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April 08, 2013

Heavily Accented Camp Is My Favorite Kind of Camp

For reasons I'm not entirely sure of but which almost certainly have to do with something terrible I did in a past life, most of today's General Hospital recorded all blurrily (of course, right? The Nurse's Ball records like a scrambled pay channel but garden variety awfulness appears pristinely) and I haven't yet caught up on the musical numbers and other shenanigans that I only heard, not saw (I did catch the entirety of Frisco's goodbye to Maxie, but I haven't properly wrapped my head around it yet, and so can't comment on it, although my fingers keep typing the words catastrophically douchey).

But all was NOT lost because the most delicious part of the show was broadcast crystal clear: Britt taking the stage to make a grand announcement just after Patrick breaks about a million different hearts thanking the crowd for being there. It was so old school soapy and ridiculous.

Patrick (whose voice kept getting choked up and then I kept getting choked up when the camera panned to Anna and Duke's reactions to all of this. Sniffle, whimper, etc.): My little popstar daughter here [She is seriously just TOO CUTE! --Ed.] and I are forever grateful for the love that you have shown Robin and for the love you continue to show for a cause Robin believed in with all her heart. She had a wonderful life. She was dedicated to healing and to finding a cure, and although she was taken from us before that day was reached, her legacy will live on in organizations like amfAR and the community of Port Charles and the staff at General Hospital. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Each and every one of you have mad a significant contribution to helping Robin's dream become a reality. Thanks.


Patrick: What are you doing here?
Britt: I was just so moved by that lovely tribute, I thought I'd add a few words of my own.

This is amazing because:

1. Kelly Thiebaud snarls all of her words when she's just making pleasant smalltalk, so her villainous lines become extremely predatory.


Patrick: No one cares what you have to say.
Britt: I think everyone will be very interested. Especially you, Patrick.

2. Her mother, the vicious Dr. Obrecht, was watching this all unfold from her room and recapping it for a picture of CESAR FREAKING FAISON (We all totally called this paternity scandal, but somehow the picture reveal is so weird that it makes me forgive predictability).


Dr. Obrecht: I wish you could be here for our daughter's moment in the spotlight. Britta would make you a very proud papa.

She also complimented her daughter by saying she looked "Stunning. Heads will turn...and then roll", which is hilarious in its own right but when coupled with her crazy accent, it becomes art.



She literally hid behind her father and clung to his leg for protection. Cutest fright ever!

So what do we think: is she going to announce publicly, dramatically and evilly that she is pregnant? Will Sabrina faint? Will Patrick faint? Will Dr. Obrecht start recapping all episodes as they unfold I hope the answer to all of these questions is yes.


I don't care what's she about to do. She showed up to ruin Princess Sabrina's night in a fur coat. Britt is like the greatest, you guys.

Oh of course she is pregnant. We also know it is not really going to be Patrick's but since she is a fertility specialist and all, she can rig the results. That being said, I.LOVE.RICK.SPRINGFIELD. I can honestly say NOTHING else in today's show meant anything to me other than Jessie's Girl. That, and the ridiculousness of Noah Drake apparently looking like quite a few different rock stars. :/

The guys striptease to Rick James "Give it to me" was both hilarious and sexy!!!

Yes, we know that Britt is pregnant which means either Patrick's condom broke or they did not use protection, which is all kinds of wrong considering Robin's HIV status.

There's no way she's pregnant with Patrick's baby--since she called her Momma to come fix the situation. So she's either going to pretend to be pregnant or she used some random sperm from the lab (Dante's?) to make it all happen.

Do you all think Britt knows her mother is holding Robin hostage? (And why isn't she in prison for what she did to Robert?)

Also, the original Faison shows were during one of my GH gaps, so I don't know much. Did he hate Luke & Laura? Is he connected to the Cassadines? I'm still trying to figure out who shot Nicholas

Rick Springfield and Anna and Duke were the best part of today for me.

Though Patrick choked up talking about Robin, and Anna's tears and Mac and Felicia reaching out to touch each other's hands, brought a lump to my throat, there was something about Patrick's speech that bugged.

It came off to me, as if Robin had lost the fight with HIV and that's why she was taken away before she could "realize her dream" of finding a cure. And that's NOT what happened. I dunno. It just bugged me.

The less said about Sabrina and Emma's skit and Sabrina inserting herself onto the stage as if whatever Britt has to says has anything to do with her, the better.

My eyes were ALL for MAKSIM during that striptease.

That is all.

I love Britt. That is all.

I'm also experiencing some weird contrarian thing rn. I hated Sabrina because the show kept telling me to love her, but after reading so much hatred for Sabrina, I've swung the other way and started liking her out of spite. Hopefully, she'll go cray-cray after Britt's announcement so I can like her on her own merit and not just because I'm being contrarian.

I seriously hope it's nothing to do with a pregnancy. . .that would totally suck.

I thought it was going to be some kind of reveal of Robin actually NOT being dead.

Why oh Why does Anna have to be tied to that ghoul Faison for the rest of her life? Am I to understand that Emma, Robin Scorpio's daughter - Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio's grandaughter will be a sister to freaking Faison's grandchild!??

A whole HELL of a lot of hate on that!

I thought Jerry Jax now had Robin? Also, I don't think Britt knows about Robin. I could be wrong but I really don't think she has a clue that Robin is alive and her parents involvement in it.

I also have to add how amazing Finola Hughes is. And I loved Felicia and Mac today. Felt bad for Maxie, but thought she should have reacted more negatively. Maybe she just has very low expectations of her dad and nothing he does surprises her.

Thought the striptease was a hoot--Felix is a good dancer. Emma is adorable--wish she'd had a solo. I never really like Sabrina, but for some reason now she REALLY bothers me. But I find Britt's obsession with Patrick equally too sudden.

"Do you all think Britt knows her mother is holding Robin hostage? (And why isn't she in prison for what she did to Robert?)"

By the time Anna and Duke found Robert, Dr. O had already taken Robin and fled the Swiss hospital. And neither of them have laid eyes on her since she's been in Port Charles.

And no, I don't think Britt knows about Robin.

Forgot to mention how I LOVED how Dr. Obrecht clapped after Rick Springfield's performance and said "FINALLY, a performance worth watching".

Thanks C, I appreciate your answering my questions.

I have never been turned around on a character so quickly, but you go ahead with your smirk and your evil fur coat, Britt. It's soapy and fantastic.

The only downside is that this guarantees many more episodes of Sabrina crying on Liz's shoulder when Liz has bigger things to worry about. Faison and Helena on canvass at the same time means that Liz has two Spencer kids to keep safe. She's been weirdly disconnected from the Lulu storyline -- Ethan's been kidnapped, Lucky's MIA, and Lulu's gone. I don't know why no one has made the pretty basic observation that Luke and Laura's grand kids are the next logical target.

But I can forgive everything if we get an AJ/Liz dance and kiss tomorrow. Everything.

If I was Noah, I'd get a DNA test stat. Noah, Eli and Rick Springfield may have been triplets separated at birth!

The best part of today (besides Mac and Felicia) was Rick singing Jessie's Girl. I LOVE that song, and Rick still sings so well. Plus, the crowd was really into it. Well done, show.

When that fur coat comes off, I expect to see a baby bump on Ms. Britt. She's going to ruin MarySueBrina's night and I can't wait to see it.

Note to Richard Simmons: Perms went out in the 80's. It's time for a makeover.

What was kind of disturbing about Frisco's failed proposal was how he just decided to leave EVEN AFTER Maxie asked him to stay. It was basically implying that he was using her just to get to Felicia, and that getting to know the daughter he last saw when she was 6 was just a bonus. I dislike the guy, but I felt genuinely bad for fans of his character.

Anna and Duke were my favorite part of the show today, even thought it kind of seemed understated compared with the other stories. Duke confronting Anna about her fear was good, but I thought his speech about being afraid HIMSELF was fantastic. There's something about those two that is just really special.

Random, Completely Random: I feel like some of the recent music on this show, specifically during the Nurses' Ball, has sounded like it's from Mass Effect 3.

Did they really have to make Frisco suck so very much? I know they only have Jack for a little while, but why have him treat Maxie so badly, especially since he just got to know her? Really disappointing.

I really thought the surprise would be a Robin appearance. I just don't want to see Patrick saddled with this Britt/Dr. O. story. I get that it's deliciously soapy and all that, but I just can't stomach the thought of watching the fallout for months. Yuck.

Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan are absolute pros -- so lovely to watch together. Anna and Duke have beautiful chemistry -- melancholy and sweet and in some ways better than the last time.

I am 40 *mumbles* years old and I giggled like a tween at a 1D concert over Rick Springfield all 3 times I watched it.

Anna and Duke, simply sublime.

Rick Springfield... BEYOND AWESOME!!!

Everything else, meh.

I HATE Britt and hope she is fake pregnant so that someone can figure it out quickly like the Maxie/Lucky pillow baby!

I feel bad for poor Sabrina and she is someone I can get behind!

Also,how can people who loved Scrubs and love Emma, want Patrick to be saddled with someone who scares Robin and Patrick's daughter so much that she hid behind her dad? I just don't get it.

JESSE'S GIRL. My 13-year-old self was so very happy watching the episode last night. So, so happy.

Tessa said:"how can people who loved Scrubs and love Emma, want Patrick to be saddled with someone who scares Robin and Patrick's daughter so much that she hid behind her dad? I just don't get it.

I can't speak for others, but for me, I don't want Patrick saddled with either Sabrina OR Britt. But I sure as hell won't mind if Britt's lie (because it IS a lie) just implodes and Sabrina and Patrick stop being "boyfriend and girlfriend." Eww. It's just gross to me on so many, many levels. Because the character of Sabrina doesn't act like a woman, but a tween who is just soooo happpeee that the captain of the football team now wants to date her! She knows NOTHING about Patrick; just has had those cringeworthy, Bronte-esque/Harlequinesque fantasies. He is so way out of her league. And she acts like a child. And the makeover was so uninspired and don't get me started on her eye-make-up which made it appear she could hardly keep them open.

I would have much preferred it if Patrick had remained single, dateless, and just conentrated on work and Emma, and by GOD, wish that Carlivati could have taken a page from Guza's book (and I can't believe I typed that, as I HATE him), and had written Robin's "death" like Lucky's, and actually SHOWN me Patrick's downspiral into grief and not throw away lines to it happening off-screen, his two second addiction. And no, the few scenes of him sitting on the couch, crying and watching videos of Robin is NOT my idea of grieving.

The kind of person Patrick was before he fell in love with Robin? I would have accepted him banging nameless females to drown his grief.

This Nurses Ball hasn't been about Robin or HIV/AIDS awareness. It's ALL been about Sabrina, the tween pwincess and her landing the captain of the football team/Pwince of her dweams.

Seriously, does anyone know if Jason Thompson is a dad in real life? Can I sign up to be the mother of his children? He's like the most awesome TV dad/father.

So the man who had the HIV POSITIVE wife has his first sexual encounter since his wife "died" and it UNPROTECTED?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!? So they are going make Patrick THAT irresponsible? Well doesn't that just blow. I still don't beleive the baby (if there really is one) is his, BUT to have them admit Patrick didn't use anything in the way of proctection, kind of ruins the ENITRE point of the Nurses Ball.

Preach it, Dawn! It's why I had no sympathy for Patrick with his "What did you say? Was that a dig at Robin?"

No, you ass. It was a dig at YOU.

Carlivati doing this just proves he had NO CONCEPT, no UNDERSTANDING what the Nurses Ball is about. And it validates that the "ball" has been about Sabrina's "debutante come out" and NOTHING to do with honoring Robin or those that have died from AIDS. Someone needed to sit his ass down and play the Ball from 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.

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