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April 23, 2013

With This Ring....

Y'all, Liam got married again!!! (He does that a lot. His wedding-to-actual-marriage ratio is pretty shameful, but he sure has broken the record on weddings.)

There's not much to say about it, really, but I couldn't resist posting this particular close-up of the big ring moment:

The ring

I can't help it, it cracked me up. I like that Steffy is an unconventional kind of gal (though I do think their presentation of it is pretty perfunctory -- she's something like 22 and wants nothing more than to settle down with a husband and new baby, but look! She rides a motorcycle into her wedding and wears black!), even if I do not share her particular version of unconventional aesthetic.

Otherwise, what a bummer of a little wedding. I always feel so sad for these soap characters who only have about five wedding guests and have to get married in the backyard. And they did the toasts in the middle of the ceremony -- so is there no reception? Lame! The reception is the good part! (Then again if you only have five guests, I guess a reception would be a little embarrassing. That would be such a sad electric slide.)


I like how she did her nail on the ring finger a different color so that Liam would know which was the right one. On one hand, Liam is so dumb that this makes sense. On the other hand, dude has had a lot of practice.

Ha! LogopolisMike gets today's comedy award for sure. Perfect.

Lol. I was going to comment the ring finger nail polish myself. Actually Steffy´s been doing the different-ring-finger-nail-polish for about a year now (some episodes this is the only entertainment I can find). I find it unsettling.

JMW has been looking prettier lately. That´s all I got.

Loved how Brooke actually stopped Hope from showing up at the wedding. This from a woman who showed up Ridge & Taylor's wedding on a horse. Perhaps, Katie's recent brush with death, and the whole Bill fling has made Brooke realize the folly of holding on to someone who is married to another person.

What the hell was that on her hand??? A bondage glove?

Your guess is as good as mine!

I think the gloves are part of the motorcycle-entrance ensemble.

More photos! Pleeeeassse. We're still stuck at Steffy clutching at her liver,( and hoping Liam chooses her for love) here in Australia.

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