy Nikolas. I'm happy that Tyler Christopher got to come back, because I was mad when GH let him go.

I certainly did not expect the twist with Britt and Dr. Obrecht and I knew Nikolas was returning, but I didn't expect it to be so soon, so I was all kinds of delighted at the end of that episode.

Also, yes, Dominic Zamprogna was phenomenal. I too laughed when he said "I shouldn't have left her alone with that stupid bear!" I like this storyline, but it was so ridiculous that a bear caused Lulu to pass out.

I personally hate the storyline with Ellie not wanting kids; I don't really buy her reasoning at all and I think it is just a way to put Spinelli and Maxie back together and it makes me angry. The writers at least could have given Ellie better reasoning than the world is running out of resources.

Am I the only one who suspects that Ellie ran one of Maxie's tests (between relish experimentation, lol) and discovered the baby is Spinelli's and not a little Falconeri? I thought she was acting odd even before the baby conversation.

Dante is killing me, DZ is really bringing it. I can feel Dante's fear and pain. Loved Lucy's interaction with Obrecht.

And much like Nikolas used to do when he first arrived in PC, just his whole demeanor with Laura had me in tears.


I don't think any paternity test was done and the hospital wouldn't have Spinelli's DNA on hand, so that wouldn't really make sense, unless Britt had Spinelli written done as the father in her medical record. It's possible she may have overheard a conversation between Maxie and Britt, though.

Yeah, as an only occasional watcher the last few months (though certainly not recently because, oh my God, how great has it been), the Britt's mother revelation caught me off guard in a way that I hasn't happened live in forever. (Or at least since the end of One Life to Live's last episode.) Such a good feeling.

And on a much more shallow note, I was pleased that Bobbie's face looked like a real person again.

I didn't think DZ was over the top on Thursday per se; there is just no way to make that line not sound ridiculous, hee.

I have a feeling the confrontation between Maxie and the new Lulu will peter out to nothing, because I think Lulu will be pregnant (and somehow be able to carry it to term, or at least close enough), and that will make it not a big deal.

Fantastic ep, and Nik's appearance literally made me squee so hard I pulled every muscle in my face! Scared my dog as well. But it was wonderful seeing him, and his appearance was probably the best I've seen Laura and Luke together too - that hug was bliss! One of the few moments I've felt Genie as Laura since her return, besides her conversations with Lulu and Elizabeth. Even the nod to Luke was great. Only 30 seconds in, and Nik's pretty much my favorite return so far... besides AJ!

DZ and Kristen Storms owned me like no one else's business on Friday's ep. DZ in particular, played the desperate husband perfectly. I wish the show focused on only a couple of stories at times like this per episode; I could've watched Dante looking for Lulu and threatening Scott all day. And the "confrontation" between Maxie and Lulu was awesome.

JT and BH's scenes were surprisingly good. I guess I was expecting more Sabrina propping, and there was a little, but Liz seemed to be more concerned about Patrick's well-being and happiness more than anything. And JT nails grieving widower but good.

Dr. Olbrecht and Britt put me firmly on Team Britt now. She can pull a Carrie on Sabrina's "big night" and I will be cheering her on like the mean girl that I am.

Loved Friday's epi. Hadn't heard that Tyler Christopher was returning but as soon as I heard the knock on the door after Laura told Luke "I think if we find the Cassadines, we'll find our daughter," I was thinking please let it be Nikolas. I just love Laura's and Nik's relationship. I still remember their first encounter in '96. I've watched the end of Friday's episode about a dozen times. Without uttering one word, Nik's reaction to seeing Laura when he walked through the door, had me nearly sobbing.

I too squeed so loud when Nikolas appeared that I had a sore throat for the rest of the day.

THANK YOU for saying that Rick Springfield's son can't act! He acted very giddy and bouncy and I've never seen a giddy cop.

If Nik showed up, does that mean Lucky will too?

As a viewer who doesn't over-think the soaps too much, I WAS surprised with the Olbrecht/Westborne mother-daughter relationship...and I love it! This will explain a lot about why Britch is the way she is and maybe even make her sympathetic.

BTW, that picture above is hilarious...Britt=Bucky Beaver ;) OMG, those teeth!

good lord, i was so excited to see Nikolas appear in that doorway. i've always adored the character even when i've loathed the character. Nik was never bad guy and Tyler is not a bad actor, but there is only so much any actor can do with piss poor writing (yes, i am looking at you guza). i had almost parallel feelings toward liz webber not so long again, but i am back to loving her again. my point is that Nik is definitely not beyond redeaming.

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