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May 30, 2013

I Could Run Through A Glass To Be With You

Yeah, I finally found out what that one line in the theme song is. What does that even mean? Like a tumbler? A wine glass? 

I guess everyone is supposed to be writing about General Hospital today because of how utterly head-scratching (and rape-themed, so fun, whee!) it has been for the past two days and, honestly, I could write a whole rant about how they appear to be re-inventing Franco (Franco! The worst idea ever the first time!) as Todd Manning 2: The Darkening so that they can keep Roger Howarth snarking and smirking and menacing instead of letting him stretch as a brand new, unrecognizable character (as I've only ever seen him on OLTL and in a few plays, I had really been looking forward to it.... oops) that doesn't play father to a character portrayed by Kristen Alderson (and you know it's a red letter day when I'm finding her role to be the most compelling of the three thus far). But as you can see from my inability to even complete a clause without throwing in a parenthical (and such random ones at that), my brain is currently imploding over all that madness and I am still in shock (except: yay Dante!) so I'm going to take a brief moment to bask in my very favorite few minutes of today's One Life to Live.

If you've read many of my OLTL posts, you already knew what it's going to be so I won't play coy about it.

Todd makes blair sing

As an umpteen-years-unapologetic lover of Todd and Blair, I feel it only fair to point out that I am in no way looking for those two to reunite right now. The crap he pulled toward the end of ABCOLTL and then what he did to their daughter over on GH means that I could not possibly buy a reunion between them. She should not take him back right now. Plus, we also know Howarth's not around full-time and permanently, so there's no point being naive about it. So all I ask is that the depths of what they had (and have) being acknowledged and addressed. Someday, somehow, they'll find their way back. Even though it's not now. And if we get that, I'm golden. And we're getting that.

I should also put it out there that I don't generally love it when Kassie DePaiva (or anyone in soaps, for that matter) (except maybe Jack Wagner) (oh and Rick Springfield, duh) sings on the show, but it's just something I usually shrug off. It's generally some sort of adult contemporary something-or-other (or easy-listening?) (I CAN'T STOP THE PARENTHETICALS, HELP ME) and that genre kind of creeps me out, but look. If DePaiva is a shrewd enough businesswoman to make sure she gets to sing on the show to promote her part-time pursuits, more power to her. I know a thing or two about part-time pursuits. 

But damn. Today? It was just all there. The longing, the realization that maybe it's lost for good this time, the vulnerability, all that history of love and hatred and fear. 

No todd you CANNOT face yourself in the morning light

First of all, he introduced her as Blair Manning and she didn't fight him on it!

Let's just do a slide show of Todd's facial expressions watching his soulmate and Most Pathetic competitor sing a song, shall we?

Yep you definitely screwed up a great thing

Sad todd

Todd's pretty songbird

The loveliest moment was just the tiniest, tiniest movement at the side of his mouth into a half smile after she sang a line like, "Can you look at me and say that all this love we made is so easy to forget?" because no, no, he most certainly cannot.

Tiny little half smile

And then as quickly as the subtle half-smile came, it went, just as he realized that this is lost to him. Because of him.


  She sings to him

Ohhhh now i want to hug a kidnapping babyswapping rapist oopsie

Seriously, what a beautiful performance by Roger Howarth. 

Those two just sell this every freaking time, no matter how implausibly the decks are stacked against them being ever able to feel anything for anyone ever again, much less each other.

In summary, hell yeah!

Also, this happened!

Natty cutter YES

GET it, Nat!


Natalie also got to dance with hot ass Bruce. She is a lucky woman, and they are lucky men.

Yes, and thank you! I have to disagree about the reunion though. I need my babies to get back together. I need it to be after a really, really long conversation - you know, the conversation they should have had in 1996 and ever since and never did. But then, yeah, I'm going to need the reunion (a steamy one.) I'm also honestly perplexed about the RH situation. I assume he'll be back (how often?). But he's in the opening while TSJ (who's also recurring) is not, so I assume RH will in fact reappear.

For what it's worth, Roger Howarth's stint as Paul Ryan on ATWT was basically Todd without the rape history. I don't dislike him, but I'm pretty sure this is his range, such as it is.

Love this post!

But, Kassie's stated to fans this is the beginning for T&B (she told a fan that things really kicked off after this performance) and the show has been pimping them like crazy.

I feel it's safe to say we're getting a reunion even if Roger's not fulltime. They can't really have her character run around with random's while establishing Todd as the love of her life. It's not believable and I think the show is pushing them as a mainstay. They're clearly cleaning up the mess made from his character from GH and reestablishing Blair as his OTB and family as his priority helps that. Just my 2cents!

Love this.

Roger Howarth is doing both shows on an ongoing basis, FYI.


1. Note the "right now" above. Of COURSE I want a reunion eventually, y'all! C'mon now!

2. I know he is splitting time, but he will not be a permanent full-time fixture on OLTL. They are definitely reviving Todd and Blair. I just don't think we're heading for a full reunion at the moment, but that's fine with me because they're paying plenty of attention to how hard this is for both of them.

Hey, I'm okay with a torturously drawn out (for me) reunion as long as there's good payoff at the end and good angst in between. No slapdash reunions wanted here, no sir, no ma'am.

ann, that's what I'm talkin' about!!

I love Roger Howarth. LOVE. But I cannot take Franco part deux. Give me Todd Manning any day. (Or every Tuesday and Thursday.)

How HOT are Natalie and Cutter, you guys. Their kiss today was super sexy. John McBain who!

Natalie and Cutter = hotness.

I loved the Natalie and Cutter kiss! and Louise, what do you think of the drug trafficking storyline going on at Shelter, with Cutter and Dean running a drug ring in the club? And also, do you (or anybody else) find it weird that the show hasn't explained yet how Alex Olanov (or someone else) got Cutter out of prison and escaped a murder charge, and returned to Llanview to work at Blair's new club as a manager and club promoter?

I am absolutely loving Natalie and Cutter. Finally a man that isn't sucking the life out of Natalie. She and Cutter are freaking HOT!

Louise, you've made me a Todd/Blair shipper and I barely know anything about them except that they belong together! :)

"most pathetic competitor." le sigh. you're going to send me on a youtube spiral,louise.

Louise, is that the OLTL theme song? I thought I had the words figured out and I'm not hearing that. What part/who's dancing at this line?

You have a way with words, my friend. And I always enjoy your posts - whether I agree with you or not. I love this description of Todd and Blair. And how cool of you to point out all the amazing acting Roger can do with just his facial expressions! In this crazy soap time, it's refreshing to have your perspective. Thanks.

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