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April 11, 2013

This Is Just Amazingness (Side Note: Nothing Rhymes With Stavros)

OHMIJASONMORGAN, you guys. Today's General Hospital was brimming with things that were all sorts of soapily awesome.

You had AJ not being able to contain his glee that Michael's maybe-tryst with Brenda was causing Carly enormous amounts of physical and emotional pain, which--I'm right there with you, dude.

Then there was Carly and Brenda's conversation, which was basically the two of them sniping at each other for an entire hour about how the other is a psychopath deviant, sort of like:

CARLY: Why you got to be such a slut, slut?
BRENDA: Who are you calling a slut, bitch?
CARLY: I'm sorry, did someone three feet shorter than me say something? I heard a whorish whispher from far away.
BRENDA: What's it like to be terrible at everything you attempt, including coming up with comebacks?
CARLY: Whore says what?
BRENDA: I'm not falling for that.
CARLY: Of course you'll fall for it, right onto your back. WHOA! YA BURNT!

The more heated they each became, the more likely they were to palce emphasis on random syllables.

Brenda: Your SON is not a KID anymore, you FREAK.
Carly: SONny might disaGREE, BRENda.

These things were all awesome, but nothing--NOTHING, compares to Stavros Cassadine. Every single moment he was onscreen was a golden moment: the way he attempted to calm Luke and Laura down by earnestly saying of his crazy plan "I think you have the wrong idea, I am merely courting Lulu", the way he knocked out Nikolas ans Dante so casually and yet forcefully. It was all great.

But I think my favorite moment was the absolutely amazing and RIDICULOUS way the episode ended:

Luke: You put the old bitch on ice?
Stavros: Just like I did to my new princess. My Ice Princess.

I screamed like I was watching the Beatles at Shea Stadium. Beautiful, beautiful camp. I want nothing more than a constant loop of Stavros being a ridiculous human (possibly) being.


How I've missed Robert Kelker Kelly on my screen. And he is definitely enjoying his role. I hope he stays around, I think I'm already addicted to Stavros being on my screen.

Faux!Bo Brady/Sam Fowler/Stavros rocks my world. I can't wait to get home to my DVR. Thanks for the heads up to actually watch this tonight!

I've been wondering this for a while, but what if it turned out that either Stavros or Stefan were Sam's father. Yeah, I know, GROSS, but if Alexis didn't know at the time they were 1/2 siblings. It could explain why she was so scared of Stavros or why she was so close to Stefan.

I'm not gonna lie, today was a good episode and I hardly ever say that about a full GH episode now a days. AJ was pure BRILLIANT and sooooooo FUNNY today! loved him! Yeah he could have been a little more sensitive to Micheal's situation I guess cause he is his dad, he did get serious about the drinking which was good, but let's be honest, if I was AJ I would have reacted the same damn way! Like AJ said, payback is a bitch lol. And the Carly Brenda fight, was FANTASTIC! you know for a petite woman, Brenda can totally kick ass! And on another note, Nick's crazy daddy story was interesting as well and I know I shouldn't say this about Strabous but besides being CRAZY he is also hot!

Poor Michael looked so hurt and lost, but I can't help it. After all Sonny and Carly has done to him, AJ deserved to have that moment and it was pure perfection. Sean Kanan rocked that whole thing but yes, it was a nice touch that he got serious and actually talked to his son about the dangers of alcohol since alcoholism runs in the family.

I was thisclose to dropping the show again, particularly with the whole OLTL mess.

And then RRK/Stavros happened.

I don't think I could ever ever look away.

Carly: Sonny sees women only two ways...whores...and angels. Ahhh, such a great idea to have THAT as the undisputed "romantic" lead of the show for a decade.

I loved that Brenda used the phrase "you freak" in reference to Carly.

This Cassadine story is really fun, so far. It's the type of crazy ass adventure story GH really needs right now. I guess this would apply to the original "Endgame" storyline from 2001, but man....having never known what Stavros looked like (I never saw the scenes from the 80s), RKK has exactly the look and behavior I would have expected the character to have.

Really enjoying this right now.

Gross rhymes w/ Stavros and that is RK-K to me. He cannot get off my screen fast enough.

I was a little kid when Stavros was last on and thus couldn't appreciate him at his age (had a huge crush on Lucky though). Man, I appreciate him now. He's got this exotic, silver fix thing going and I'm digging it.

Lawd, Stavros is smoking hot.

AJ had me in tears laughing so hard at his comments about Carly and Sonny.

Two things:

Anyone notice that Starr's name hasn't been mentioned at all? It's just "that girl" or "Michael's girlfriend." Which tells me those OLTL actors will be back but not as their OLTL counterparts. Eeesh...

Second, I read the RKK interview online and somewhere it was imagined that Victor Cassadine is Sam's father and wouldn't THAT be a juicy storyline. Oh the scandal.

As far as I can see, bringing Victor back is all speculation.

The press reported that ABC does not have the rights to the OLTL characters. Because they could not come to terms with Prospect Park, they cannot say the character names without permission, which they don't have. Not mentioning Todd or John again won't be too jarring, since they both had actual farewell scenes with Carly and Sam; I figured Starr would be the toughest. They actually did a decent job within a rather absurd situation. And I think Chad Duell is doing surprisingly good work with this whole thing, which is coming off far better than I would have expected.

I watched last night's episode this morning and it's made my day, considering the awful weather we're having in New York. Hmm, could the Cassadine's have revamped their weather machine and are systematically ruining spring? Love, love, love that Stavros is now obssessed with Lulu. It now makes perfect sense for why she was kidnapped. And the reveal that Stavros has Helena's body on ice? Brilliant. Not to mention Carly's comment about Brenda spreading her wings for Michael. Brilliant!

RKK's Stavros is giving me the same cardiac pitty-pats that Roscoe Born's Mitch Laurence gave me on OLTL.

Dirk likey.

They must have a teeth whitening station in that Cassadine lab - Stavro's teeth are blinding!

Lordy this episode was full of soapy goodness. Please can we keep Stavros? Pretty please? I promise I'll take good care of him.

I wasn't aware that they weren't allowed to say those character's names anymore. I did know they appear on OLTL and GH on the same day...

Let me try..

is the Most
and hottest Ghost
to ever Host
a creepy dinner.

Let's Toast!

love Helena's explanation about messing with Aiden's paternity results which makes senses much better than Guza's

Love AJ and Michael. Sad Michael is the sane one in the whole family. Carly and Brenda were great.. loved the cat fight. AJ's spit take was fab. Also glad he was serious about the alcohol. Hope Brenda moves in with the q's

Ah ah like i expected it was a great episode.

Love for the most part the Carly/Brenda fight, i finally see the come back of the real Brenda..VM is awesome, the dialogue was spot on minus the slut-shaming..that i am not fan, it is so lazy writing and juvenile..thankfully the witty come backs save the whole thing.
And Vanessa Marcil plays sassy, witty and spunky, sarcastic perfectly..i totally see some glimpses of Sami Marquez (awesome VM's character on Las Vegas) in her performance..fun, fun, fun And she has great chemistry with Laura Wright..this rivalry is so good because these characters have a lot in commun..lol
The only bug is this story for me is the Michael's situation, Brenda letting Michael believing they slept with each others is a low blow and tacky even if she wants some revenge on Carly (and rightfully Carly should not have sniffing in Brenda's biz with Jax and Sonny)

Unpopular opinion here but i did not like AJ's attitude toward the whole thing : it was totally frat boy of him and he tried too hard, poor Michael seemed almost offended and hurt..don't like it even if i know the story between Carly, Sonny and Aj (and by the way Aj is not mister 'innocent victim' he played dirty too to say the least..imo these three deserve each others)
It did not make me laugh. meh..

Ah Beauregard oups Sam oups..Stavros..lol the guy is HAWT and yep creepy and crazy..so now he is in love with Lulu ?! Seriously ? The little sister of his own son..ha ha soaps..By the way Stavros looks almost younger than Nicholas..lol and next to him Genie Francis and Tony Geary look really old..it is kind of weird..
I loved their interaction but Genie at the beginning was too OTT thankfully she improved at the 'dinner'. The problem with Laura is that she always plays the victim, it gets old and boring..be feisty Laura !

Right now GH is entertaining but also pretty campy..it reminds me of Days of old whereas now Days is more character-driven, it is like these soaps switched their style..

p.s: icing on the cake no Sabrina, would be fun if Stavros would kill her because he finds her too annoying (like most of us..lol) and anyway like he said the REAL Princess is Lulu not mousy Sabrina. Stavros be kind kill her, thank you !

Creepy sexiness! LOVE RKK!

I believe that the first time RKK took on the Stavros role, they explained that he had been somehow "preserved" in a more youthful state, which would explain why he looks younger than Luke and Laura. RKK is an amazing psychopath-- so compelling to watch; I also hope he isn't frozen again quite yet.

Oh my, I love me some RKK! The creepiness of his crazy - and he's so gorgeous too, YIKES! I take back what I said about wishing it were Stefan. Still love him, but this is FUN! I also enjoyed Nik's backstory - and Helena's suits :) The green one, oohhhh so pretty!

I am in the minority here I think, but I don't like bitchy Brenda. I didn't have a problem with her being bitchy in the old days. Somehow it's not playing well for me this time. Maybe it's the lazy writing. She had to say "Michael is an adult/a grown man" about six times in her two scenes with Carly. Her perpetual smirk doesn't help - what is with this show and visiting actors who smirk in all their scenes?

Carly's hair was fabulous. And AJ saying her head must have exploded: All I could think about was how you guys always write about Carly's head exploding! Priceless.

the show has sooo improved. Carley and Brenda was a charm. I think it was all innocent, then Carley opened her big mouth and Brenda couldn't help herself from getting some payback.. The twinkle in her eyes said, my turn to make your head explode. AJ was a panic and Michael .he didn't know how to feel. well if carley had minded her own business*something we know will never happen*, Jax and Brenda would have been together, and Michael would have gotten drunk by himself!

just a word about this site, I love it more everyday! Another thing, I did see The Beatles at Shea and nothing made me scream louder than seeing Stavros on my sreeen.

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