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April 11, 2013

This Is Just Amazingness (Side Note: Nothing Rhymes With Stavros)

OHMIJASONMORGAN, you guys. Today's General Hospital was brimming with things that were all sorts of soapily awesome.

You had AJ not being able to contain his glee that Michael's maybe-tryst with Brenda was causing Carly enormous amounts of physical and emotional pain, which--I'm right there with you, dude.

Then there was Carly and Brenda's conversation, which was basically the two of them sniping at each other for an entire hour about how the other is a psychopath deviant, sort of like:

CARLY: Why you got to be such a slut, slut?
BRENDA: Who are you calling a slut, bitch?
CARLY: I'm sorry, did someone three feet shorter than me say something? I heard a whorish whispher from far away.
BRENDA: What's it like to be terrible at everything you attempt, including coming up with comebacks?
CARLY: Whore says what?
BRENDA: I'm not falling for that.
CARLY: Of course you'll fall for it, right onto your back. WHOA! YA BURNT!

The more heated they each became, the more likely they were to palce emphasis on random syllables.

Brenda: Your SON is not a KID anymore, you FREAK.
Carly: SONny might disaGREE, BRENda.

These things were all awesome, but nothing--NOTHING, compares to Stavros Cassadine. Every single moment he was onscreen was a golden moment: the way he attempted to calm Luke and Laura down by earnestly saying of his crazy plan "I think you have the wrong idea, I am merely courting Lulu", the way he knocked out Nikolas ans Dante so casually and yet forcefully. It was all great.

But I think my favorite moment was the absolutely amazing and RIDICULOUS way the episode ended:

Luke: You put the old bitch on ice?
Stavros: Just like I did to my new princess. My Ice Princess.

I screamed like I was watching the Beatles at Shea Stadium. Beautiful, beautiful camp. I want nothing more than a constant loop of Stavros being a ridiculous human (possibly) being.


I totally predicted AJ's response to Michael and Brenda's "tryst." It reminds me so much of the days when he used to vicariously encourage Jason Q to "hit that," and particular episode when Brenda fantasized about seducing Sonny, Jason and Jaggar while taking a bubble bath, only to reject AJ when he actually interrupts her bath and hits on her.

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