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May 01, 2013

And That Life Keeps On Livin'

Y'all, I have in no way calmed down or adjusted to this little fantasy world we're now living in where we can wake up to new episodes of One Life to Live every day. 

And it's just getting better, really. The first episode really had to cram everyone in, have an event as a set-piece, and give at least basic teasers for all the major plotlines. Since then, they've settled in a bit and we're delving a little deeper without having to spread everyone too thin. Tuesday's episode had the odd hiccup of Victor's big "back from the dead" return being pretty much the most anticlimactic entrance of a zombie anyone's ever seen -- most people just looked a little surprised or unnerved that he was in town but, you know, not enough to actually ask him why or how. I mean come on! They even ask for I.D. on Amtrak now!

But today, they awesomely finally let someone think it was a big freakin' deal. To be fair, the long-time residents of Llanview probably see about three or four people come back from the dead in a slow year, so it's really more like getting a surprise phone call. Dani, however, has only been in town a few years so it's a little more shocking (though of course the last guy she thought was her dad before she thought Victor was her dad was also presumed dead and then turned up out of nowhere still alive, and then turned up one more time way shorter and promptly got very dead again).

Téa was so excited for Dani to see that Victor's alive that it didn't occur to her to, say, check with a doctor or even just tell her hospitalized, recently-overdosed daughter that she about to get a visit from The Walking Dead, but that's so very Téa of her, isn't it?

Tea is super excited to possibly give dani a coronary

Hey what's up niece, i'm totes not dead
Look, sweetie, A GHOST!

Dani's immediate reaction was not calm joy, which must have been confusing to her mother.


Someone is actually shocked at the undeadvictorjr


But she got over it pretty quickly and accepted his mortality, or immortality as the case may be. No questions asked, naturally!

Speaking of Dani's dads, her third one got the scenes I'd been dying for.

Todd and his big sister, together again! Erika Slezak and Roger Howarth have always just been dynamite in scenes together, and I love how Viki grounds him and tries to keep him in line and he just can't help but soften.



Love it! And they even got into their little newspaper-publishing competitive sibling rivalry. I think my favorite new thing about the reboot so far might be how it's positioned journalism as a central theme, and that had long been missing as a foundation of this show. 

And Todd got to call Viki on her actual "bullshit!" And did I mention that yesterday Blair finally got to just tell it like it is and call Todd an "asshole" instead of the "YOU BASTARD" we've been hearing for decades? JOY. PURE JOY.

Todd filled Viki in on how he had a brief fling with a lady person back in Port Charles and pretended to be glad it's over since she was so high-maintenance (Carly is indeed that, my friend!), at which point Viki hilariously asked if he could say that about any woman after Blair. Yeah, Vikster, it was really Blair that was the high-maintenance one in that relationship! Love it. (Oh man, I'm really going to have to come up with variances on "love it," aren't I? IT'S JUST THAT I LOVE IT SO MUCH.)

Red letter day alert: Sam Manning is back in our lives! Little glasses and all!

  Lil sam

My heart. And he has to teach David Vickers some better texting techniques because of course. (How are they going to explain his father's status among the living to him? Did he really much notice his dad was dead, and how quickly are we going to get Spidey Sam scenes between him and his Uncle Todd??)

And Dorian gave advice to one of her Cramer girls!

Dorian counsels her niece

So sweet. And I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that La Boulaie is one of the core sets of the reboot. It feels good to know they understand the importance of that family on the OLTL canvas. (And functions just fine without her majesty Starr! Other Cramer women can totally drive story. Like a lot. And spectacularly.)

La boulaie

And Blair, David, and Dorian are getting up to "plans" together. I love when those three get into collective shenanigans!

Oh yeah, and the Two Todds!

The two todds

The really exciting story that got off to such a great start but then got stopped dead in its track for a murder mystery instead? REMEMBER THAT ONE? It's being told now!  

Todd also had some nice low-key scenes with Dani. Kelley Missal and Roger Howarth have a nice rapport, which they got very little chance to show the last time-around so this was a nice treat.

Speaking of nice parent-child rapport, Nora and Matthew also had a sweet little scene. Nora is, of course, being way too overbearing for the parent of a legal adult and all, but she provided Matthew with a nice explanation -- reminding us of all the hell that the family's been through and how frightening it is to worry about what could be happening to him. And hell, she did help cover up a murder he committed! 

Mama bear

Matthew can't help but smile at his mama

And I'm likin' this Robert Gorrie kid a lot so far. Nice casting choice.

And then Nora and Bo started to get it on.

The happy couple

That's right. Get it, Red!

Speaking of "red," though, where's Natalie? Tomorrow, perhaps? Soon, I'm sure!

Well, I really am just still like a kid in a candy store and am just a gleeful bag of happy. And I'm loving how much buzz the new shows are getting (and I'm super-psyched about OLTL's two Daytime Emmy nominations because maybe that'll help keep interest up!) and how happy the cast and crew seem to be. This is just damn fun, which is what soaps are for. Go figure!


I found this episode to be the best one so far. I agree though that some of the stories feel rushed and we are missing some beats, especially with the victor reveal. Hopefully we get more of that story real soon. Other than that, I am loving the show. Can't believe its back!

Viki and Todd have such an amazing rapport on screen.. I could watch the two of them just beam at each other and be happy, but I also got Spider Sam and Cramer goodness,, I feel like someone has been listening to what the fans want and actually giving it to them..

Viki has always been in my OLTL Fave Five (Blair, Todd, Dorian and Starr in the other slots) but the Prospect Park reboot has really allowed Viki and Erika Slezak to shine. I LOVED her teasing Todd about *not* being a journalist. When she introduced Todd to Jeffrey -- a real journalist! -- I lost it completely. Viki's like the only person allowed to talk shit to Todd. The best part? Todd adores it when she does so. ADORES IT!!!

Our show is back, people!!!

Tea and Blair look edible. If my husband became aware that I wrote that, he'd be intrigued or afraid. I don't care. EDIBLE!!! Prospect Park knows how to dress these fine lasses. Bring on Natalie so I can drool over her, please.

Louise, I adore you. I've missed you the way Viki missed Todd (not the way she missed Vic--you feel me?)

GReat recap. I agree with it all.

I am so excited that OLTL is back on the air! Take that ABC/Disney!

Spidey Sam is still so adorable.

Tea and Victor still have that awesome chemistry.

I really hope Addie pops up some time this year.

I have to agree that Tea and Blair looked smoking hot. I'm coveting Tea's pretty nail polish.

I loved the Viki scenes with Todd, Jeffrey, and Matthew. I think my favorite scenes of the episode were the ones were Viki made digs about Todd being a reporter. Ha!

Generally, I liked that Todd and Victor are clearly two very different animals and it's obvious by the differences in the way everyone interacts with them. The most obvious in this episode was Viki's dynamic with both. Victor seems to have PTSD because the man's obviously traumatised and very taciturn. Todd's not much better off even if he covers it his usual way. His scenes with Dani where Dani called him out was perfect. I've been waiting for that without screaming and hysterics.

Great David/Dorian/Blair scenes. Dorian's concern for Blair now that Todd's back - perfect. They were always my favorites and their relationship was always one of my favorite things about OLTL. Little Sam is so adorable; someone needs to tell him his dad's back from the dead.

Also, the Nora/Bo, Nora/Matthew scenes were great too. I especially like the Nora/Matthew scenes, except for thinking that the coffee shop was a little crowded with too many chairs.

All in all, this was the best episode of the three aired to date IMO.

I hate the cussing. I find it distracting. It cheapens the show, IMO, and it is enough to keep me from watching.

"Look, sweetie, A GHOST!"

HA! Oh Louise! But Kelley Missal has really been impressing me thus far, I'm invested in Dani more than I've ever been.

Loved Viki laughing at Todd calling himself a journalist.

I missed Natalie too, I need more Nat and Cutter sexy on my screen pronto!

Given that I'm PottyMouth McSailorGirl (ok, not legally, yet), the swearing doesn't bother me. And it's a heck (see what I did there?) of a lot better than the junk (did it again!) we were subjected to under Higley. I'd way rather have swearing than corpses (almost corpses) that float for weeks and rape played for laughs.

Louise, I agree about Robert Gorrie, I'm also liking Corbin Bleu - although that can't be a real name, can it?

I wasn't sold about watching a soap online, but the minute I started welling up on Monday just seeing the doors of Llanfair, I was hooked.

Blair calling Todd an asshole yesterday gave me LIFE. LIFE!! It was magnificent.

Todd calling Viki's bullshit in regards to Dorian was delightful.

I love that we have relationships, families, interacting the way they should be. Friendships exist here, too.

Tea finally became interesting to me yesterday because she said something Carlivati would have never allowed to have come out of her mouth (I don't think I want to be a mother anymore.) It was a moment that really made me sit up and take notice because, dammit, layered characters with flaws that aren't white-washed, strengths and weaknesses, relationships... it's something I haven't seen in years.

Todd is absolutely isolated and his behavior in this past year is coming back to bite him HARD. And it should.

Blair's standing up for herself, actually being allowed to talk with Dorian, be on her side as well.

So. Much. Love.

Cussing? There was cussing? Sounded like real people talking to me, unless I missed someone saying "Oh my Stars and Garters, Mercy Maud!" Seriously, it's so lowkey and so NOT a focus I barely notice it. They certainly aren't using it for any shock value. Shock value would involve some FAR nastier words....

I was waiting to hear a little DanYella! Just kidding - any child of Tea's would naturally have a great set of pipes and she does. I always though Kelly Missal had talent, and I think she's gotten better while the show has been off the air. Her conversation with Todd was well done. And her potshots at him were well deserved. And it's reassuring to see that Victor has the same lack of social graces that his brother does. These two are SO related!

Vicki's scenes with both brothers were very good. And did you notice how different she was with each one? I liked that.

Matthew - I don't like him much but I DO think the actor is doing a good job of playing him as a little self-centered jerk. And I loved Nora. There was something in her performance today that just felt more real than it did on the network. And I continue to like Corbin Bleu.

I think we're going to see Todd and Victor joining forces in some way to fight the organization that had Victor. And I bet it ties in with Dorian in some way. How great to hear them mention Alison Perkins!

Oh, best of all - SAM!! I'm so glad they got that kid back. And Todd's going to need to have some child in Llanview who likes him without reservation.

And maybe best of all.....NO STARR. Didn't miss her a bit.

Preach, MD. I don't have a problem with cursing or graphic sexuality in general. And it irks me that things like that are verboten while graphic violence and depictions of violence against women that are real-life triggering are A-OK. I'll take all the swearing in the world over insulting and offensive stories (lol rapemance wtf) and graphic violence.

Is it my imagination or is BLAIR more GORGEOUS than ever?!?!?!

VIKI: "Bathroom Reading, at best!"
(do they have bathrooms at Llanfair?)

I am pleasantly surprised with Corbin Bleu... Not only can he hold his own, but he is LIKEABLE.

I continue to be impressed with DANI... Ms. Missal must have been studying in the interim, plus her character is actually DOING something now, not just REacting to others.

I agree with the poster above; something was MORE maternal (& endearing) about NORA than in the old OLTL.

I have ONE LITTLE TINY COMPLAINT..... They couldn't have found a better wig for DORIAN?!?!?!?!
That shabby thing came right off the shelf at RICKY'S™!!!!

The cursing does not bother me. What bothers me is the STILL non acting that is Andrew Trishetta (sp). We get a new Matthew (good choice), a new Destiny (not so much), couldn't we get a new Jack? I would have thought he would have taken some acting lessons during the year long break. I guess not. :( Other than not being able to watch ANY scenes with Jack (thank goodness you can skip scenes)I think it is okay so far. The pacing does seem off, but I'm sure that will get better as it goes along.

I'M SO SAD. In Canada you can't get hulu or huluplus, AND you can only watch on FX Canada, which I can't get because Bell doesn't carry that channel! Ugh!!

I would consider switching but my whole family likes Bell because of the sports. I don't think I could get them to switch for OLTL.

I'll just have to keep coming here and reading what I can about it to try to keep up with my OLTL peeps!

Still so sad. :(

I thought I read that PP was providing OLTL FREE on its Facebook page? Try that, Bethie.

Glad to be back. Didn't anyone mention Nigel! It makes me think others will be coming into frame as we go. Little gifts! Thank you very much.

Kate 68, Nigel was on Monday's show! It was adorable: http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2013/04/the-second-life-to-live.html

bethie, I feel like it will sort itself out sooner rather than later if these reboots catch on -- they will eventually expand availability. In the meantime, maybe just pinch pennies for the occasional iTunes download, or the recap episodes?

Oh Louise I've been waiting for your recap! It was excellent of course and many of the comments here (even the one about Tea's nail polish color!) are spot on!

I too think the pacing is a bit off, but OMG it so great to see these people back on my screen, I can wait for things to level out. I have actually been excited to get of bed in the moring. Not sure what that says about my life!

I love how Dani's eye makeup is still perfect after getting her stomach pumped.

Also, I hope in the time that RH is on the show that Todd and Victor can come together and realize they're BOTH victims. I mean...Victor only stole his life because Irene programmed him to. He didn't do it on purpose.

Been much happier with the progression since episode 1. Which like you said, had to cram alot into a short amount of time. So understandable.

But the intro? Not floating my boat.

Louise, thank you for the hilarious screencap captions! I fell over laughing at the THIRD BROTHER WITH PLASTIC SURGERY!

HAHAHAHAHA! You're awesome :)

Great recap and everyone, please email/text/tweet Hulu to thank them for bringing the show back. And rate episodes! For the first time we can actually give real time feedback on storylines by voting on eps. As someone who's had Hulu for two years now, and has gotten rid of most of my cable except sports, they're very customer oriented so let them know how much you appreciate what they've done!

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