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April 30, 2013

The One With All The Awkward Kissing

I'm not psychic--although I DID correctly predict that my allergies today would be so overwhelmingly terrible that I'd be unable to hold my head up by late afternoon, although that's less of a sixth sense than it is a regrettably consistent pattern--but I have a feeling I know exactly what we'll all be doing tomorrow afternoon: watching General Hospital feeling a potent mixture of discomfort, confusion and mild disgust, because the end of today's show was just one long bad touch*.



 "Sure, sure", the writers said. "People say they want steamy romance, but what they really mean by that is dysfunction and randomness and a thick layer of what we in the biz call ick."

I'm incredibly uncomfortable.

*Okay, it was almost entirely a bad touch. It's just that something about AJ and Carly together is disturbingly compelling. I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT. They are gross and dysfunctional and yet...I think it's that Sean Kanan just has chemistry with everyone and everything he comes into contact with. He was even eyeing up that crystal decanter all flirtatious-like. But the rest of it? BAD TOUCH. New Lulu (NuLu?) and Milo were so random and awkward together that it was like...well, it was like watching someone I don't know kiss a mannequin and that's not a comparison as much as it's a description because really, Drew Cheetwood means well, but come on. And Liz and Nikolas are so ew that I'd have much rather the writers completely pretend like that particular dark period of GH history never happened, much like they'll have to do when Roger Howarth and Co. return after a few weeks away as totally new people. If John McBain never happened, Nik and Liz never happened!


It is surprisingly nice to find someone else who hayes Nikolas and Elizabeth as much as I do. When I am watching the show on youtube,almost all the comments seem to be about how great they are together! I just don't see it,I tried to but it never worked for me. They pretty much grossed me out always.


On the one hand I prefer the fact that the show now actually acknowledges what happened on air the last we saw a character compared to Guza's method of just completely erasing everything that ever happened except for five seconds ago. Then again when it comes to Nik and Liz I could be persuaded to rethink my stance on them.

Then they mentioned Courtney today and I went ok yeah no...Nik is the one character they can just have amnesia every time he shows up onscreen.

I haven't liked Nik with anyone in a longtime. His recent pairings are just gross.

Hopefully, AJ and Carly are using protection and birth control because I just can't deal with them fighting over another kid for another 15 years. I thought I was the only person who remembered that dreadful Courtney stalking storyline.

Now that's really awkward. :D

AJ/Carly have potential. Nulu and Milo were random. Liz and Nik. Yes, can we pretend that never happened? I seriously thought it was such a disaster no writer would dare attempt that again but guess not. And once again Niz brings out the total skeeve in Nik.

Ewwwww AJ/Carly, Milo/Lulu and Liz/Nik are gross. RC needs to stop with the plot point nonsense.

Oh, see... I love Nik and Liz. Great chemistry between the performers, they look gorgeous together, and I even liked the outline of the story. The execution in 2009--10 was horrific, but I always bought that there were deep feelings there.

So I'm not averse to a revisit now, with a more positive outcome. Especially since AJ has apparently reverted to a cretinous, overgrown judgmental frat boy in the past three weeks. I blame Carly. But then, I always blame Carly.

I remember when JLJackson's Lucky died and Nik first developed feelings for Elizabeth but she was grieving. Last time around it was just icky because they were sneaking around behind Lucky's back, and lying to him. Now, they are both single and Liz's relationship with AJ is just in the early stages. I have no problem with them revisiting this storyline particularly if Carly is involved. In fact, I would love it if Carly and Nik had more scenes together as well.

I loved Nikolas with Gia and also with Emily. Hated his storyline with Katherine, and Brooke Lynn.

I always like your column, and I like also the fact that fans can disagree. Personally, I like all the storylines from yesterday, including all the hook ups. I never had a problem with Niz, only the way it was written under Guza. It was sleezy. But I always thought they had chemistry, back to the early years, and it is a soap--dating brothers, fathers and sons, that is just what you do on a soap. And I think this time round, Niz is damn sexy. But I also love Quiz, and I am so so happy to see people make romantic mistakes without being demonized for a change. I can take a lot more Niz, alot more Quiz, and I will even put up with AJ and Carly as a love/hate relationship if it brings such good writing, and such good drama on my screen.

If Monica could come in and interrupt and thus stop the thing known as Carly & AJ, she will be my freaking hero.

This felt like a "all the wrong couples" ending which I think RC has done before?

I actually like Liz/Nik. I didn't like the way that it went down last time, especially because it was so clearly written with a push to get rid of Becky. I am also confused about where Nik's feelings are coming from, because there was a point in time where Liz was interested in starting up a relationship after Aiden's birth, and he shut that down to pursue things with Brooklyn (which was gross).

But the two of them have been friends since they were teenagers, want the best for each other, and they're both single. Lucky's off being a deadbeat dad, and has made it crystal clear that he and Liz are never ever ever getting back together, so there's no real betrayal there. I could be down for a love story between two friends moving beyond a hurtful past to a happier place.

The fact that AJ's been so jealous and possessive this week is pushing me towards Nik/Liz. She deserves better than to have her past thrown back in her face by someone she she trusts.

I haven't seen this episode yet so I might skip it. I think I need new glasses 'cause when I saw the Liz & Nik I thought it at first looked like Sonny & Olivia LOL. Throw it at the wall to see if it sticks? Not sure but these all are icky to me.

I am so glad that everyone else hates these storylines as much as I do; I understand that for AJ to not make mistakes would maybe be out of character, but I feel like his character was always poorly written to begin with (i.e. during the days that Sonny, Jason and Carly were the heroes of the show, when really Carly ruined his life).

They didn't even give AJ and Liz a chance to have a real relationship before he screwed it up (which I would actually blame Monica for, since she planted the seeds of doubt in his head about Nikolas). Also, Nikolas was clearly manipulating the situation to make himself look like the good guy. I take back any excitement I had about him being back on the show, though I kinda had a feeling this was going to happen.

And AJ and Carly...so gross. To think Carly was just patting herself on the back for not getting together with Todd.

I am glad that they mentioned Courtney, though, because so many people seemed to quickly forget her existence. Nikolas also seems to forget the fact that when he left, he said that everyone he was with since Emily was just a replacement for her, including Elizabeth. He needs to just go back to Italy.

the problem with ron writing is their reason for the things people do one day they are walking down the road and they meet a person and the next day the man has his tongue stuck down the woman's throat no reason no explanation he could be trying to touch her tonsils, give her cpr or just trying to take the gum out of her mouth or stretch his tongue in someone else's saliva like who does things like that. I mean anemia lulu wants to touch milo crotch you are MARRIED WOMAN AND WENT HOME WITH A GUY CAUSE HE SEEMED NICE HE COULD HE A PEVERT FOR ALL YOU KNOW
moron luke spencer would be so disappointed in you see no reason one day meets him them she is on his couch next day she is trying to touch his magic stick

i want story not everyone sexy everyone
that was always the problem i had with ron writing todd on gh one day he had issues getting close to woman and the next day is pevert sex god of the month and your sitting their WTF HUH did i miss 1 million episodes and thinking he is someone else but what can i say ron cannot even write for a condiment that is not real let alone a real person IT IS SAD WHEN THE RELISH HAS MORE BACKSTORY THAN THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW at least their story pickle lila and pickle tracey make sense of course they can't talk so ron can't ruin them i sure he will find a way

I never saw the original Nik and Liz storyline. I had given up watching long before that. Without all that history and as a newer viewer to their storyline, Liz and Nik have way more chemistry than Liz and AJ. Their scenes don't gross me out and honestly, I thought Nik was wonderful in their scenes yesterday. Having said that, I can see how Liz and AJ kind of need each other. I'm looking forward to where this triangle ends up and I hope Carly isn't part of it.

AJ is a hoot. He's great with everyone. Lulu & Milo were awful. Liz & Nik too. Nik was so full of ****. He lied big time. Funny how people are defending him. They must be dizzy from all the spinning!

I didn't find any of the kissing awkward and thought this was a really good episode. I hate that AJ would even touch Carly again, b/c she legit ruined his life, but I'm not surprised this happened.

And I like Elizabeth & Nikolas. Nikolas has had feelings for Elizabeth for a long time, even before he fell in love with Emily. BH and TC have great chemistry and the only thing that ruined the story for me before was the return of JJ, b/c the moment he was back, the entire story changed and became all about Lucky crying all the damn time. The writing was so glaring and one-sided, it wasn't funny. I hope those orphans have him tied up somewhere, so they don't have to hear all that weeping.

I like Elizabeth & AJ, too, but I would've preferred to see them more firmly in a relationship before any outside parties came into the mix.

I'm glad some of you were NOT totally grossed out by this. I like Liz and Nik together even if the last time was totally disgusting. And I fairly screamed when AJ grabbed Carly - those two deserve each other. I have to admit I was delighted by that. Does that make me sick? LOL.

The only one that really bothered me was Lulu and Milo, because yesterday she was feeling guilty about how much she was putting Dante through, but then today she feels FINE about cheating on him! So inconsistent. Really crappy writing, and that's what bothered me more than the pairing itself. I don't know, I'm so thrilled with OLTL being back and awesome that I don't know how long I'll continue watching GH and its surplus of boring/mediocre storylines.

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