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March 28, 2013

Why, Caroline, Why?

Caroline Spencer, why must you ruin the lovely clip-clop-clip-clop of Central Park horse carriages for me for the rest of my life?

Because seriously, this happened yesterday.

She is all ready to sex him up

Caroline: So, then you should grab a bottle of champagne and take a carriage ride through Central Park. That's what I used to do on nights like this.

Rick: This is not New York, Caroline.

Caroline says creepy things

Caroline: No. But I'm New York. And you can ride in my carriage all night.

Rick is tempted but no cigar... yet

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My ears, my ears!

I don't know why I should be surprised, as this is the same show that came up with, "I'm a 1200cc twin-pipe crotch-rocket ready to burn rubber on that heart o' yours. How can you say no to that?"

Anyway, it had little effect on Rick at first because maybe it just made him think of horses and manure and, like, abusive and inhumane stable conditions or something. But of course he eventually gave in.

But eventually he just had to be a man

At, of course, the same moment that Maya was wandering up and looking in the window. This is a soap after all. What is the point of having sex if it's not in clear view of a window?

Elsewhere, Bill felt sorry for himself because his wife doesn't ask him to ride her carriage all night long and fantasized about Brooke (who has a small child but he is kept in a closet so she doesn't need to any mothering and is always available for the sex and the bedroom eyes), Dayzee continued to turn into some weird kind of snobby maniac who has forgotten her own history, Crystal Chappell finally made another appearance (yay!), and Brooke seems unable to finish that "stallion" novel that's been on her bedside table for three months. Maybe it's a stallion series? Because really, those kinds of books aren't really long-term slogs. We're not talking Finnegan's Wake here, Brooke.

It is astounding how much more fun this show is without Hope, Liam, and Steffy. But hardly surprising.


Ahh, I feel so sorry for Maya. I wasn't too excited about her at the beginning, but she is *so* honest and tells things upfront. I couldn't believe she just went and told the story to Eric.

Dayzee is absolutely disgusting right now - I do think she might be worried that if something goes bad with Maya and the Forresters it will reflect badly on her, but c'mon, she's being beyond snobby.

I was happy that Crystal Chappell realized how insane Caroline has become (btw, I watched The Grove pilot and "Caroline" is so much better in that!).

I LOLed at your Brooke & stallion book comment.....SO TRUE! But y'know, maybe the book is just *that* good, making a second/third reading a must.

I loved the fantasy (sky blue looks gorgeous on Brooke), and Brill are absolutely smoking hot. In Brooke's non-defense, she never needed a small child to be off-screen to be ready for sex. She's been non-stop ready for sex since circa 1990 (childless, pregnant, w/ little and adult children, or in any other combination).

So happy that your regular B&B posts are back :D

Yeah, I'm really liking Maya too. And I'm liking that she's bringing out this ugly side of Caroline!

Because like the other Caroline (Carly) Spencer over on GH, she thinks only for herself.

I just had to say that two of my kids, who are hormonal teen age boys,and who have been home early from school everyday this week,said that they would much rather see Caroline in her skimpy lingerie than "the old broad".
While I'll admit Brooke has about ten years on me, she still looks pretty damn good. She is still and always will be, the slut from the valley.

I'd definitely kill to look like Brooke at any age!

^^^ THIS!

Was anyone else surprised that it turned out that Caroline & Rick did NOT in fact do the deed after Maya saw them making out (per their conversation on Thu's show)? Or did I misunderstand?

From the header I legit thought you were talking about Carly from GH for a minute and those screen caps were REALLY CONFUSING, okay DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT THIS 50 YEARS OF GH MARATHON IS MESSING WITH MY HEAD.

Acey, I had the same thoughts, too! The picture resolution is low enough that I thought it was a screen cap from GH in the 90s.

I'm SO glad I finally took this mess OFF my DVR!! I'll miss reading your comments on B&B, but I just couldn't take that show any longer.

Maybe I WILL keep reading your comments just to re-affirm my actions!

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