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May 20, 2013

All Hail The Queen

Well, I started to take notes on today's General Hospital to find things to make light of in an effort to get my mind off of what's been happening in Oklahoma (I hope all of you in the area are okay) and, you know, there were definitely a few things I was gearing up to get all snarky about but then someone yanked the rug right out from under me and I found myself engaged in earnest and weeping. Not for fun-soapy-weepy reasons, but for being legitimately moved and heartbroken by some terribly painful and authentic scenes courtesy of the phenomenal Jane Elliott.

It really felt like a sucker punch. But in a good way! I expected more relish chat (and dreaded it, to be honest) and then they just turned right on around and hit me straight in the gut. Seriously, if you're in "watching only sporadically" mode right now, do not miss today's second half.

After Luke heinously kissed Tracy and tried to convince her to just sit and wait around for him while he goes off gallavanting, she stood up for herself in a way that garnered a standing ovation. (And lest we forget that had she not been given good material we would not have gotten this goodie, for today's episode I give mad respect and appreciation to Kate Hall, Jean Passanante, and Ron Carlivati.) 

Dude has no clue

Luke: Why isn't it to our mutual benefit to keep going the way we're going, and in the end have each other?

Tracy: Because I don't want to keep going the way we're going! I see how it all works out for you. You get to make Scott Baldwin wrong, yippee! You get to travel the world and nobody ever says you're alone or you're doddering because you've got me waiting for you. And what do I get. 

Luke: Me?

Tracy: When? When? In a decade? I want more than that! I want a soulmate!

Luke: Since when?

Tracy: Since always. What you and Laura had -- god knows how -- I ain't never had that!

Luke: And that's what you want?


Tracy: Clearly you find that surprising by my demeanor. But yes. I want -- I dream -- what every single woman dreams of. True love. 


Luke: Well, I'll be damned.

Tracy: And guess what? I'm not going to give up on that dream until my last dying breath. So don't you dare come in here and kiss me and feed me scraps. I am sick to death of making a meal out of crumbs. I want the whole meal. And I am not giving up until I get it. 


SLOW CLAP. You tell him, Tracy! Is this the same soap that spent years telling us true love is bullshit and damaging and not even real? With these lines being delivered by quite possibly this show's most cynical character? SO GREAT, you guys. Great writing, spectacular acting, just... moments like this are the damn point of watching soaps. Watching characters who never, ever, ever give up. Watching people who have dreams me might find corny or naive but the hope of it all is just contagious enough for us to get swept up the way we do.

Just massive kudos to everyone involved.

(Okay, no wait. One quick other thing -- Liz's disgusted "Really?" at AJ and Nik when they both tried to be the "hero" by bringing her cake? AWESOME.)


Jane Elliott was awesome in that whole speech and it was totally believable. Everything Tracey has ever done has been in search of love (from her father). This was a great storytelling and superb acting.

JE was fantastic in her scenes today. Here's hoping that Tracy kicks Luke to the curb.

By the way, when is it acceptable for a child killer to drink in the home of the boy's grandmother? Luke needs his butt whipped by every parent in town!

I heart Elizabeth Webber. Here's hoping that Liz kicks AJ and Nik in the gonads!

Jane Elliot totally knocked it way out of the park today. She rocks. She absolutely rocks! I felt every word she uttered to Luke, every emotion--her pain, her anger, her resolve to never settle for less than what she wants and deserves, and her confidence that she won't have to. So beautifully done.

I don't know who wrote her speech, but they and especially Jane deserve an Emmy. I just keep rewatching. "I want the whole meal!" is my new mantra.

I'm with you, Louise: All Hail Queen Tracy.

Any woman over age 35 who did not bawl their eyes out at this speech - either you have had an extraordinarily lucky love life that only happens to 0.0001% of the population or you are brain dead.

Oh, and bite me, Luke.

"By the way, when is it acceptable for a child killer to drink in the home of the boy's grandmother? Luke needs his butt whipped by every parent in town!"

Great point Ladybug!I need Monica to be the one to lay down that smackdown. After all that she has lost, she has more of a right to self-destruct than Luke. Yet, she's battled her alcoholism and won. How dare he drink in Monica's house after he hit her grandson with his car and left him in the middle of the road? I hope this gets addressed by the writers. It would be awesome for Monica to be pulled into this story.

Complete agreement. One of the best character moments for an actress who has frequently wonderful character moments. :)

Loved every second of it. ..was watching it and thinking how absolutely AMAZING Jane Elliot is, and wondering why for so long we had been subjected to one tone, one note and one story. . .all mob all hate all violence all the time. . .When THIS existed and could have been drawn upon!! It is a damn shame, especially given how much could have been done while the wonderful John Ingles was on our screen as well.

I was moved to tears by Elliot's performance - and able to feel her pain, frustration and hope. A huge Thank You to the wonderful, insightful and talented team who brought this to our screen and special kudos to the DIVINE MISS JANE!! Loved it!

Jane Elliot was AMAZING today. And whoever wrote that speech deserves major kudos. It was so affecting. And the element of surprise added to it--I was so sure she was ready to jump back with Luke.

I agree Louise, Liz's line about the cake was great. And Laura finally looked like she truly loved Scotty. She was beaming with happiness.

Anyone think Stavros impregnated Lulu?

The rest of the show just faded away into nothing with her performance today. Every scene was good, and every scene got better. The buildup to her crescendo was wonderful. It started out a little cheeky, a little funny, then changed into some serious exchange/conversation with Luke, and then POW!! She laid it out for him in capital letters, telling him what she wanted from life and what she DESERVED from life, and how she wasn't taking his - or anyone else's - scraps ever again.

And her final - "It's never too late - I'd like you to leave" - this is her Emmy reel. Jane Elliot has been one of the best things on this show, even in the midst of some pretty marvelous returns and today she proved she's still the gold we always knew she was.

And Lesley Webber - She's been an absolute delight. Here's a woman who looks GREAT acts her age, and makes performing look effortless.
And she's a Wiccan Priestess too? Does it get any better?

Fantasy Soap Crossover - Lesley Webber and Maeve Ryan sitting in the kitchen at Ryan's Bar exchanging life lessons.

I had GH on in the background while doing some other things, but when Tracy started that speech, I stopped and watched. AMAZING moment. That's soap at its best - voicing something that you believe wholeheartedly, maybe you've lived it, and someone puts it out there in all its raw honesty and it's almost as cathartic as having said it yourself.

Maybe someone could convince Jane Elliot to submit an Emmy reel this year, since she has refused to allow herself to be nominated for years. This was so, so worthy.

I also have to give kudos to Tony Geary as an acting partner for the last few weeks. Although Luke has not been my favorite for some time, he more than held up his end in three terrific scenes with three talented actresses -- Genie Francis, Maura West, and Jane Elliot.

Jane was a revelation today. I've loved her for years, but she owned this day more than ever before. Luke has never been worthy of her and he showed just why today. This is Tracy Quartermaine come into her own and I will accept nothing less going forward. All Cartini and co. have to do is get this one thing right: no compromises. This is the Tracy I've been waiting for.

Lesley's gold, too. They show gets so much wrong, but the things they get right are masterful.

Jane Elliott is Pure Gold. I knew you'd have a post about her performance as I watched it yesterday. Tracy's speech rang a bell for me as I could hear myself telling someone almost the same thing (not as fabulously as she did, of course). Newbies should watch her performance and take notes! She can make you laugh, she can be mean and tough, she can make you cry. She is amazing!

Why exactly is there always a fully stocked bar at the Q's? Two of the three people living in the mansion are alcoholics. And the only people that visit are ghosts (Emily and Alan were both drug addicts, right?) and Skye (alcoholic) and Luke (alcoholic)...

I suppose Gwen, that the Quartermaines keep the fully stocked for when people like Luke come over to the house to mooch off the free booze.

I <3 Lesley Webber. From the moment I started watching GH, she quickly became one of my favorite characters and heroine to root for. I was especially excited to learn she was returning and when she finally showed up, I was a bit giddy. I can't wait to see her spar with Monica.

Jane nailed every single one of those scenes. When a show has a powerful actress like this, why oh why stick her in some idiotic story about relish.

This was also the perfect set up for the reunion of Luke & Tracy. Maybe this time, he'll treat her like the Queen she it.

Jane Elliot was simply amazing and the dialogue by Kate Hall was wonderful. The perfect marriage of stellar acting with meaningful dialogue.

I loved it!

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