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March 08, 2013

Valiantly Refusing To Make A Handful Of "Relish" Jokes

It's not that I wasn't excited to have a snow day and an impromptu three-day weekend and the opportunity to nap and spend the entire day in leggings; I was excited about all of those things. But what I was MOST excited for was the chance to watch General Hospital live. It was the very first thing that ran through my head when I heard work was closed (and I'm eternally grateful that I managed to only think my excited thoughts and not blurt them out, because that would have been quite the awkward conversation), which says a lot about how much I am enjoying most of General Hospital these days.

And then, because I am terrible at change and hardly ever home during the week to watch GH as it airs, I promptly forgot that the show moved to 2 and was halfway through a batch of scones (is there anything more perfect on a cold day than a good scone?) when I realized that I'd have to give up the dream of liveblogging the show. But I will settle for a good old-fashioned recap!


Spinelli and Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. She, like any rational person, is absolutely disgusted that he'd come into her home using the front door where anybody could see him.

General Hospital: Sabrina is beside herself looking for Epiphany about the results of the exam re-do and whines at Elizabeth that she can't find Pip anywhere. Elizabeth, having a terrible day of her own, turns around and reveals a face covered in pretty tears. Her phone reveals an incoming call from one Mr. AJ Quartermaine, who leaves her a(-n adorable) voicemail expressing his sympathy for what's going on with Steve and says he'd understand if she cancels lunch. But I wouldn't understand, AJ!

Tracy is disgruntled and horrified by having to associate with Spinelli in her scheme for the Pickle Lila recipe. Spinelli has failed at his task so far.

Speaking of Pickle Lila, Starr and Ellie are trying to solve this mystery, too. Well, Ellie is trying to solve it; Starr is reading a Sun article about her father accompanied by the blaring headline "Teflon Todd Trial Today", which is pretty good, but it doesn't really rank in comparison to some of the wordplay the Daily News and the Post come up with.

At the Metro Court, Carly is reading the same newspaper and puts it down in disgust when she's greeted by Michael and junk food in the form of faux Cheez-Its. Michael says he thought she'd want to eat her feelings today, but Carly plays dumb. "What? Today? Hmm?"

Teflon Todd and Diane stalk into court surrounded by a mob of reporters who shout stupid questions about him and shove microphones in his face. Diane stridently (a descriptor I probably didn't need, because does she speak any other way?) says her client has no comment, but Todd does. And prepare yourself--you're going to cringe. Hard.

Todd: I do have something to say to Carly Jacks.


Kate and Sonny are in bed. She flashes back to the feud she had with...well, with Connie, because there is nothing soapier than flashbacks to things that happened 24 hours ago (it's one of those uniquely soap things that I could really do without). She nuzzles up to Sonny, who is thrilled that she's still here "after everything". Like boning Connie? He seems momentarily annoyed that she'd bring that up and tries to evade what, in his defense, is a terribly uncomfortable conversation by thanking her for listening. She says she doesn't want to bury all of this and asks if he had real feelings for Connie to which he sputters for a while and saves, suavely, by saying he's happy now and flashing his dimples. They smile together over Connie being gone (which means that by the end of this hour, Kate will be revealed to be Connie and I will punch myself in the face) and Kate asks Sonny to tell her he loves her. He does: "I love you, Kate. And I want to spend the rest of my life proving that to you".

Liz shares, through sniffles, that she had to say goodbye to Steve because he's going to prison in Memphis. I think she's laying it on a little thick, because shared DNA or not, nobody cares that much about Steve. Tears? Really Liz? Please.

Q Mansion: Tracy snarls at Spinelli and then pushes him to the ground when AJ enters with a pleasant "Oh, Auntie!" The exchange hate-filled words. After AJ leaves, Spinelli says "Quartermaine snark never disappoints". Please don't try to butter me up, Spinelli. Tracy yells a lot and Spinelli shares that he's learned that Michael and AJ have employed a lab technician.

Tracy: All you have to do is snatch it from some pasty, beady-eyed lab rat.
Spinelli: "Pasty" is a little bit harsh. She is fair.

Okay, ha. Like, an actual ha, out loud.  

At the hospital, Starr is recapping her father's various criminal escapades to Ellie, who sweetly refers to them as "adventures". Starr expresses love for her father and worries that his luck might have finally run out. Ellie offers to finish the analysis by herself in case Starr wants to actually go see her father in court.

At the Metro, Carly is still playing dumb about Todd's trial and says she's so totally over Todd. Michael says Starr also has some complicated issues with Todd, and Carly rambles for a while about how Todd WANTS to be a better person, and after about an hour of that (approximately), cuts herself off and wonders why she's even talking about that and Michael theorizes that she's in love with the guy. She makes a face like, "Sooo not"...

...which is followed up with Todd declaring in front of television cameras that HE loves HER and it's so juvenile and ridiculous that I actually want to shriek in discomfort.

Todd: I love you. We belong together and I don't know how, but I'm going to make that happen.

UGH. All of this is terrible: Todd so brazenly declaring his love for this woman that he's known for all of a few months and saying they belong together. That woman in question being CARLY, who I think is wonderful as a soap character but is an absolute disaster as a romantic partner, and I can't help but think that any person with even an iota of sense would run the other way from her and the complex mental issues she brings to the table. Also, both of these people are ADULTS. In their late 30s if not 40s (soap ages are so weird). I CANNOT STOP CRINGING.

Inside the court room, Diane shares that Johnny wouldn't agree to calling off his associates and Todd starts to get a little terrified. The judge helpfully informs us that Todd agreed to a bench trial and I'm sorry, where is Sam? Shouldn't she have been hanging out amongst the reporters waiting for an opportunity to scream at Todd for completely ruining her life? Shouldn't she be just as obsessed with his court case as Starr and Carly? Anyway, the prosecution (in the form of a very serious man who speaks in a monotone) calls Heather Webber to the stand and Todd just about passes out.

After another roll in the hay, Kate lets out a contented sigh, which is gross. Sonny offers her one of his "world famous" breakfasts, and I started to take issue with that term, but then I realized that with the number of women Sonny has slept with, it's probably a fair assessment.

"I'm going to tell you the same thing I told your father," Carly says to Michael, because burdening your young son and ex-husband with immature rambling about your romantic life is a perfectly normal thing to do. She says she'll NEVER take Todd back. Like, ever.

I'm sorry that that Taylor Swift song is now in your head.

Heather takes the stand after a long and stilted introduction by the prosecutor, who says that she's a pretty awesome witness despite the whole "comitted to a hospital for the criminally insane" thing.

Starr pretends that she's totally unconcerned with her father's trial and she and Ellie continue to work on the great relish experiment of 2013. There's a lot of giggling. Ellie is left-handed! I might have known that, but it's all I want to pay attention to in this scene. I love seeing fellow lefties out and about.

Spinelli tells Tracy that because of his relationship with Ellie, he obviously can't steal the relish recipe from her. Snark on the Trout name and heartfelt pleas from Spinelli follow.

Hospital: Sabrina admires Steve for owning up to what he did, because she is so pure and gracious and wonderful. Liz says that Steve is done with all the lying and somehow--seriously, I watched this scene at least five times and I still have no idea how it turned into this--this segues into Liz encouraging Sabrina to be honest with her feelings for Patrick. "My life is in shambles, but don't worry about that! Tell me more about the outfit you dream Patrick will wear on your first date? Will he hold your hand while you walk down the street with ice cream cones, or is that too forward?" Sabrina, to her credit, says she's a little more interested in the results of her exam, but since she can't find Epiphany anywhere, Liz said she should take this time to call Patrick and let him know about her feelings. Huh? Sabrina says she can't, because they are friends now and she doesn't want to lose their friendship in case he doesn't like her back, because then who will she walk to the bus with after school?

Michael wonders if his mother is talking herself out of having feelings for Todd and she says that as Michael is her witness, her life is now a loser-free zone. And then in walks AJ, which is just rude!

Todd worries that Heather made a deal with the prosecution. There is some very tense music happening right now, and I think we're supposed to think that there is a chance Heather will rat Todd out and that he will go to jail, but I think we've all watched television long enough to know that there is no chance of either of those things happening, so the music department can calm it down a little.

Sonny's! He finds the grisly remnants of the Kate/Connie fight and violently smashes a piece of already broken glass, which seems like overkill, and shouts that somebody smashed his mirror. Oh, good job, Sonny! You got something right!

Spinelli tries to explain to Tracy that he betrayed Ellie once already but since she's horrified at the sight of him sitting on her furniture, you can imagine that she's less than sympathetic to his plight.

Relish taste test in the hospital lab! Yum, delicious, etc. Their relish is missing a certain something. Something "ethereal", Starr says. That's not what that word means, but moving on.

AJ is delighted to see his happy family at the Metro Court and pulls up a chair to join them.

AJ: You and me, and baby makes three!

Hee! They spar some more and AJ makes a nice reference to all the times Carly has tried to forcibly push him off the wagon and Michael implores his parents to both grow up a little bit. He says he wants them both in his life but refuses to take sides. AJ apologizes and Carly immediately apologizes, too, determined to not let AJ have the upper hand for even eight seconds. Michael asks AJ to come to the hospital to follow up with Ellie, but AJ wants to stick around and talk to Carly. Michael warns them to play nice, which lasts for even LESS than eight seconds. They start arguing loudly, Carly calls him self-serving, which is a really outrageous pot-kettle-black situation, and looks at him like he's a particularly disgusting medical specimen. He asks if she knows anything about the Quartermaine mystery heir.

Liz checks her voicemail and she and Sabrina have some smiley girl talk. Liz said she needs to remember how AJ used to be and the conversation springs back to Steven and how his mom stabbed him, because that is how people talk: with absolutely no rhyme or reason. I'm not being sarcastic--that's exactly how I have conversations with people, jumping from point to point and going back to a tangent we'd gone on three weeks ago. Anyway, because the show needs a clever set-up for Heather on the witness stand, Sabrina asks what kind of a mother would attack her own son and Liz, with some prime bitchface, says "A crazy one".

Monotone prosecutor asks if Todd and Heather conspired during the baby switch, but Heather totally covers for him and takes full responsibility for the entire ordeal. What a shocking plot twist! Monotone prosecutor is disgusted by the performance of his star witness, but not disgusted enough to, I don't know, ask her follow up questions or try to catch her in a lie. He's only disgusted enough to glare at her and snap that he has no further questions. Diane, wearing a particularly ugly ensemble that combines an unnecessarily complicated jacket with a dress made from fabric last seen on the couch in a posh hotel in 1985, has no questions for Heather, who winks at Todd and exits. The prosecution calls Pete Fillmore, who works for Johnny, and the judge waits less than ten seconds before angrily declaring that the witness is a no-show. Todd starts to celebrate and then, to the surprise of no one, Johnny's pal strolls in. With an angry Sam hot on his heels! No, that's not what happened. What happened was another minute of Todd worrying that he'll go to prison, as if that's a thing that would possibly happen.

Liz and Sabrina talk about AJ some more. Liz is conflicted and for some reason, seeks Sabrina's guidance, because who best to give romantic advice than a woman with the world experience of your typical nursery schooler?! Sabrina says, as though she's had an adult relationship with another human being and isn't merely quoting the lines she has her Barbies say to each othe,  "There's always a risk in getting close with someone. The question is, is AJ worth it?"

Metro: Carly gets in a good line at the surprising fertility of the Quartermaine clan and AJ explains that Tracy will never let the loss of ELQ go and he wants a backup plan. You know, for Michael. AJ gets a text and tells Carly to shut it, complete with a hilarious full-handed shush. It turns out that he'll need dinner reservations at 7, because he has a date! He gets adorably protective when Carly wonders what "skank" would willingly spend time with him and gets all bashful when he tells her that his date is with Elizabeth Webber. Carly may feel a potent combination of loathing and jealousy when it comes to Liz, but she hates AJ more and wonders what on earth Liz is thinking.

Tracy and Spinelli: long story short, Tracy is Spinelli's landlord and will evict him in a hot second if he doesn't get her the relish formula.

At the lab: Starr exits to call Michael, who is actually there, and they kiss. She gives him a relish update and he asks if she'd maybe like to go to the trial. She blank stares.

Trial: "May as well cuff me now," Todd declares as Johnny's goon begins to testify. "HANDCUFFS AREN'T HALF OF WHAT YOU DESERVE" an enraged Sam screams as she interrupts the proceedings. No, that didn't happen. What happened was that the goon talked for a long time and said Todd had nothing to do with the baby switch and Monotone Prosecutor once again loses control of a witness and ends with the same exact "No further questions" that he did when Heather ruined the first half of his case. I think they might have actually brought in a robot to play this part. Diane asks if the charges can be dismissed and Todd smiles what is possibly the smuggest smile I've seen in some time.

Sonny is disgusted by the broken mirror, because he's the only person allowed to violently abuse glassware in his home. Kate, after ANOTHER flashback to the fight she had with herself, lies and says she has no idea what happened. She wonders if Sonny heard anything last night--and he didn't, because he sleeps so soundly that the obnoxious screaming of a mentally unwell woman AND the sound of shattering glass aren't enough to wake him. He says that nobody broke in because nothing is stolen and Kate jokes that Max and Milo are clumsy enough to have done it, but Sonny thinks that they're not so oafish that they'd break something and not clean it up. Then they joke about Sonny's seven years of bad luck and when they get all gushy and start to kiss I begin to believe that I'M actually the one with the bad luck here.

World famous breakfast time! Egg white omelettes and fresh squeezed orange juice. Don't ruin omelettes for me, show. Kate toasts to the end of Connie and they smile brightly about how she's gone forever and ohmigod, Kate is totally Connie and this story will NEVER BE OVER and the show will have to continue to add thousands of dollars a year to their budget just to cover all of the mirrors they will need to destroy every time these two personalities fight with each other.

Starr and Michael. They talk about complicated fathers and he offers to go to court with her.

Spinelli goes to see Ellie who is SO excited to have almost solved the mystery that it breaks my heart a little bit. Since when are my heartstrings tugged by relish? She's so happy to see Spinelli and has him taste the relish and it's all much sadder than you thought a story about pickles would be.

Liz and Sabrina continue to gab, and when Sabrina says that no matter how things turn out, it's important that Liz at least tries, Liz almost bugs her eyeballs clear out of her head at Sabrina's lack of self awareness and tells Sabrina that she has to tell Patrick the truth about how she feels.

Metro Court: Carly mocks AJ and then drops some truth on him.

Carly: The part of Elizabeth's heart that doesn't belong to Lucky, well it belongs to Jason. So there you go, don't say I didn't warn you.

"Enjoy dying alone" was heavily implied at the end of that sentence.

AJ points out that Carly's love life is also an abyss of failure and misery, and says he has a better shot at a relationship with Liz than Carly does with Todd, who he refers to as "This", which he accompanies with an overexaggerated "EUGH" that tickles me.

Courtoom: Diane asks that the charges against Todd be dropped. "OVER MY DEAD BODY" Sam does not say, because she is not there.

Sonny and Kate talk treatment, and Kate says she'll get a referral to a psychiatrist just as soon as she runs her errands, and as soon as Sonny goes upstairs, she steals a piece of bacon from his plate and is in the middle of staring evilly at a piece of broken glass when she hears an annoying buzzing in her ear. The annoying buzz is KATE from INSIDE THE BROKEN MIRROR begging Connie to let her out. I AM PUNCHING MYSELF IN THE FACE AS WE SPEAK, HOLD ON ONE SECOND. Connie taunts Kate and dramatically declares that Sonny is going to pay for cheating on her with...her.

I hate things.

Liz is still encouraging Sabrina to tell Patrick that she likes him and almost jumps up and down with glee when Sabrina agrees to call him. What happens next is the most uncomfortable one-sided phone conversation I've witnessed since 1996, when I was part of a similar phone conversation with a boy I had a crush on. She has something important to tell him! Liz watches all of this with such glee that I am slowly becoming convinced that maybe she's secretly plotting AGAINST Sabrina and wants her to humiliate herself in new and embarrassing ways because I can't comprehend anybody genuinely thinking this is a good idea.

AJ goes to visit Ellie at the lab and when she tries to tell him the secret ingredient, she realizes that she can't. Because her notes are gone. As in stolen...

...by Spinelli. Who is TERRIBLE. GOD, everything about him is loathsome.

Starr and Michael burst into the courtroom and find...nobody there except for Diane. Who informs them that the charges have been dropped. And where's Todd? "Probably at General Hospital receiving treatment for the vicious assault he suffered at the hands of Sam McCall," Diane does not say because Sam did not factor into this at all and she instead blathers something about Todd going off to rebuild his broken life.

Metro Court: Carly is a sad panda. A sad panda watching Todd's heartfelt and terrible declaration of love. And wouldn't you know it, Todd walks in at that very moment and they share a very meaningful look.


And with that, it's the weekend! Happy Friday, all!


Spinelli and Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. She, like any rational person, is absolutely disgusted that he'd come into her home using the front door where anybody could see him.

Speaking of not doing something at work, I will have to leave this for later because if your recap is going to be as funny as the opening, I will laugh too loudly.

(Also it is 4:58 on a Friday, so I'm out of here.)

Carly: The part of Elizabeth's heart that doesn't belong to Lucky, well it belongs to Jason.

Me: The part of my heart that doesn't want Carly to die in a fire wants her to get hit by a bus.

I hope Todd remembers to get his balls out of Carly's purse before he heads back to OLTL. I'm not the worldest's biggest Todd fan or T&B or T&T fan and even I know him being in love with Carly is bs.

Continue to fan fic that Oliver Fish and Ellie Trout are distant relations.

AJ and Liz continue to be my happy place.

Well I am a lifelong Todd fan but having him profess his love for that creature is enough for me have sudden doubts.. why her? I swear that poison Jerry put in the PC water obviosly gave him some sort of brain damage. Todd used to be a water god it must have had a different affect on him, it's the only possibility that makes sense to me...
Poor Louise I think she might be a bigger T&B shipper than me.

Thank you for the excellent recap! This made my day. As much as I enjoy Liz/AJ and Tracy, I will have to save my self from the terribleness described.

Todd declaring undying love for Carly? Too much. I like Todd & Carly but I see no need to accelerate the relationship to the "I Love You"-stage so soon.

Spinelli stealing from Ellie? Just when I think I couldn't possibly despise Spinelli he reaches new depths of my hate. Sad part is, I initially liked Ellie & Spinelli. How fleeting?

Michael/Starr, Sonny/Kate, Sabrina = THE WORST.

AJ and Tracy both had me laughing today. Her manhandling of Spinelli was hysterical. AJ was just on all cylinders today and I really enjoyed him.

1) Why doesn't Spinelli have money??? didn't Jason pay him for his services??? Aren't Sam and Spinelli partners in the PI business? ??? How low can he go stealing from Ellie???

2) If Tracy knows what Ellie and Starr are up to why didn't see get a court order to stop them... Pickle-lila is hers...

3) Todd and Carly-- ugh... why.. seems so forced... don't buy it for one second. I still can't believe Carly is with the person who kept Jason from his son.. her loyalty was her one plus IMO

4) Tracy is awesome.. AJ and Liz awesome... it leaps off the screen their chemistry .. I am enjoying the slow build...

5) Sabrina-- why do we care about child nurse

I bet Trevor St. John (OLTL's Todd#2) currently known as Victor Lord Jr., is laughing himself silly that RH is having to play Todd as some sick puppy in love with not Blair Cramer, but Cujo Jacks!

Spinelli should have died a long time ago.

Sonny and his world breakfasts --> love the joke!

I bet Lila's roses is the secret ingredient, lol!

I looooove that you can tell AJ and Liz like each other even when they aren't in the same room. It is adorable and says volumes about the actors and their chemistry. Lord, I know their date is just gonna get screwed up, I just know it, but I don't care I'm so happy.

As much as we all make fun of Sabrina acting like she is in middle school, I feel like I'M in middle school when watching AJ/Liz. I find myself thinking things such as "I think AJ LIKE LIKES her." They are just too cute and adorable for words.

I flippin' adored every single one of Sean Kanan's scenes yesterday. Seriously, if they handed out a MVP award for a single soap eppy, he would've won it hands down. Between the orange juice line and him SHUSHing Carly and defending Elizabeth's honor ("Hey! She's not a skank!") SK was made of win yesterday!

I loved the chem between SK and LW, but more as bickering siblings/frenemies. Hatesex? That may come later, but they played the sniping just right for me. Uber entertaining.

Elizabeth is such a beautiful crier. While I'm thrilled that Sabrina finally let Elizabeth get a word in edgewise about AJ and Steven Lars, did they really have to drag it all back to Sab's crush on Patrick?

Wait, of course they did. Silly me!

All in all, except for Sonny/Konnie pit of despair yesterday, this was a really, really good show.

Connie taunts Kate and dramatically declares that Sonny is going to pay for cheating on her with...her.

Carlivati teased this during last year's "Fraternity Row" parody episode on OLTL ("And you're the nutjob who's cheating on herself") and now that it's actually happening, I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry. I think I'll go with cry. And then give thanks for the FF button. Because, ugh. Just ugh.

Oh, yes; so loving AJ and Liz right now. Too freakin' cute. I appreciate the way that the writers are forwarding their relationship, even when they are not in the same room together (AJ leaving a message for Liz and Liz responding back with a text or them talking on the phone).

Also, I used to love Spinelli. I agree that 1) It doesn't make sense that he doesn't have money because I'm sure that Sam could give him some of whatever was in Jason's bank account.

2) It makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL that he would have to sleep at the detective's agency because I am sure that Sam would take him in, considering he lived with her and Jason for like the past 5 years or so.

SO, why might I ask is Spinelli undermining the efforts of his girlfriend just so he can keep his office? I would imagine Sam is the one paying the rent on that place anyways because Jason gave her the money to start the business. If Spinelli was going to betray Ellie yet again, couldn't they have given him a reason that made sense? Like Tracy has proof of one of the many illegal things he's done for Jason over the years?

Basically, I'm just angry at Spinelli.

Also, I'm still wondering. Is it possible that Kate is actually the alter? I kind of

I am happy that Sabrina is coming clean to Patrick. He clearly cares a lot for her and he certainly seemed to thinking about Sabrina when Epiphany gave her speech about how he needs someone who can love both him and Emma. Based on Patrick's and Sabrina's scenes over the past few weeks, I actually think that something could happen.

I also Todd needs to go away already. I agree that the whole storyline with Carly is stupid, though I guess you could say they deserve each other. I just sometimes wish Carly had more self respect and didn't immediately attach herself to every guy who decides to be her friend. If only Jason were around to set her straight.

I really hope AJ gets a break and is able to turn his life around with this writing regime. I never fully understood how he became the Quartermaine whipping boy even before Jason's accident, or why Alan, in particular, always seemed so hard on him. I also always thought what Jason and Carly (esp. Carly) did to keep him from Michael was hateful.

Anyway, I just finished watching episodes of the night AJ was born on Youtube and it seems he had it hard from the very beginning--delivered at home during a severe snow storm/blackout, breach birth and for nearly the first year of his life, his father thought he was someone else's son.

And Lesley Webber's reaction after delivering AJ and learning Rick was the "father" broke me. I think AJ needs a fresh start and it makes sense that it would happen with Liz Webber.

AJ and Liz are kind of, sort of, the best thing about the show right now. There's tons of talk about them, and while yeah, chemistry is subjective...I hear WAY more talk about how they click than how they don't. They are ridiculously awesome and none of us ever saw this coming, which makes it all the more awesome. I'd love for JUST a bit of a slower burn here, but as long as they keep writing AJ as (basically) a good guy and focused on Liz, this has no right to be anything but great.

El CapiTAN and Cate might be the most atrocious story that's ever existed that has lasted THIS long.

Very funny recap. I am enjoying Sean Kanan this time around. He wasn't my favorite A.J. before, but now I think he's so enjoyable. He seems to be having a lot of fun in the part too. I like A.J. and Liz, but I have to admit I love the way he snarks at Carly with such...um...relish (sorry!). Anything that makes Carly feel uncomfortable is OK with me!

I saw half the show in the waiting room of an oral surgeon's office full of about 20 people, so I was forced to watch Sonny and Kate...Connie...whoever...in real time. I could not tell when Kate turned back into Connie. However when T.J. and Molly were so excited Kate was back so Molly could get credit for her book, I knew Kate was a goner. Personally I wish this story would just wrap up and go away but there's always the FF button so I take the good w/the bad.

Hopefully Spinelli will have a change of heart and not betray Ellie.

Suzanne, I agree about Elizabeth being a beautiful crier. I never knew that could be possible, but there it is! I do what Oprah refers to as the "ugly cry," no matter whether I'm a little ferklempt or full on sobbing!

AJ and Liz = LOVE, HEARTS, FLOWERS, RAINBOWS, UNICORNS. I despised Sean Kanan as AJ last time, but wow, I'm just loving him this go around!

Kate/Connie please die on a Bus/Plane. Choke on the world famous breakfast. Don't care which. Just GO AWAY. AWFUL.

- I like Todd and Carly. I will leave it at that!

Aww....poor Spinelli. I have to say it because I adore Bradford Anderson so much, who is the loveliest of human beings (have talked to him personally and interviewed him). He's had some big-boy moments some Carlitini arrived, so I was hoping they'd finally mature him completely. Maybe when the SpinMax baby is revealed?? I'm hoping.

First and foremost I love your comments almost more than the show. I have always been an AJ fan and a sonny hater, so this is a great time for me to watch.
enough Connie /Kate. I don't care who wins I just want Sonny and the winner to go to the island and NEVER return.
Someone needs to send FrankenRon a new medical dictionary to find something to put there except the DID.
I like Liz with AJ , in the beginning ZI liked Liz with Lucky,but as I shut the show off, I never really saw her with Jason. thank goodness. I watched her destroy Lucky with Nicolas, but I did like Siobhan.. So shoot me.
Please let Sabrina grow up, we know the actress sings and dances so we know whats coming,get it over with.
I am waiting for Robert,and Anna and Patrick to go rescue Robin.
The show has improved and after the nurses ball is over I can't wait to see who will be left.
The show is better but ,IT couldn't have gotten worse.

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