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April 10, 2013

Fast Forgiveness, GH-Style

Oh man, y'all. I'm glad I took Jason's advice to Carly and let myself calm down a little before I misbehaved. I watched yesterday's final episode of the Nurses Ball in such a bad mood (the mood was tax-related just to give you an idea of just how pissy I was) and it just annoyed the everloving crap out of me on so many levels (I'm not even going to go into it even though I have no doubt some of you are jonesin' for a rant, but I cooled off and I want it to stay that way!). All hail Dr. Obrecht and her dancing and her sense of humor (Britt, too, was seriously entertaining), of course, and I shouldn't forget the awesome that was not only the Epiphany/Monica/Tracy Pointer Sisters routine and the very first (but too brief!) kiss between A.J. and Liz. (Let's just not mention anyone with the initial SS right now.)

And let's just leave it at that, because today the show is back firing on all cylinders and I could not possibly have had more fun from beginning to end. And besides, the other two episodes of the Nurses Ball were glory.

Okay first of all, how cute are Mac and Felicia?

Mac and Felicia bein' cute

They're just so happy! I love it. And I bet I'm not the only one who thought part of the joy was just a major weight off Kristina Wagner's shoulders, no longer having to play "torn" in scenes with her ex-husband. They did a great job, but it must have been incredibly difficult. 

Now let me clear: I always have been and always will be a die-hard lover of Frisco and Felicia together. And I am frustrated that they had to do Frisco like that -- we all knew she wasn't going to choose Frisco because, hey, Felicia's staying on the show and Frisco is not. That's fine. I'd rather have Felicia without Frisco than have neither of them at all. And I don't want to bore anyone by detailing all the ways I wish this had gone down because that is ultimately just fanfiction and I ain't here for that, so let's just say I did not care for how they wrapped up his visit, I did not care for it one little bit. But two important things: (1) I still got Frisco serenading Felicia with "All I Need" and it was still perfect and it was still something I never dreamed I'd see and (2) there is still no question in my mind that Frisco and Felicia are soulmates and that he is the great love of her life. But you know what? The great love of your life is not always the last love of your life. And at least Frisco's back in the field now trying to help rescue the Spencers and Dante!

And like I said, she and Mac are adorable.

Even cuter

Mac (regarding the engagement ring): And you know, money is no object! For someone else. It's... a bit of an object.

Aww, Mac.

Today's spectacular comedy routine came courtesy of Carly walking in on Brenda and Michael in bed together. I highly doubt they actually did the deed and I'm sure we'll get filled in later, but it certainly was a gift to the audience today that Carly sure thought they did and that Brenda just basked in it!

The morning after

Brenda: Really, a mother shouldn't be in the room... the morning after.

I love it. I LOVE IT.

A boy and his mother... and stepmother

And Brenda was loving every second of it (as was I).

Somebody is all smiles

This whole thing made me really nostalgic for Brenda's very early days on the show when she was all sorts of conniving and mean. You know, before she got shot forty times and had a nervous breakdown and was a constant heroine-in-peril and then turned into some weird wisp of a spineless thing who wore her sleeves too long. Sure, sure, she evolved and all, but sometimes when life beats you down enough, the claws come out and you go back to your baser instincts. And it's a hell of a good time to watch!

This incident also led to two fabulous things. One was just hilarious. 

Y'all know what I'm talking about:

Michael has to tell papa something

I spent the night with ....brenda barrett

Spit take 1

Spit take 2

Yep. A.J. executing one of the most phenomenal spit-takes I've seen in a while. Awesome. I sure hope they got that right in the first take!

The second fabulous thing that came out of it was an actually really lovely and solid scene between Carly and her mother. And Scott! Giving good advice! Distracting Carly so that Michael could leave the lobby unseen!

Carly tries hard not to listen to good advice

Bobbie bein' all maternal and shit

And really, Carly's relationship with Bobbie has always been the very best thing about Carly. It's those scenes that make me suspend "love to hate" and I start really rooting for Carly to find her humanity and let her mother guide her way. DEAR AFTERNOON TELEVISION PROGRAM, CAN WE KEEP BOBBIE SPENCER AROUND PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE???

Even better, the shared success in talking Carly out of encouraging Sonny to, I don't know, take out a mob hit on his ex-wife and the great love of his life led to Scott and Bobbie holding hands for just one beautiful second!

Scotty and bobbie sittin' in a tree

I can't even deal! What if they go down this road again? That would be amazing. It's enough that concurrently I get to watch Anna and Duke find their way back to each other, but this would be some excellent icing on that scrumptious cake.

I totally buried the lede, you guys. It's not that Nikolas woke up from his coma because, duh. (That would a really lousy use of budget to bring Tyler Christopher back to say two lines and then die after having to be paid for playing-coma for weeks!) 

But Luke and Laura woke up together locked in a room.... on Cassadine Island!!! I am so excited. SO EXCITED. 

Oh yeah, and one other minor tiny little detail. Before I get there, can I just say how much I hate spoilers? I don't ever click on anything that makes it clear there's a spoiler inside because it just ruins the pleasure of soapy surprises, but I did see a headline about this ONLY THREE HOURS before sitting down in front of the episode! I'm grateful I didn't know before today, but I would have been giddy with glee at that reveal had I not known a few hours in advance. No matter, it was still fantastically executed and still elicited a big fat "Fuck yes!" from me on my couch.

My father has lulu

Nikolas: It's not Helena. My father has Lulu.

But uh... didn't he fall into a bottomless pit after being cryogenically unfrozen

You don't say!

Shall we?

Someone familiar has entered

Oh it's someone we really don't like


That is REALLY bad news!

Stavros lives, Stavros lives!!!!

I am so happy.

And may I say major kudos to Phideaux Xavier who directed today's episode, because that was a perfectly-executed soap reveal. The way we first saw the back of his shoulder opening the door and then the slow realization on Luke and Laura's faces as the camera came toward them and then just swung clear around to show us Stavros's creepy-ass un-cryogenically frozen NotDead face and then swung back again to show us their horror? Perfection.

And we're back on, GH!


I am mostly spoiler free so when Brit dropped her coat and announced to the
world that she was pregnant, I was stunned. I felt terrible for Emma, Patrick and even Sabrina, but when I heard that Patrick willingly had unprotected sex with that crazy lady most of my empathy for him subsided. How tragic really to have possibly conceived a child with that woman and how embarrassing to have it announced in the middle of the nurse's ball (I'll get to that next) but that's just one of many reasons to use a damn condom!

However, my disappointment isn't just directed at Patrick. I am pissed with GH for going ahead with such a tacky s/l for Patrick of all characters and having it play out the last day of Nurse's Ball a benefit for HIV/AIDS research. More than that, the NB is, was and will always be a tribute to Robin Scorpio Drake (Patrick's late wife!!) and all the people who live with and have died from from the disease. How could they tarnish their memories with such callousness?

Anyway, I am trying really hard not to let this major misstep ruin all the fun for me because the last couple of days have been great (cheesy but great) especially in combination with GH's 50th anniversary. The only silver lining for me is that the acting during the reveal was kick-ass awesome and it definitely opens up s/l opportunities for Patrick, but boo hiss! How freaking inappropriate!

Very happy to see this side of Brenda again. The fact that Carly's on the receiving end only makes it more sweet.

Awesome stuff with the Cassidines and Spencers!

Lots of stuff to look forward to right now!

I loved the Carly/Brenda "interaction" and saying out loud - this is gonna be good LOL. Hope they keep Bobbie/Scott on. I didn't watch when Stavros was on but I looked him up and he's "died" twice LOL. Love the soaps!

Niz was horrible, and I'm not just saying that as a fan of Liz's other pairings. It was icky...

Nik and his father are the same age...LMAO SORAS really is so....lame.

Agreed on the F&F front...they didn't have to do him like that. :(

Seeing Brenda like this made my VM/Brenda heart so happy! Girlfriend was ON POINT. Carly was rabid, as usual. VM had me dying, delivering the best lines I've heard her say in forever. I love love loved it as well as AJ's reaction, Scotty's reasoning and agree that that scene with Carly, Bobbie and Scotty was great, I reallllly hope they keep Kin around (Bobbie too) and use him more versatily. He's too awesome and has too much history to be this resentful lame, chasing Laura around. I'd love for him to really, truly get over Laura and move on.
Also, Michael is like, forever the straight man, and I guess that's okay 'cause it plays well against most other actors, especially AJ, :P
And I was a total Niz-head! I'd wanted Becky and Tyler together since they were young punks (after JJ left first time). I would LOOOOVE a triangle with her, Nik, and AJ. 3 gorgeous chemistry-ridden actors? um, yes.
let's see...what else did I like. OH! Stavros is HAWT and I really like his storyline so far. It totally makes sense, and I can't wait to see NULulu!

Biggest problem? Patrina. Just ugh. Next please!

I was really expecting the Cassadine reveal to be the long-rumored Valentin so imagine my surprise and delight for it to be Robert Kelker Kelly as Stavros! I have had a huge crush on him since his Another World days so along with my shock (I don't mind spoilers but I don't read recap etc. until watching and I like surprises, as difficult as it is to surprise me)my heart went pitter-patter, which it did consistently day too. The man is still hot.

To answer Lucy D's question, it's not out of left field that Stavros would target Nik. When he came back last time, he was hell bent on getting Laura and Nikolas and having his 'family' but he was a psychopath who was pretty enraged when Nikolas didn't fall in line. It's a bit extreme that he'd order Nikolas shot, but I think it fits - the guy was already crazy, cruel, and believed he was entitled to whatever/whomever he wanted before being brought back from death not once but twice. And I think the show very clearly established that he's crazier than ever now. All of which is to say, I am LOVING this whole storyline.

Having Nik shot means Stavros falls in line with just being a Cassadine. Helena ordered Stefan killed on more than one occasion.......

Thanks Anne. I appreciate the update.

I have been totally loving GH these days, but I have to agree with Luanna's comment that Brenda letting Michael believe they slept together is wrong-- just icky. I'm enjoying the renewed VM, but have really been siding with Carly on this one. If Brenda slept with my son like that, I'd want to tear her hair out too.
And I would love a Nik/Liz/AJ triangle, though I don't think TC is staying for that long-- I would root for either pairing, which makes it awesome to watch.

LOVE how Scott sidled over to face the elevators so Michael could sneak out without Carly seeing him! So sympathetic!

Meanwhile, how did Luke know the invitation was an invitation before he opened it?

I never saw the Stavros storyline, so I didn't know he was played by Robert Kelker-Kelly (who I only knew as Bo on Days)! How fun for all you fans. But I did know Stefan and I wish HE was back from the dead!

Whether or not anything happened between Brenda and Michael, she let Michael believe that it happened, and that is all kinds of wrong.

I didn't watch GH back in the Brenda/Sonny/Jax/Carly days, so my only exposure to her has been her last couple visits, and I gotta say, I can't stand her. Sure Carly is a hypocrite, but she at least "owns" her mistakes. Brenda seems to think that nothing she does is wrong.

I'm looking forward to seeing Sonny's reaction to this news...hope he gives her hell. And I hope that Michael will find out that nothing really happened.

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