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April 11, 2013

Our Commenters Are The Fanciest, B&B Edition

Do not ever accuse us of not paying attention and not giving credit where credit is due!

I take this moment to commend Serial Drama reader Anne, who rather perfectly called it last week after we were all complaining about Brooke's utter lack of guilt or remorse over schtupping her sister's husband: "If history is any guide, Brooke will feel terrible soon enough. One tear will even trickle down her cheek."

Well, Anne, sure enough!

The single tear was in full effect yesterday.

Sure, it was more about Katie's current state of non-consciousness, but she did seem to feel the tiniest bit of guilt about having been riding her sister's stallion at the very moment her sister was having heart failure.

Also, how hilarious were Bill's reactions to Taylor every time she skulked into a conversation? That was golden.

That's all I got, but I couldn't let it go unsaid.


I feel so honored to have contributed in some small way. And, of course, pleased to have been right.

Sometimes in soaps we prefer to be wrong for the sake of soapy surprise -- and other times? Things like the "single tear" trope are just so damn hilariously satisfying that it feels great to be right!

I love that Taylor has become the Gladys Kravitz of B&B. Every time Brooke, Bill or Donna turned around, there she was skulking in a corner, demanding to know what went on between Brooke & Bill. How long before she learns about the accident? She's getting more intel than the LAPD, which apparently is now filled with rejects from the PCPD. Loved Bill's comment about how she's not a real doctor. Doesn't Taylor have an MD degree? She's a psychiatrist not a psychoanalyst.

Gladys Kravitz -- I love it! She so is.

And yes, she definitely has an MD. But Bill sure knows how to push a psychiatrist's buttons!

Gladys Kravitz IS the perfect description. From what it was described in recaps, I thought "Well, she's apparently taking over for Stephanie in more ways than just sleeping with Eric -- she's also patrolling Brooke's vagina as well." But somehow even though she's not dealing with her son's wife (like Stephanie was with Brooke), when Taylor does it, it is even more creepy.

Taylor skulking in a corner is way more creepy than Stephanie patrolling Brooke's vagina (love that phrase, LogopolisMike!).

And since we all know that Taylor has an MD, why didn't she respond with that to Bill? Instead, she just said she's my patient and played the shrink card - does SHE not know that she has an MD?

Liam & Hope running around the hospital looking for Bill & Brooke was hilarious. "Oh they're not here, maybe they're there, let's go."

Brooke finally showing *some* remorse and the tear :DDDD

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