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April 22, 2013

Layers and Layers of Menace

Because I am a compulsive planner, I've started to look ahead to December and the Serial Drama Best and Worst of 2013 post and, specifically, the category "Worst Time People Talked About Killing Brenda And Did It With Lots of Meaningful Looks And A Humorous Tone So It Didn't SEEM Like They Were Serious About Actual Murder Except For The Part That They Totally Were" which has a shocking amount of potential honorees, like Sonny's jokey-except-not discussion of Brenda murder today.

Sonny: Don't give [Carly] too mch credit. You know why? Because she asked me to kill Brenda.
Olivia: How hard was it for you to resist?
Sonny: [Meaningful look]
Audience At Home: [Dawning horror]

Olivia, genuinely worried about the answer to her question because it's not out of the realm of possibility: You didn't kill Brenda, did you?
Sonny: No! [Beat] I mean...[Silence, in which it's heavily implied that he fantasized about gruesomely killing her because she made Carly mad, in which case baristas all over upstate New York better look into some security detail]

Olivia: So if I wouldn't have called you, you would have gone and found Brenda and, um, what?
Sonny: [Grateful for the appearance of Dante and Crew. Not because he's even a little bit interested in any of their lives, but because it at least puts off the awkward moment of having to answer Olivia with "Probably some heavy duty berating and then taking her out into the woods if you know what I mean, and I think you do, but in case you don't, I mean that I'd kill her in the woods."]

It was all profoundly unsettling, although not as unsettling as the moment I nodded my head and said "Yup, totally" at something Sonny said. IN MY DEFENSE, what he said was "When Michael told me what happened, I thought I was going to be sick"; I think fear of public vomiting was a pretty universal reaction to that particular plot twist. It's been an upsetting day for me, okay?


To be honest...I actually kind of appreciated all this. It was a more frank acknowledgment of the type of business Sonny is in and what kind of person he has to be than we ever got in the dark age of Guza and Phelps.

That Sonny, always such a romantic. I totally get why all the ladies love him. The tiny, greasy, mumbling, murderer always gets the girl. Who would want a tall, sexy Australian when you could have all that for your very own???

I hope when Morgan comes back that he wants nothing to do with Sonny and considers Jax his father. It would be great if Sonny had one family member who realized that the man is a professional criminal w/few redeeming qualities. And since Sonny SHOT CARLY IN THE HEAD when she was giving birth to Morgan, he has a good reason.

^^^All of THIS, re: the above posts. I gotta say though, I'm still not entirely convinced that they're writing Sonny as a legitimately repulsive, bad guy rather than the Guza-esque angsty hero. He still has WAY too many apologist fools running rampant around town.

Especially the last post...I've been saying for years that the show should acknowledge Jax as Morgan's father. I mean, it was literally said on-screen that JAX raised him, especially given SORAS'ing. But we can't have Sonny without all of PC's children in awe of him, can we?

Looking back, I actually liked Olivia with Boring Steve of all people. But good God, is she disgusting when she's with Sonny. The fact that she did nothing when he tried to murder her son is enough, but now she has to serve as his pimp and dispenser of shitty folk wisdom. Wonderful.

Sonny is gross. DC has a poll going on Sonny's next victim...er, make that love interest. Sonny should be paired up with a meat cleaver in a dark alley, near the docks, so the body can be dumped without a trace. What a jerk.

I just finished watching those scenes (and by "watching" I mean staring in mild horror)(mild horror because, with the history of this show, nothing *truly* horrifies me) and I came straight here because I just knew Serial Drama would not let me down when it came to sharing the misery.

p.s. the typo "Best and Worts of 2013" is the BEST because ... really ... still not wrong.

Re: Sonny and Olivia, and how she's his biggest cheerleader (and there's stiff competition for that title, for sure)--I really liked the scene in Anna's office last week or the week before, when they were worried that Dante was dead, up until the point when they Went There, and recalled the time when Sonny shot Dante, and she immediately launched into how he's so wonderful because he turned all that around and now has a wonderful relationship with Dante and blah blah blah, and I just thought, "Ugh. More of this crap." Given that they were emotionally on edge anyway, it would have been a perfect time for him to launch into a tirade and really lacerate him over that, but no, not to be (because we can't have Sonny face any real consequences for who he is, now can we?). Ugh. I really think Lisa LoCicero is wonderful and enjoy her performances, but they've saddled her with a character who is truly unbearable sometimes, and what a waste that is.

As far as viewing Sonny like the criminal he is--I think realistically we've gone as far in that direction as it can go. Sonny has legions of fans (or at least is perceived as having legions of fans), and TPTB aren't going to allow a wholesale move toward showing him as the vile, reprehensible human being he is. We're probably lucky they realized they had milked the mob-dominated storylines for as much as they could and needed a new approach (i.e., out with JFP/Guza/Wolf/mob, in with Valentini/Carlivati/balance). Burton's departure was probably a godsend in that regard; I'm sure because of his immense popularity and fan base, he would have been kept around until he decided to leave on his own, and it must be that much easier to complete the shift away from All Mob All The Time with Jason gone.

My issue with Sonny is that they are keeping him in the mob. I think it´s more Maurice Benard than Sonny who has legions of fans, and I can understand that. So instead of getting rid of Sonny, why don´t they just get him out of the mob. I know it´s been tried before, but if they just let it stick this time, then you can still treat him as this angsty temper-tantrumed hero, but at least he wouldn´t be killing people.

Getting Jason out of the mob would have been more difficult, but Sonny has repeatedly expressed a wish to leave it all behind, so I don´t understand why not finally let him. He can import coffee and coconuts and whatever else. And then he can fight with Jax about business.

I don't know, Ziyal. I've been of a mind for years that the only way to truly kill off the gentleman-criminal aspect (and cue the Evil Midnight Bomber shrieking "Bad is good, baby! Down with government!") is to go ahead and kill Sonny off, in a non-vague way; anything else would perpetuate that aspect, even if they did try to distance him from it.

And, TBH, I'm also kind of scared of what Cartini might try to do in the name of distancing him from his old life...

Ziyal--I dislike that Sonny is in the mob, but even if he were to be removed from that, I would still want and need him to be held accountable for all the death and destruction he's caused and for the violent person he is (and by being held accountable, I mean: people around him acting like they know that about him, rather than either (a) pretending they don't or, worse, (b) going on and on about how wonderful he really is). And I'm not going to get that, whether or not he stays in the mob. So I'll settle for a show that isn't totally the Sonny-Carly-Jason hour and some reduction in the mob prominence, because even that is something.

Bill C., I agree with you, unfortunately: the only way to rid this show of the criminal aspect that has dominated it would be to have Sonny die (but I can't think of a single way he could die that there would be zero chance of rewriting), or at least go to prison for the rest of his life.

Poor Michael - can't imagine what a future girlfriend would think of his romantic life.

"So Michael, how many women have you been with?"

"Three. No, two. Well, I thought three but then ..."

"What are they now?"

"Well, the first one died in a construction accident that was really out of the blue. The second one - who I have to admit I met when she thought my mobster father killed her family - just left me - completely out of the blue too. No explanation. And the next woman was actually not a girlfriend, although she was a former stepmom, who I thought I slept with - and let me tell you, she almost got murdered because my mom wanted her dead for that one - and had my mobster dad not thought it might upset me a bit, he was on the verge of doing it."

"Oh ... well, I just remembered. I'm moving out of town tomorrow - got to go pack!"

I have the PERFECT storyline.

AJ is driving a car (sober) with Sonny as passenger and they run into a tree. When Sonny wakes up brain damaged, instead of being like emo and angsty like Jason Morgan, he is sweet and kind and kind of a doofus like Jason Quartermaine used to be and has no memory of the last twenty years.

I'd accept this if it means we get to see Sonny happily making paper snowflakes. That said, I admittedly love the irony...

OMG, the only thing better than Victor Newman making paper snowflakes would be Sonny making paper snowflakes!

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