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May 28, 2013


No, I'm kidding, I have none of that to offer.

So sorry for my pathetic silence, especially in light of such fun stuff on OLTL last week. I have been working too hard playing too hard and sleeping not at all and I'm just running on fumes here. So let's just dive in with some totally random non-sequiturs about today's episode of One Life to Live.

First of all, Tea thinks Jack was always the more grounded one of Todd's kids? Did someone give her forget-me-now pills about basically every interaction she's ever had with him?

Second of all, Bo not understanding that Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion was the cutest ever


Snoop DON'T lie

Nora: It's Snoop Lion, honey.

Bo: Snoop don't lie, honey!

As awkward as Snoop's visits always are, they'll never fail for me just because of the whole incongruity in his alleged friendship with Bo and Nora. Sure, we had sit through his movie plug, but we also got that hilarious explanation of his name change, complete with Bo getting all starry-eyed and nostalgic about all that meaningful time he spent in Jamaica. OF COURSE HE DID!

Viki and Natalie finally got some mother/daughter time! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like we've only seen them on phone calls with each other but not actually sharing a scene. I love their relationship. 



I can't lie, though. I'm a bit disappointed that Natalie's storyline is picking up steam and it seems to be about John. Despite having been won over at the end, I hadn't ever been a fan of that couple (I much preferred her with Jared and Cristian, both men who liked her bad-girl streak and loved her like crazy). I know they were beloved but for me personally he took away a lot of her fire.

Now, if thinking about him always leads to her doing shots and getting all hottied out and going clubbing, I'm all for it!

Whatsup natty's girls

Unfortunately the hints were coming left and right that Clint was totally responsible for their breakup and Natalie has no idea John thinks she took out a restraining order on him to keep him away from Liam. (Really? Clint can be nefarious, but these people have friends in common!) Which of course sets up a reunion, which also might mean a recast. I need to stop overthinking it! I'm too delirious!

So, is the youth brigade pretty much going to be featured in 100% of the episodes? Don't get me wrong, I really don't dislike them. And I think both Rob Gorrie and Corbin Bleu were pretty phenomenal casting choices. But maybe they can skip every fifth episode? How's that sound? Those can be Vimal's days, obviously!

How's the new two-episodes-a-week structure working for everyone? I'm still sad about it, but coincidentally it happened during such a busy time for me that it worked out kind of well. (My DVR is still full of my other soaps unwatched -- OLTL is the only one I've caught all of because it's the morning routine. Well, twice a week.) Of course I guess it's out into the great unknown again what with all the writing team personnel changes! I GET NERVOUS, Y'ALL. I'm still having to pinch myself that the show is back at all!


Agree, agree, agree, agree. John neutered Natalie and I hated it. Not at first, mind you but eventually he did and I ended up disliking the character SO MUCH.

Jared. *sigh*

I'm already a little burned out with Matthew and Dani. They're even starting to grate a little. but I'm not going to complain! (yet)

More Vimal/David/Cutter stuff. That was great!

I got behind the last couple of weeks, so the 2 day schedule works for me currently. Once I'm caught up though, it will be not so good.

John's not allowed to show up until a) they wring all the hotness out of Natalie and Cutter there is, b) Clint blows his stack when he finds out and Natalie throws Kim in his face, and c) Clint and Natalie and all of Llanview find out that Cutter and Kim are the children of Alex Olanov.

Shenaz Treasury's...um...treasures...were looking very...um...rich today.

OLTL has some stacked ladies in Blair, Rama and Natalie.

I, too, loved Natalie's fire with Jared and Cristian. At one time, I did like Jolie 1.0, and even JoVan, but hated Jolie 2.0 with a passion. John brought Natalie down with all of his hypocrisy.

I'm a tad confused as to why Clint would keep John away from Liam but have no issues trying to force Matthew to be a parent to Drew? Yes, I know Clint is mad at John for kissing another woman, but Natalie is a big girl and could have ripped John's head off all on her own, and still find time to kick Sam's butt all the way to the west coast!

I don't ever want a John McBain recast on the show, because I want Cutter to be paired with Natalie (I just hope that Dusky doesn't become the spoiler in their relationship since she was eyeing him at the club on today's episode)! And Louise, Clint wasn't rally responsible for John and Natalie's break-up, it was Todd who caused their break-up because he sent Natalie the picture of John kissing Sam on the Fourth of July last summer on GH! Clint probably filed the restraining order (even though John thought Natalie filed the restraining order) against John so he wouldn't see his son Liam!

Snoop Lion?! Is that really his new name now?
Loving the screencaps.

I am all for Cutter/Natalie. I don't care if John comes back or not. Ya'all are way too scared of that guy! Stop it. This is not ABC's OLTL. Lolol.

The Snoop movie is a real thing?? Now that's funny!

Clint is probably behind the "Dear John" letter that really ended John and Natalie. And definitely behind all the restraining orders and custody stuff that Natalie appears to be unaware of. Because Natalie has been spending all of her time feeding Liam giant growth pills.

Louise, what about Cutter and Natalie? I thought you were shipping them now!

I love how every dude who works at Blair's club is like ridiculously model hot, even for a soap, and that Blair comments on it. Because it is so Blair.

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