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« Things Happened In Port Charles And I Loved All Of Them | Main | The Day's Most Old School Soapy Dialogue »

March 26, 2013

Unsurprising Surprises and Surprises of Fun

Today's episode promptly revealed that Shawn didn't really shoot Nikolas which, I mean, duh. We pretty much all knew that, despite yesterday's attempted fake-out.

They let the pcpd have guns now

Of course it wasn't him

But here's where it got awesome.

Shawn: C'mon, Dante, you know me. I didn't shoot anyone, I'm just trying to help!

What? Yeah, I'm sure Dante would never side-eye this dude considering his early storylines. If I do recall correctly, Shawn was deeply involved in the car explosion at Dante's father's wedding. A former mercenary who reformed and then got bored again and started acting as muscle for the local mob boss. You know me! (But he's a good guy now, y'all, 'cause remember that one time he found a dog in a car? Where is that dog these days?)

Anyway, naturally he took a bullet for the police commissioner today because while they've done a great job of making GH wildly and blissfully less mob-focused over the past year, we have to have some way to recognize our show. And what better way than allowing one of Sonny's associates to be valiant and heroic and more competent than cops?

But don't allow me to speak too soon! Dante got a good moment today where he helped save Shawn from a gunman in the bushes, and then practically beat the crap out of said gunman, trying to get information about what happened to Lulu. 

That gunman is GRUMPY

The gunman didn't really much appreciate this approach. So he worked up the biggest loogie I have ever seen!

Sir, you have something in your teeth

All right, I kid. He started foaming at the mouth. Because he killed himself with a cyanide pill so he wouldn't have to talk about what he knows. 

Sorry, falconeri, the dude is toast!

Poor Dante! (I am going to miss Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman together so much.)

In other news, Scott and Bobbie got in some quality time, Laura and Alexis and Elizabeth worried over a not-out-of-the-woods-yet shot Nikolas, Britt got yelled at by her awesome campy mother some more, Molly and T.J. made plans to go to the Nurses Ball together, and the show is definitely teasing a possible union between Felix and Milo. (Okay, or Felix and a recast Lucas?)

That's it! Oh yeah, something about Patrick realizing he has feelings for Sabrina, which I don't want to talk about because I just can't be objective. My lack of objectivity has nothing to do with Robin, by the way, since she is "paradigm-dead." I'd love a fun new romance for Dr. Drake. My lack of objectivity really only has to do with, well... my feelings about Sabrina. Which are similar to Britt's. Because I am apparently not a good person, which I can live with in this case!


I don't hate Sabrina, but don't really like her yet either. She is onscreen a LOT and I would much rather see most other characters more than her (I started to list them but. . is too many)

So, Britta - hmn, pretty sure she is the son of a Cassadine. Also pretty sure Sabrina is the lost Q heir so she'll get pretty, rich and sophisticated soon I guess. sigh. But like I said, I don't hate her though I am a little sick of her.

As for the rest of the show, I am loving it! I think Lulu has gone the way of Robin, and hopefully she, Luke, Laura, Robert and Robin will return to PC (along with a saved Jake) SOON!! Maybe Lucky will even be in on it! I wonder what GV could do with new - well written Lucky material. he'd be easy on the eyes for sure!

One can hope!

I don't even like Britt but even I have to agree with her in regards to flippen sabrina the teenage damn nurse. I still can't believe they are doing this to the character of patrick. I am always going to be a scrubs fan but I am also realistic and this is a soap and I know since Kimberly is not planning to come back anytime soon and that Jason isn't planning on leaving anytime soon they have to put Patrick with someone but seriously, why sabrina the flippen teenage nurse????? Really GH?? and to add insult to injury to both scrubs and Robin fans they have this STUPID "romance" start during the nurses ball which is supposed to "honor" his "DEAD" wife??? WTF??? they are spiting on the character of Robin and the scrubs fans by doing that. FML gh FML.

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