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April 08, 2013

Heavily Accented Camp Is My Favorite Kind of Camp

For reasons I'm not entirely sure of but which almost certainly have to do with something terrible I did in a past life, most of today's General Hospital recorded all blurrily (of course, right? The Nurse's Ball records like a scrambled pay channel but garden variety awfulness appears pristinely) and I haven't yet caught up on the musical numbers and other shenanigans that I only heard, not saw (I did catch the entirety of Frisco's goodbye to Maxie, but I haven't properly wrapped my head around it yet, and so can't comment on it, although my fingers keep typing the words catastrophically douchey).

But all was NOT lost because the most delicious part of the show was broadcast crystal clear: Britt taking the stage to make a grand announcement just after Patrick breaks about a million different hearts thanking the crowd for being there. It was so old school soapy and ridiculous.

Patrick (whose voice kept getting choked up and then I kept getting choked up when the camera panned to Anna and Duke's reactions to all of this. Sniffle, whimper, etc.): My little popstar daughter here [She is seriously just TOO CUTE! --Ed.] and I are forever grateful for the love that you have shown Robin and for the love you continue to show for a cause Robin believed in with all her heart. She had a wonderful life. She was dedicated to healing and to finding a cure, and although she was taken from us before that day was reached, her legacy will live on in organizations like amfAR and the community of Port Charles and the staff at General Hospital. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Each and every one of you have mad a significant contribution to helping Robin's dream become a reality. Thanks.


Patrick: What are you doing here?
Britt: I was just so moved by that lovely tribute, I thought I'd add a few words of my own.

This is amazing because:

1. Kelly Thiebaud snarls all of her words when she's just making pleasant smalltalk, so her villainous lines become extremely predatory.


Patrick: No one cares what you have to say.
Britt: I think everyone will be very interested. Especially you, Patrick.

2. Her mother, the vicious Dr. Obrecht, was watching this all unfold from her room and recapping it for a picture of CESAR FREAKING FAISON (We all totally called this paternity scandal, but somehow the picture reveal is so weird that it makes me forgive predictability).


Dr. Obrecht: I wish you could be here for our daughter's moment in the spotlight. Britta would make you a very proud papa.

She also complimented her daughter by saying she looked "Stunning. Heads will turn...and then roll", which is hilarious in its own right but when coupled with her crazy accent, it becomes art.



She literally hid behind her father and clung to his leg for protection. Cutest fright ever!

So what do we think: is she going to announce publicly, dramatically and evilly that she is pregnant? Will Sabrina faint? Will Patrick faint? Will Dr. Obrecht start recapping all episodes as they unfold I hope the answer to all of these questions is yes.


I jut don't get Britt or Sabrina's obsession with Patrick. She fell in love with him from what? And did she really think she could come between him and Emma. But my biggest question is why Dr. O would encourage her daughter to pursue this--to get pregnant (with Dante & Lulu's egg--I am convinced) when she is one of 3 people who know Robin is alive. Why would she lead her daughter down the road to heartbreak?

How come we didn't get to see whatever act Elizabeth and AJ put on? I was hoping for that. Would have been better than a screeching Olivia.

Lucy D., I am also convinced that if Sabrina is pregnant, it's with an embryo from Dante and Lulu's IVF cycle. 'Twill be interesting to see...

Marabet, Britt is the one who is pregnant, not Sabrina.

ITA with everything you said ScorpiosRule. This nurses ball should have been about Robin instead the focus was all on Sabrina. I can't believe now we have to deal with this stupid Britt "pregnancy" for the next few months. The writers seriously couldn't come up with a better storyline for Patrick than this Sabrina/Britt stuff. How about an actual hospital storyline for him(remember the April storyline), since the name of the show is General Hospital.

I am going on record to say that every time I have seen Duke with Emma, I have melted. I finally see the appeal of Ian Buchanan...I missed the first go round of Duke and abhorred him on All My Children.

I have loved almost everythig I have seen Ian Buchanan in. Even in Michael Jackson's video Who is It? The exception to that, like Cindy, is AMC, HATED his stint on there.

As many times as I've seen Rick Springfield sing Jesse's Girl I sang along - again LOL. The little girl playing Emma is adorable and resembles my daughter when she was that age & my granddaughter! I like watching GH again!

The Nurses Ball has always used HIV/AIDS awareness as a background for whatever larger stories were going on, with a bit of awareness/education, along with cast members literally performing in ways they would not normally do. The fact that, for the first time, they did it in conjunction with an actual AIDS charity leads me to believe they know exactly what it's all about.

Silently slow clapping MD.

There were things I loved and didn't love about the Nurse's Ball 2013. Much like my memories of every other Nurse's Ball, back in the day. And you know what I remember just as much as the AIDS awareness about the Nurse's Balls? Brenda and Sonny drama. Lucy and Katherine drama. Bobbie and Damien Smith drama. Yes, they raised awareness and good for them. But the Nurse's Balls were never just a PSA, they were soap. And while this one wasn't my favorite (that will always be the one where Lucy stripped to make sure the Ball met its financial goal), as MD says, it's the first time they used it raise real money for HIV/AIDS research and prevention. So, you know - Hurray for the new regime!

Silently slow clapping Anne.

The Britt being pregnant thing took me by surprise - has this been going on awhile? Her dialogue seems to indicate that it's really his baby. Also cracking up at the whole baby bump at three months bit. That doesn't really happen if you're in good shape like Britt. And BTW, Britta is Scandinavian, not German or Swiss or whatever Dr. Obrecht is. Jeez. A little research would be nice, GH writers. I'm just sayin'.

I was put off by Sabrina's song at the end, given that she was SO SURPRISED to be called up to the stage. That was just too cheesy for me. Great voice, though, if that was her singing. I'm never sure (except with obvious people like Rick Springfield and Jack Wagner).

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