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« Things Happened In Port Charles And I Loved All Of Them | Main | The Day's Most Old School Soapy Dialogue »

March 26, 2013

Unsurprising Surprises and Surprises of Fun

Today's episode promptly revealed that Shawn didn't really shoot Nikolas which, I mean, duh. We pretty much all knew that, despite yesterday's attempted fake-out.

They let the pcpd have guns now

Of course it wasn't him

But here's where it got awesome.

Shawn: C'mon, Dante, you know me. I didn't shoot anyone, I'm just trying to help!

What? Yeah, I'm sure Dante would never side-eye this dude considering his early storylines. If I do recall correctly, Shawn was deeply involved in the car explosion at Dante's father's wedding. A former mercenary who reformed and then got bored again and started acting as muscle for the local mob boss. You know me! (But he's a good guy now, y'all, 'cause remember that one time he found a dog in a car? Where is that dog these days?)

Anyway, naturally he took a bullet for the police commissioner today because while they've done a great job of making GH wildly and blissfully less mob-focused over the past year, we have to have some way to recognize our show. And what better way than allowing one of Sonny's associates to be valiant and heroic and more competent than cops?

But don't allow me to speak too soon! Dante got a good moment today where he helped save Shawn from a gunman in the bushes, and then practically beat the crap out of said gunman, trying to get information about what happened to Lulu. 

That gunman is GRUMPY

The gunman didn't really much appreciate this approach. So he worked up the biggest loogie I have ever seen!

Sir, you have something in your teeth

All right, I kid. He started foaming at the mouth. Because he killed himself with a cyanide pill so he wouldn't have to talk about what he knows. 

Sorry, falconeri, the dude is toast!

Poor Dante! (I am going to miss Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman together so much.)

In other news, Scott and Bobbie got in some quality time, Laura and Alexis and Elizabeth worried over a not-out-of-the-woods-yet shot Nikolas, Britt got yelled at by her awesome campy mother some more, Molly and T.J. made plans to go to the Nurses Ball together, and the show is definitely teasing a possible union between Felix and Milo. (Okay, or Felix and a recast Lucas?)

That's it! Oh yeah, something about Patrick realizing he has feelings for Sabrina, which I don't want to talk about because I just can't be objective. My lack of objectivity has nothing to do with Robin, by the way, since she is "paradigm-dead." I'd love a fun new romance for Dr. Drake. My lack of objectivity really only has to do with, well... my feelings about Sabrina. Which are similar to Britt's. Because I am apparently not a good person, which I can live with in this case!


I am liking Britta after Monday and Tuesday's scenes with her mother. We're suppose to hate Britt and root for Sabrina, but all of the propping just turns me off where Sabrina is concerned. It was nice to hear Britt admit out loud that the ONLY reason Sabrina worked on the Nurses Ball was to get with Patrick.

Patrick needs an adult relationship and that is so not going to happen with Emma's BFF, Sabrina.

Bobbie mentioning Lucas lack of a love life means her son will be coming back to PC, and hooking up with Felix. There were rumors that JZ is suppose to be around after the nurses ball. It would be nice if Bobbie AND Epiphany were ruling the nurses staff side by side.

Cyanide pills? Oh, yeah, baby that's a trade mark of the Cassadine crew.

IS cyanide a Cassadine thing? I'm gonna have to do research!

I am not gonna lie... I just love Dr. O!! I can't wait to meet "Papa". But if I don't get some serious ass whoopin of Dr. O by Anna or to a lesser extent Laura (or both of them teamed up) in the relative foreseeable future I'll be crushed!!

As for Sabrina I don't think RC has showed all his cards about her. With the Britt dialogue they essentially acknowledged what so many are saying on blogs just like this. I'm expecting a reveal for Sabrina that makes her a lot less sweet and perfect. Who knows really... But I do love GH50 especially for the last week!

I'm very confused about the Patrick/Sabrina story. I'm a die-hard Scrubs fan, but I would be able to get behind a new Patrick pairing IF the female part of the pair was an adult. I don't care of Sabrina shows up at the NB with a makeover; she's not mature enough to be with Patrick.

Plus...duh...the viewers aren't stupid. We know Robin isn't dead. How are we supposed to get behind a new pairing when we know Robin isn't really dead?

It just stinks on every level.

If not being a fan of Sabrina makes you a bad person, then join the club. I'm making T-Shirts!

Anne, I don't think the viewers knowing Robin is still alive automatically undercuts any possible pairing, though I guess it does for some. But I think it's pretty classic soap - grieving widow(er) finally finds love again just in time for the dead spouse to return!

HOWEVER. Sabrina ain't it. She has the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone and I can't imagine that Patrick, who has always shown an appreciation of smart, sexy, challenging women, would have the slightest interest in her.

Also, shut up and mind your own business, Epiphany.

Emma, Pip, Liz and Felix's job is to pimp and prop Sabrina so that all GH fans and Patrick will fall in love with her. Blech.

Cyanide? Yeah, I think it is a Cassadine trait or maybe I read it in a GH fanfic?

I am dreaming of the day Sabrina chokes on a cyanide pill...

I kid you not, I have instinctually deleted episodes of GH from my DVR because of seeing Sabrina. I usually FFWD her scenes but I gave up watching altogether. I simply loathe the caricature. This close to the Nurses' Ball and I just can't watch last or this week. I'll look to recaps to fill me in and hope to be up to speed for next week.

Last time I saw cyanide pills in use was in 'Captain America.' So... this guy works for Hydra and the Red Skull has Lulu?

Who's Cap in this scenario?

So Robin was abducted so Named After a Water Filter could snag Patrick?

That's IT???

And I'm kind of irritated that Nikolas is back for five minutes and then gets shot. And what was up with that sheet covering his tats? We all know he has them.

Today was great fun! Yes,the Sabrina propping is a bit much, but Epiphany's "words of wisdom" we're entertaining, especially talking about "Magic" Milo's body. Milo and Sabrina were cute together. LOVED Emma's "no silly, Felix likes boys."

Anna threw shade on Britt(a), Dr. O and her fierce hat threw shade on Americans ("shooting in the park is so...American"), and Bobbie and Scott had an amazing bonding scene. The best and most entertaining part of the episode was Dante's EXTREMELY over-the-top interrogation of the shooter and then his shaking and screaming at the corpse. WTF was that?! The scenery chewing was unbelievable. I think I saw bite marks.

I can not wait to see the next episode and to me, that is the most important thing about this show.

Vicki, I'm pretty sure Robin was abducted because Faison wanted Anna and it had nothing to do with Britt. I don't know what the rest of the plan is, but it definitely wasn't so Britt could snag Patrick. That's just what her mother is making her try to do. We haven't heard the explanation yet.

Lucas is definitely coming. Bobbie talks about wanting him to find a nice guy and settle down and the scenes then immediately cuts to Felix? That's just Soap Opera 101.

I posted this on another board, but it bears repeating here, so...

Lots of fast forwarding today. Really, if Felix needs to be pissed at Sabrina, it's over Milo? And sorry, but he's straight. Has always been portrayed as straight. Hell, I remember that horrid summer where he was one of the trifecta, panting after Lulu.

And no, having Molly saying that he might be gay but not know it doesn't cut it with me. If Milo were gay to begin with, then maaaaybe I could get on board with Felix's bitchiness. Just like one can't 'change' someone who's gay into being straight, the reverse is also true.

Just bring on Lucas already so Felix can fixate on someone else.

And nope. Just because Olbrecht is BitchBritt's Mummy and said Mummy is raking her over the coals, so now she's this poor, sniveling, crybaby does NOT give her any layers, nor does it make me root for her, or feel sorry for her skanky ass.

The best scenes were those with Bobbie and Scottie, Laura in the hospital, talking to Lesley, and wow, Luke actually deigned to put his hands on Laura, stroking her arms.

Regarding Sabrina, I saw some pix from the upcoming Nurses Ball, and without spoiling anything, it seems that Emma and Sabrina appear on stage together and...let's just say that Sabrina is dressed sort of appropriately for someone whose (lack of) maturity is in question regarding a relationship with Patrick! Emma's BFF indeed!

I love Kimberly McCullough and even though she always looked young, her character had maturity. Sabrina would probably look more mature if they gave her a makeover, but she acts so juvenile too. I hope they make her over soon, only so she doesn't remind me so much of Jodi Arias with the glasses and the hair parted on the side and held back with a little barrette!

@Janet B. OMG, I have been meaning to post about the Sabrina/ Jodi Arias uncanny resemblance to each other but I thought I was the only one who saw because I never saw it posted anywhere else. When Lifetime makes this movie (and you know it will be Lifetime), Theresa Castillo has a lock on the lead role. And regarding the NB promo pics, they definitely do have that affect of making Sabrina appear even more juvenile than she does now. It makes me laugh that there are some viewers who think all it takes is for Sabrina to become "pretty" and everything else will just fall into place, including her maturity level. The whole makeover itself makes me laugh because we have known since the actress was cast, that she is a pretty girl. I didn't even have to see her IMDB headshot to know that. It's Hollywood's classic idea of how to portray a plain or unattractive person. Rather than casting an actress like that, they usually cast the most beautiful actress they can find, dye her hair a mousy shade or don't style it, don't put any makeup on her, and stick a pair of oversize glasses on her for the finishing touch. Like everything else with the character, it's just too much.

Yes @Mary, for some reason this week every time I see Sabrina I think Jodi Arias. I guess I kept seeing clips of her on CNN and next time I saw Sabrina it was Jodi Arias.

The other Hollywood cliche is the mousy girl takes off her giant glasses and the handsome man says, "I never realized you have beautiful eyes!"

Loved the episode, but as a loooong time viewer, i.e., I remember when Laura and Scotty were together the FIRST time, (I was a teenager) I was so hoping for some flashbacks of Bobbie and Scotty and their scheming ways. There were several moments when I felt like they were going to show some and then didn't. Maybe the episode ran long and they had to be cut. Still, would have been fun.

I really have enjoyed the last couple of episodes of GH, although I must admit I'm very confused by all the Sabrina hate here and on other boards. Maybe, it's because I do know several real women around her character's age (a few of them friends) who are socially awkward--especially around men--and seemingly naive, and yet are just genuinely sweet, smart, and even funny. One of them is a student at my dance studio and the guys--straight and gay--all think she's adorable.

Guess we can't all be femme fatales.

How people feel about Sabrina has nothing to do about her being a femme fatale, I think. Pretty sure that people didn't love Robin because she was a femme fatale.

I know it's not in the FAQs, but I'm tend to believe that there's a difference between a blog and a board. Shouldn't things be kept to the post at hand? Not scolding anyone in particular, just a general observation, and perhaps personal pet peeve.

I like Sabrina. I don't necessarily buy into whatever propping others seem to think is going on with her (subtlety has never been a strong suit of soaps), but I just like the story of the nice, good girl getting the hot guy. Sue me. And Jason Thompson is so good that I'll go along with this. Yes, I love Robin. I love Scrubs. But as long as Kimberly McCullough chooses to be off the show, I'm ready for Patrick to move on and if it's with Sabrina, I don't have a problem with it.

As for Britt, no amount of crying or justification via the obviously emotionally abusive parents could ever make me like her or justify her meanness to Emma. I don't care one damn about her and her tears or her evil mother. Shut up and go away, both of you.

And, yes, Shawn with his "you know me" to Dante almost made me vomit. Why would a cop who knows you work for his mobster father assume you did anything criminal? This stupid show. And so the "good" hitman thing continues; it extends past Jason the Holy Hitman. I had hoped those days were over. It's one of the reasons that I don't like the character of Shawn - not to mention that I don't think he and Alexis have even a smidgen of chemistry.

I'm guessing Britt's "Papa" is a Cassadine and has "Mama O" using Faison (at first)and Jerry Jax to terrorize the Spencers and Scorpios by kidnapping first Robin and now Lulu. Britt was supposed to seduce Patrick so that when Robin was brought back, she would have lost everything again.. or some such nonsense.

Are there any other Cassidine men besides Nic? Mikkos, Stavros, Tony.. all dead right? What about Victor? He went to prison back in the 80's and no mention since! Dr. Lisa Obrecht is the wife of Victor Cassidine!

Ever since I looked up the existing Cassadine family tree and saw that Victor Cassadine's whereabouts were unaccounted for, I wanted him to be Britt's daddy (and also Sam's ahem).

Heh. Brain freeze. Victor wouldn't work as Sam's daddy unless the show wanted to go with full-on Cassadinecest. Heh. Scratch that. But I wouldn't mind him being Britt's.

I've always liked Britt but her interactions with her mother pretty much sealed it for me. I saw a comment on YT asking how it was possible that Britt became more interesting in a couple of minutes worth of scenes when the same hasn't happened for Sabrina with all her airtime and her propping. I just cannot with Sabrina. And it has nothing to do with Robin/Scrubs, since Robin irritated me more often than not.

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