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April 10, 2013

Fast Forgiveness, GH-Style

Oh man, y'all. I'm glad I took Jason's advice to Carly and let myself calm down a little before I misbehaved. I watched yesterday's final episode of the Nurses Ball in such a bad mood (the mood was tax-related just to give you an idea of just how pissy I was) and it just annoyed the everloving crap out of me on so many levels (I'm not even going to go into it even though I have no doubt some of you are jonesin' for a rant, but I cooled off and I want it to stay that way!). All hail Dr. Obrecht and her dancing and her sense of humor (Britt, too, was seriously entertaining), of course, and I shouldn't forget the awesome that was not only the Epiphany/Monica/Tracy Pointer Sisters routine and the very first (but too brief!) kiss between A.J. and Liz. (Let's just not mention anyone with the initial SS right now.)

And let's just leave it at that, because today the show is back firing on all cylinders and I could not possibly have had more fun from beginning to end. And besides, the other two episodes of the Nurses Ball were glory.

Okay first of all, how cute are Mac and Felicia?

Mac and Felicia bein' cute

They're just so happy! I love it. And I bet I'm not the only one who thought part of the joy was just a major weight off Kristina Wagner's shoulders, no longer having to play "torn" in scenes with her ex-husband. They did a great job, but it must have been incredibly difficult. 

Now let me clear: I always have been and always will be a die-hard lover of Frisco and Felicia together. And I am frustrated that they had to do Frisco like that -- we all knew she wasn't going to choose Frisco because, hey, Felicia's staying on the show and Frisco is not. That's fine. I'd rather have Felicia without Frisco than have neither of them at all. And I don't want to bore anyone by detailing all the ways I wish this had gone down because that is ultimately just fanfiction and I ain't here for that, so let's just say I did not care for how they wrapped up his visit, I did not care for it one little bit. But two important things: (1) I still got Frisco serenading Felicia with "All I Need" and it was still perfect and it was still something I never dreamed I'd see and (2) there is still no question in my mind that Frisco and Felicia are soulmates and that he is the great love of her life. But you know what? The great love of your life is not always the last love of your life. And at least Frisco's back in the field now trying to help rescue the Spencers and Dante!

And like I said, she and Mac are adorable.

Even cuter

Mac (regarding the engagement ring): And you know, money is no object! For someone else. It's... a bit of an object.

Aww, Mac.

Today's spectacular comedy routine came courtesy of Carly walking in on Brenda and Michael in bed together. I highly doubt they actually did the deed and I'm sure we'll get filled in later, but it certainly was a gift to the audience today that Carly sure thought they did and that Brenda just basked in it!

The morning after

Brenda: Really, a mother shouldn't be in the room... the morning after.

I love it. I LOVE IT.

A boy and his mother... and stepmother

And Brenda was loving every second of it (as was I).

Somebody is all smiles

This whole thing made me really nostalgic for Brenda's very early days on the show when she was all sorts of conniving and mean. You know, before she got shot forty times and had a nervous breakdown and was a constant heroine-in-peril and then turned into some weird wisp of a spineless thing who wore her sleeves too long. Sure, sure, she evolved and all, but sometimes when life beats you down enough, the claws come out and you go back to your baser instincts. And it's a hell of a good time to watch!

This incident also led to two fabulous things. One was just hilarious. 

Y'all know what I'm talking about:

Michael has to tell papa something

I spent the night with ....brenda barrett

Spit take 1

Spit take 2

Yep. A.J. executing one of the most phenomenal spit-takes I've seen in a while. Awesome. I sure hope they got that right in the first take!

The second fabulous thing that came out of it was an actually really lovely and solid scene between Carly and her mother. And Scott! Giving good advice! Distracting Carly so that Michael could leave the lobby unseen!

Carly tries hard not to listen to good advice

Bobbie bein' all maternal and shit

And really, Carly's relationship with Bobbie has always been the very best thing about Carly. It's those scenes that make me suspend "love to hate" and I start really rooting for Carly to find her humanity and let her mother guide her way. DEAR AFTERNOON TELEVISION PROGRAM, CAN WE KEEP BOBBIE SPENCER AROUND PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE???

Even better, the shared success in talking Carly out of encouraging Sonny to, I don't know, take out a mob hit on his ex-wife and the great love of his life led to Scott and Bobbie holding hands for just one beautiful second!

Scotty and bobbie sittin' in a tree

I can't even deal! What if they go down this road again? That would be amazing. It's enough that concurrently I get to watch Anna and Duke find their way back to each other, but this would be some excellent icing on that scrumptious cake.

I totally buried the lede, you guys. It's not that Nikolas woke up from his coma because, duh. (That would a really lousy use of budget to bring Tyler Christopher back to say two lines and then die after having to be paid for playing-coma for weeks!) 

But Luke and Laura woke up together locked in a room.... on Cassadine Island!!! I am so excited. SO EXCITED. 

Oh yeah, and one other minor tiny little detail. Before I get there, can I just say how much I hate spoilers? I don't ever click on anything that makes it clear there's a spoiler inside because it just ruins the pleasure of soapy surprises, but I did see a headline about this ONLY THREE HOURS before sitting down in front of the episode! I'm grateful I didn't know before today, but I would have been giddy with glee at that reveal had I not known a few hours in advance. No matter, it was still fantastically executed and still elicited a big fat "Fuck yes!" from me on my couch.

My father has lulu

Nikolas: It's not Helena. My father has Lulu.

But uh... didn't he fall into a bottomless pit after being cryogenically unfrozen

You don't say!

Shall we?

Someone familiar has entered

Oh it's someone we really don't like


That is REALLY bad news!

Stavros lives, Stavros lives!!!!

I am so happy.

And may I say major kudos to Phideaux Xavier who directed today's episode, because that was a perfectly-executed soap reveal. The way we first saw the back of his shoulder opening the door and then the slow realization on Luke and Laura's faces as the camera came toward them and then just swung clear around to show us Stavros's creepy-ass un-cryogenically frozen NotDead face and then swung back again to show us their horror? Perfection.

And we're back on, GH!


This is why I stay off twitter during the day, and try to avoid the lower left corner of my facebook tab. I guess the moral of the story is that a black hole really has no bottom. Makes me wish I was a black hole, and leads to a great return.

As for Brenda, this is the Brenda that I miss, fucking with people and enjoying every minute of it. And who doesn't love a perfectly executed spit take?

OH COME ON! Does ANYONE ever stay dead on thsi show??? This is Stavros' second come back from the dead. Didn't he fall down a bottomless pit the last time? I remember because I was laying in a hospital bed, in labor, when this all happened. The.Man.Fell.Down.A.Bottomless.PIT. **sigh**

Carly is a nightmarish crazy cakes narcissistic hotmess, but man she looked GOOD today. Awesome hair, awesome clothes, just awesome fiery hatred of Brenda (who looked way better being conniving and sly than she ever does playing distress or love - keep this Brenda)

and did I happen to mention how awesome Carly looked? The wardrobe makeup and hair people like her again! or maybe they are just better wmh people. I dunno, but don't ya think Carly looked GOOD! I totally want the white shirt and blazer with the black pants and the hair! So good. ok done gushing now.

I don't feel like we have any good data on the survival rate of people falling down bottomless pits. So it seems reasonable to me!

Watching Patrick kiss Sabrina is like watching a brother kiss his sister. The end.

I'd like to add that Tyler Christopher is just amazeballs. The way he looked at Elizabeth when he woke up was total love.

But, but, but, bottomless should mean exactly that. As in not landing. As in never ending abyss. As in HOW IS HE ALIVE?!?!....AGAIN?!?! That being said, I am glad they brought back Robert Kelker Kelly for it. He is all kinds on Scrum-deli-icious.

should say *of*, not on.

Turn out it was only mostly bottomless, and when he landed he found Miracle Max. It happens.

Bethie, I share your girl crush.

9 out of 10 doctors agree that a medical history of having been cryogenically frozen gives you 95% immunity against the results of falling down a bottomless pit, you know.

I'm fine with Brenda being as 'mean' to Carly as she wants. Completely. You go for it, Bren, and I'll cheer you on. Carly gives as good as she gets, and it's not like she has a moral leg to stand on here.

But was it REALLY necessary to drag Michael into this? I'm hoping and praying that nothing did happen between them, but right now it's clear that Michael at least believes something did. Because he was apparently so drunk that he can't remember what happened. Which... kind of makes Brenda's whole 'We're two consenting adults' argument more than a bit iffy. I mean... for the love of god, the boy is a RAPE SURVIVOR. Couldn't Brenda get back at Carly some other way?

I don't care how many bottomless pits Stavros fell into. Did anyone who's seen a soap before seriously believe he was dead? I'd far rather have Stavros than Helena - all due respect to the magnificant Constance Towers but we're well past time for a new Cassadine foe. I figured it was either Stavros or Valentin, and I'm delighted we got the one we've actually seen before.

I think it's only appropriate that Stavros came out the other side of a bottomless pit, the show certainly has.

Helena was thrown off the parapit at Wydemere by Stefan and she came back from that so I don't, FOR ONE MINUTE, believe a lil' old bullet will keep her dead. Nope. She'll be back soon. Since we are bringing back dead Cassadines,hows about bringing Stefan back. HE is the Cassadine I want.

Seeing Mac and Felicia together and happy is one of those experiences that I watch the show for...by that I mean, watching the scene with a complete dumbass grin on my face because what's in front of me becomes like everything righteous and good in the world. Also I LOVED Mac's cackle when Olivia The Gypsy made fun of Frisco....the guy was reveling in his victory after 19 years.

Honestly, when Nik said "My father has Lulu" for the life of me I could not remember which one was Nik's father. There was so much back and boring forth with switched paternity tests that I had no idea if I was going to see Stavro, Stefan, or Santa Claus.

Ah, also....the scene with Bobbie, Scotty, and Carly was effing brilliant. Seriously, the way they used Scotty today was brilliant. It's so great to see him not in !Anger! mode, for once.

I so agree Once. I love Scotty and his portrayal up til now has been one-note. Today he was nuanced and helpful and I loved when he and Bobbie grabbed hands.

I loved today--I am spoiler free so Stavros' return was a big surprise. I did not watch during the original Stavros time--so can someone tell me--would he arrange to kill his son?

There were way more sparks today with Liz and Nicholas than when they were having their affair--but I still want her with AJ.

Going back a day I thought Frisco's behavior with Maxie was typical Frisco. It was consistent with his previous actions and lack of inter-action with her and Georgie over the years.

As for the nurse who, like Voldemort, shall not be named, I know we have to get Patrick invested with a woman so Robin's return is even more fraught with drama, but if I must watch her with Patrick, she needs to change her behavior QUICK.

One last thing--I so LOVE Felix. Maybe Bobbie and Lucas can move back to Port Charles.

Let's bring back, Alan, Emily, Georgie, Tony, Jake, Stefan....

Loved GH today! Scott was used as someone with a personality besides jealous buffoon! Bobbie and Carly. The only way I can stand to even look at Carly in an even remotely not hating way! Brenda being mean to Carly? Awesome. Honestly, it is the only way I can stand stupid Brenda. Felicia actually looking happy! Not having to act like you miss your ex husband does wonders for your mood and sanity! Cassadine Island, EEEEEEE!

And yeah, the sheer look of adoration that Nik had on his face when waking up to Liz? Uh,oh. AJ might be getting some competition. And I did love the all too short AJ/Liz kiss! I know that Nik/Liz was just a horrible storyline the last time around. But I still think that they could play out as a good couple. The execution of the original affair was just horrible. Having Liz and Nik both cheat on Lucky was just god awful. And everyone(viewers and actors) all hated it. And it showed. Still, I think that Becky and Tyler do have some decent chemistry and the characters had hell to pay with Lucky (and Lulu).

Bo Brady is BACK...on General Hospital !! Yeah..lol but really RKK looks really good, no it is pretty hard to buy him as Tyler Christopher's papa..he looks younger (and freaking HOTTERRRRRRR..) I know know he is not mister 'good guy' on RL yeap after all he married Sami Brady's teenage BFF but still so HOT..and Stavros open all kind of stories..me thinks we will see Stefan pretty soon with maybe Valentin or even Victor (you know Tony Dimera..GH and Days really love steal eacho other's actors..ha)

Otherwise i liked Brenda's little glee (VM is beautiful but the too much spray tan and those cheeks distract me..why Vanessa, why ?! sigh)..about her little scheme with Carly, let's be real they did not do it, it is obvious but she will let Carly think otherwise for a little while..Can't wait for Sonny's reaction..lmao..

Good episode but to me the end was the best and tomorrow could be great soap with Stavros, Luke and Laura's interaction..will they eat together..Stavros have already prepared everything..lol

I actually LOVED Brenda today! I hope she really didn't sleep with that kid, I doubt she did but her letting Carly think she did, PRICELESS! And Carly, karma is a bitch! And she is also the queen of the hypocrites!

I didn't see any spoilers about today, but when Nikolas kept insisting that Helena didn't have Lulu, I just knew... And I agree, Carly is the queen of hypocrites, but her and Brenda today were hilarious. Did anyone besides me want to scream "Limo sex" at the screen when Carly starts badmouthing Brenda for not even waiting for Jax to leave town good before running back to Sonny (before she discovered it was Michael in the bed)? And Scotty's explanation to Carly of why Michael might not necessarily see sleeping with Brenda as a bad thing... I liked Scotty today.(I'm pretty sure nothing happened though.)

I would LOVE to read your rant about the last day of the Nurses' Ball lol! Between Patrick and Sabrina and the Niz lovers crawling out of the wood work (who knew there were so many??? I hated them so much) I'm feeling very ranty indeed!

i guess falling down that bottomless pit also leaves one perfectly preserved so he appears to be the same age as Nic ...

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