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April 28, 2013

Top Reasons NOT to Watch the New AMC and OLTL

Y'all, it's literally less than one day away.

Oh wait, I shouldn't watch. Here's a poll that I developed after combing the internet and finding the most popular reasons that people are not going to watch the revived All My Children and One Life to Live and I think you'll all agree that this is how we should live and think and we should totally not watch. Vote now on why you absolutely will not watch! Check your pick!

_ I refuse to pay to watch soaps, even though you absolutely can watch them for free.

_ I watched a 118-second promo video and I can already tell that THEY HATE THE FANS AND DON'T CARE ABOUT THE VETS!

_ I base all my viewing decisions on routine entertainment litigation and obviously Prospect Park is a super-evil production company and the first to ever sue a television network and therefore it is my moral obligation to refuse to watch a show that, actually, earns ABC money if I watch it.

_ Prospect Park told us we'd keep AMC and OLTL online and it would happen in January of 2012 and it didn't happen because they couldn't put the money together and that is just wrong and they are mean and cannot be trusted so I will not watch the shows that they literally brought back from the dead later than they had hoped.

_ Serial drama is just dead, forget it. The proof is in the pudding, which is something like 400 serial dramas currently on TV.

_ There are only four episodes a week. SACRILEGE. I'd rather have no soaps than a 20% reduction in story content!

_ I am sub-human and I do not like David Canary or Erika Slezak because, really, who would?

_ I do not have the internet, despite the fact that I am currently on the internet reading this dumb poll.

_ My favorite couple is not together, so obviously everyone hates me AND WANTS TO RUIN THE GENRE.

_ I do not like joy.

I may have had a little freakout the other day on Serial Drama's Facebook page about this. I'm going to get up SO EARLY tomorrow. To watch. For free. Because that's how it works. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS.




I can't even deal. I can't!


And then we have the "I've moved on" people who just have to say they've moved on. Like we care.

One more day until a brand new OLTL to discuss!

BTW, I wasn't an AMC watcher but I'm going to support the show. I hope they both do well. I truly believe this is the future of soaps. So many people now watch tv via online streaming, this type of venture was only a matter of time.

Loyalty to a corporation is something I will never get. Never mind that PP were within their rights to sue for breach of contract....people are sheep tbqh.

Loyalty to the corporation that trashed the shows and canceled them? Bitca, please!!!

The last time I watched AMC, Sarah Michelle Gellar played Kendall, but I'm totally checking out the new AMC, as well. I want both shows to succeed. I sincerely hope other departed soaps can be resurrected in this manner.

Louise, I'll be waiting for your studied analysis, your keen eye for detail, and your fangurly gushing over TnB. Not for me, you understand, but for the good of Serial Drama. My selfish needs are not a factor.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried today when I realized we're so close to our shows' rebirths. I know I'll cry more tomorrow. :)

I stopped watching AMC years ago, but stuck with OLTL through it all. I am not ashamed to say that tears were shed when I watched the last episode (okay, maybe the last few, but that speech Viki made about soaps and why we watch them...). And now... It is REALLY HAPPENING!!!! I'm even tuning back in to AMC just to support them... And signed up for Hulu plus. Funny because the only thing keeping me with my cable company was my soap, after it ended I cancelled cable and just watched TV online, so this is just all kinds of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for your first blog, no pressure or anything, Louise!

@ Boes: Cracking up at your post cuz I saw HULA posts too! All they have to do is Google One Life to Live and they'll get there. It's funny - I was the last person I knew to get a computer in the '90s, and get email and all that, but to not even know how to USE THE INTERNET? How do they survive in the work world?

This sux... You can only watch with Hulu Plus on iPad!!??!

Love the sarcasm, the people who complain about having OLTL & AMC back will never be satisfied with anything in life apparently.
The internet makes it easy for many people to act ridiculous!

I've been astounded by the just plain STOOPIT comments I've seen around the net...
They reinforce all the worst stereotypes about people who watch soaps!
BTW, did you see the piece in the NYT?!?!?
The writer hasn't respect for the genre, and assumes his readers don't either. He cites on of his issues as "Any young characters are played by actors far too old for the roles."

I have not seen this article. People keep mentioning it and I am afraid. Who wrote it?



I should't take it personally.... but I do!

My mom doesn't have internet and can't afford it. Can i find OLTL and AMC on a dvd i get for her.Also i Live out of state from her and she's not tech savy.

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