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April 23, 2013

The Rules of the Mental, Soap-Style

Well, there are upsides and downsides.

When it comes to soap amnesia, those who are perfectly aware of the amnesiac situation must never give advance notice to any loved ones or acquaintances in advance of the first meeting. No warning to the extended family, no heads-up to friends. Shit, y'all. The Spencer/Falconeri gang seemed to have even made an appointment with Patrick for Lulu without having even mentioned that the most acute need for this particular exam was that she's FORGOTTEN HER WHOLE LIFE. Why would her doctor need to know? He'll find out when she shrieks that she doesn't know him!

Oh and another thing that happens with soap amnesia: they only forget their personal lives. They remember their command of the English language, they remember what year it is and who the President is. Nobody ever asks them if they remember learning to read and write, or if they remember whether or not they voted for this particular president, or how they even know that they can legally walk into a bar and order a drink. And they never want doctors to help them actually get their memory back, they just want to be LEFT ALONE! (Does Lulu even have a wallet? Somehow I feel like Stavros didn't hang on to it as a favor to her while he'd put her on ice.)

Sad newlu

And poor Dante has lost his "Most Perfect Husband Ever" title because he is acting just as every soap mate behaves when their significant other turns up all amnesiac. That is to say, he is all up her grill constantly and isn't the least bit interested in what her doctor has to say or suggest.

Why is the intense italian guy yelling at me

Yes, that intense italian guy

He's exhibiting zero patience and, rather than focusing entirely on the fact that she is MIRACULOUSLY ALIVE and trying to make sure she has the space and comfort necessary so that she can stop feeling so terrified and start getting her footing again, he's preoccupied entirely with making sure she remembers him THIS VERY SECOND. (This reminds me an awful lot of Teen Jessica's amnesia over on OLTL, in which usually-perfect Brody spent every waking second trying to get her to fall in love with him rather than just trying to be grateful that her stepfather Charlie didn't actually kill her when he accidentally shot her and maybe not trying to force a boyfriend on a crazy girl who just got almost-raped by her then-bio-dad and maybe give her a little time and support and.... oh lord, do I go on. Y'all, One Life to Live is currently premiering a brand new episode downtown RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND so I'm a little distracted and possibly unwell. Emotionally. So you can see why this is the perfect blog theme!)

One more super-important thing about soap amnesia: said amnesiac is to address everyone as "YOU PEOPLE." And must make sure it drips with disdain.

I love soap amnesia. Have I mentioned that I love soap amnesia? I seriously do.

D.I.D., on the other hand, has its own rules. When you're integrated, you can actually just stop therapy FOREVER. Not even a weekly 50-minute check-in is ever going to be necessary again. You're totally fine and not nervous about approaching the world with this new you, and you have a fabulously healthy sense of self-deprecating humor about it the second you re-emerge into a world you haven't seen as a whole person since childhood. 

Connie fake-propositions milo

But seriously? I do not care that it's too much too soon and wildly outlandish. This cross between Kate and Alter-Connie is exactly what I have been wanting this entire time and I think Kelly Sullivan is nailing it already. Now that they've given her a character and not a cartoon to play and are extricating her from the Sonny Bubble (are they? I know we're supposed to see the continued longing, but I have no idea if this separation will stick, but I do hope they match some cast integration with her personality integration), I'm all of a sudden way happier to see her on my screen. (It's a good thing she's so self-possessed right off the bat since her one family member in town cares more about Sonny's hurt feelings than her cousin's mental health!)

In other news, Sabrina got a new personality and a whole new wardrobe and is super-confident and walks more comfortably in high heels than a runway model, but she did all of that not because of inpatient psychiatric treatment or D.I.D. integration or loss of memory, she simply did it because she wore a pretty dress and got kissed by her prince one night. Swoon! (Cough, cough. Minor upchuck. Carry on.)

And someone running out of town without any glass slipper at all is a certain Brenda Barrett who, as we all figured, did not have sex with Michael at all. She just let him think it for a couple days and, hilariously, while he seemed relieved by the truth he also had a little tiny moment of wistful disappointment. You know, because she's a supermodel. Or something.

I've mentioned before that I was always a Sonny/Brenda girl myself (DON'T YELL AT ME I'M FRAGILE), but I've spent so much time frustrated with those characters for so long that in no way did I want to see a reunion or big confessions of always-love this time around, so that tearful airport goodbye today didn't really do much for me. Brenda looked pretty pathetic there. But hey, she pissed Carly off and had a little fun catfighting and I can't help but have a soft spot for Bad Bad Brenda -- so much more fun than weepy romantic heroine Constant Victim Brenda, so I have to say this visit was still better than her last one for me.

Brenda is all sad about sonny or jax or something or other, depending on viewer's preference

See ya next visit!



I am actually intrigued by this apparent Lulu/Milo rendezvous they're teasing. Although I know there is zero chance of real pairing, I'd love to see NewLu return sweet, dumb Milo's faithful-puppy love at least for a little while. I find that character totally adorable.

At the end of the day, I've always liked the character of Brenda. But I"ve been really bothered by her latest return. Yeah, it was fun, I loved her turning the screw to Carly, but ...

The Brenda I thought I knew on the show would never have been okay with potentially hurting Michael - or be so naive to think that her little scheme would stay between her, Michael and Carly. It seemed out of character for the adult Brenda.

I also have never seen Brenda this desperate - so desperate that she would hurt Jax just for another shot at Sonny. So desperate, that she completely came off as if she were using Jax for both having somebody to love her, but also using him to get back the man I guess she loves no matter what.

But that wasn't the Brenda I thought I knew either. The Brenda I thought I knew was dumped by Sonny at one time, and she found herself rebounding into the arms of a knight in shinning armor named Jax. Then she found her way back to Sonny after a near death experience and the revelation that she had been on drugs for a good part of her first go round with Jax (remember that little surprise). Then after Sonny left her at the alter, she recovered and spent the better part of year, pursuing Jax and finally got him. It was during that year long pursuit that I felt Brenda changed - and realized along the way that the love she felt for Sonny was a destructive love, and immature type of love and Jax actually gave her all that she was looking for - maturity, safety, support, warmth. Then, she was presumed dead - but upon her return, when she had the chance to be with Sonny or Jax - when the choice was free and clear - she chose Jax. That was it as far as I was concerned. No matter what came before, she ran into the arms of Jax and chose him, when she could have just as easily turned to Sonny. And it was only because of Jax's misunderstanding between a moment between Brenda and Sonny that he left her at the alter himself.

And maybe that was it, the point where Brenda would never again be able to fully commit to Jax again. Maybe I'm not giving that moment enough weight - after all, she returned again and married Sonny for a year, but then, Jax was kinda taken at the time.

But what she did to Jax this go round - it was cruel, it was careless with his feelings and future in a way that she has never been with Jax - or Sonny for that matter. I mean, what would be the outcome had Sonny agreed to reunite with her? She was engaged to Jax. Was she just going to say, sorry, honey, but while you were out I begged Sonny to get back together with me and we are getting married? Yes, I did love you Jax but I was ready to toss you aside like yesterday's paper?

I don't know - just not Brenda. It was fun watching her but it felt like a different character, like a cartoon teen age version of Brenda. Glade to see Vanessa back, but it just left a really sour taste in my mouth.

I was just a wee-un back in the 90s, so I honestly can't claim to really know what Brenda was like back then. I got to know her character by mainly what other characters and fans said about her. So I guess it might actually be fitting for her to completely disrespect and hurt Jax- who, granted-shouldn't have fallen for this again- and grovel in front of Sonny like that. But is it wrong to think that if S&B are/will be some kind of endgame (I totally prefer her with Jax, but that ship has sailed), couldn't it have happened on some type of mutually even ground, so that Brenda didn't have to embarrass herself like that? It was hard to watch.

The Brenda/Michael coffee flashback was funky. I guess it was supposed to be him remembering? It came off as him having the hots for her, though.

Sabrina is pretty likeable when she's not around Patrick or talking about Patrick. I mean that seriously, but the problem is that never happens.

The preview for tomorrow looks fun...Mac and Felicia being light and fluffy! And InsaneChem! Niz.

This bout of soap amnesia (and what looks like Milo being inserted into it) actually reminds me of when Maria came back from the dead on AMC and she got with Aidan because he was the only one not pressuring her to remember her life as Maria. I see this going a similar way.

And Louise, OLTL in less than a week, just as excited for your blogs about it as the actual show!

I kept waiting and waiting for someone to remind Carly how she was the same age as Michael when she screwed Tony and deliberately destroyed her mothers life.

Olivia's holier than thou attitude about what she would have done to Brenda if she caught her with Dante made my eyes roll back into my head. This is the same woman that carried on a hot and heavy romance with Johnny Z. who happened to be the same AGE as her son!

Brenda was so darn tame at the end. I wanted the fiery and ballsy woman that would have told Sonny to stuff it just as Jax came strolling over with a huge grin on his face since the two were scamming CarSon the whole time. Sigh. If only that scene could have played out instead of Brenda leaving town alone.

Only with soap amnesia would a Neurosurgeon be the one to examine Lulu, and he doesn't run one test, like an MRI or something, to discover a physical cause?? How about a psychological consult??? LOL.

And of course the folks failed to mention that she had been frozen and thawed out or that brainwashing may have been involved.

OK, so Dante isn't the PERFECT husband, but he is still pretty darn close. After all the man is human. He moves heaven and earth and gets his wife back and all she does is reject him and their unborn child. He does have feelings. :'(

And Lulu, she looks at this gorgeous hunk of a man, with tears in those big brown eyes and runs away- this woman really needs a psych consult- STAT!!!

Absolutely, Janeway, Dante's mistakes in handling Lulu in this crisis are perfectly understandable and he's still the Best Hubby On Soaps. (Honestly? I kind of like that he's behaving desperately -- much as I love him he was starting to border on "too good to be true" territory, and it feels more honest to let him make well-intentioned mistakes here.)

I also love soap opera amnesia so I'm pretty excited about this story for Lulu! I can't decide if I want it to stick or not.

I actually think Brenda was lying about NOT sleeping with Michael. At the very least I felt like they left if open for Michael to remember the truth, whatever it might be.

look into my eyes he sez ... he widens his eyes til they're about to pop and he looks like a bovine with mad cow disease

I hope they aren't going to do a Jason-type scenario and Lulu never remembers who she is and turns her back on her family forever. I don't think I have the strength to go through another version of that ;-)!

Dante may no longer be the best husband ever, but DZ is still killing me. Killing me! I think he's giving Jason Thompson a run for his money in that department, which I thought would have been tough to do.

What Brenda did and didn't do aside, I've been loving Chad Duell's reactions to all of it, from the aforementioned relief and wistfulness to the prior "holy crap" and "the people in my life are really crazy". His reactions may just be my inner voice.

Emme/Marcy did quite good with Lulu since she took the role imo, moreover she seems to already has some chemistry with Dante/DZ and even with Jason Thompson/Patrick.
Would not mind a Patrick/Lulu/Dante triangle..would be so much better than the awful story Jason/Patty is stuck with.

I agree that Patrick's examination of Lulu was fairly insubstantial. All he did was briefly talk to her. Laura did mention that Lulu wasn't breathing, and that her heart stopped. Patrick should immediately have admitted Lulu to the hospital and then told Luke, Laura & Dante that he was going to do an MRI, blood work etc. and also bring a psychiatric consult, although who would that be since Lainey disappeared and Euan killed John Jax. Time for the show to bring Tom Hardy or Tom Hardy Jr. to be the new psychiatrist at GH.

I'm not sure where all of Brenda's Carly hate was coming from. Yes, Carly was the one who blabbed to Jax about the kiss on the docks between Sonny and Brenda, & also blabbed that she thought Dante & Brenda had a thing but to use Michael that way? Even the spoiled Brenda from her early days on the show wouldn't have gone that far.

I'm still waiting for them to bring in Monica to explain to the Spencers and Dante how not to deal with your amnesiac family member. I also want her to look at Sonny meaningfully, recalling what happened between the Qs and Jason. I'd prefer her to say it outright, but this Sonny-propping show will never allow it.

NuLu looks 10 years older and 10 feet shorter than oldLu. Okay, I exaggerate a bit here but she does look a decent amount older and a decent amount shorter. I guess DZ is happy about the short part though?

If Dante is still acting crazy in a week I'll think he's too pushy. Right now in like 48 hours though he's had no sleep and a whole bunch of shit has happened.

FYI.. Julie Marie Berman is will be 30 years old this year. Emme Rylan is 33.

I loved Emme Rylan since I started watching Guiding Light at the end. She is an amazing actress and we just need to let her grow into the role of Lulu.

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