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May 15, 2013

Such A Waste of a Pretty Dress

Starting with honesty: I have not missed a minute of GH in years (seriously, not one minute). That is, up until the last couple of weeks. This isn't because of some big statement or that I'm giving it up or angry at the show or any of the above, it's just that since OLTL came back I've been too busy to maintain three soaps fully, and so for whatever reason GH is the one that fell into "occasional viewing with fast-fowarding" temporarily. (Y'all know I caught the Anna/Duke stuff from last week after being told about it, of course!) I think maybe with the intensity of the big 50-hour marathon and then all the anniversary coverage I just got a bit burnt out for a little while.

Anyway, I'm trying to pick it back up again with some flying through and some reading of recaps. And as you can imagine, watching entire episodes laden with The Chew business was not really the best way to dive back in. Especially with this new version of Morgan that rubs me every possible wrong way and then the trio of former OLTL actors returning in their weird new roles. 

I'll say this: I much prefer Kristen Alderson as a brunette.

And that is all I will say.

But let's talk about Liz. Poor Liz has seriously spent most of the last eight years or so dressed in scrubs and sneakers and being pregnant. In just the last month alone she's been in more adorable little outfits than she has been in the last five years combined, I'd say.

Here's where I have a problem. Full disclosure: I do not like the character of Nikolas Cassadine. I know, I'm a horrible person. I understand his legacy and his significance on canvas and how much lovely drama he brought to the show in his early years (and oh my, was Tyler Christopher an impossibly handsome young man). But it's been many, many, many years since I've found him to be an even remotely engaging character. I could spend all day analyzing this, but nobody has time for that and I'm too exhausted to open up Pandora's Box of debate here. Point is, it's worth being honest going into this that I'm predisposed to feel like Nik removes any potential energy from any potential pairing he's in, no matter with whom. 

So as you can imagine, it's killing me that so many of these pretty outfits on Liz are being wasted on scenes with Nikolas!

Liz looking too pretty for greasy princes

Look at that cute little spaghetti strap dress and her perfect hair and excellent alabaster skin!

Nik being extra smarmy

Oh, and then look at draining "Prince" Nik talking down to her and making sure he understands how much he always nobly knows what's best for her. I mean he's going to be a gentleman enough to PERMIT her to make her own decisions even though he thinks she's just a stupid girl who doesn't know anything, or at least nothing near those wise morsels of knowledge he's got. The face of chivalry, ladies and gentlemen!

But thankfully, anytime I find my skin crawling at all the smarm, good ole Lizzie handles it by giving the bitchface smackdown.

Lizzie webber bitchface in full effect

Oh, if only Nik were wrong! Unfortunately, now AJ has not only slept with Carly and lied about it, he's now continuing to lie to Elizabeth based on being blackmailed by Aunt Tracy over that very indiscretion.

If there is any justice in this world, Liz will find out the truth and it will not lead her rushing into Nik's arms because she will see that his GENIUS in knowing that AJ will screw up doesn't reduce the douchebaggery and condescension on his part in the least. (Also, really, Nik's going to judge someone over sexual indiscretion? He'd know. As would Liz, of course, so I imagine she could muster up some forgiveness!)

Oh yeah, and Connie and Olivia tied up a "bad guy" (aka an enforcer in an illegal business so, you know, what Saint Jason was and what Shawn is and all the other GH "good guy" enforcers) and held him at gunpoint gleefully because both of them like the mob so much now that they have a blast playing its games.

The falconeri sisters play mob house

Anyway, they eventually succeeded in giving up the location so that Sonny and Shawn could go save the day, and for that little victory? Connie and Olivia celebrated by eating pizza! "We deserve a slice!" they said, because remember they are from Bensonhurst and in Bensonhurst it's colloquial to just say "a slice." Bensonhurst! Slice! Bensonhurst! And now Olivia, who lied about her son's paternity to protect him from the mob for decades, is chuckling that maybe she missed her mob calling. Because of course!

Oh and also, this.

Pucker up and brood, doctor clay!

Ha! Such a transformation.

So uh... we'll get more Anna and Duke soon, right? And Lucy? And Laura?  



Louise you are not alone with you Nik issues. I have hated him for many many years and actually groaned when he returned.

Of course it was played for laughs, but I honestly don't care. That Olivia/Konnie scene made me sick. 'Cause the mob is just so fun, and Sonny's so cool, and you ROCK as a mobster, cuz!

Nevermind said individual tried to ritually execute Olivia's son. And Kon Kon had repeated mental breakdowns from being around the guy and his life. Seriously, shouldn't this incident raise yet another red flag about why she be staying the hell away?

This is why I hate the mob on GH. It's not necessarily because of the mob itself. It's because ANY mob story inevitably runs the course of feeding a goon of the week for Sonny and Co. to curb stomp while 2/3 of PC (except for the BAD people like AJ and the Quartermaines) cheer them on. Because Sonny and Current Lackey are so badass, and intimidating, and care for their children. ??

In case that wasn't clear, I really hate Sonny. He is a spray-tanned turd.

Blue Steel! That is hilarious.

Oh god, Nikolas, that prince of douches. I feel you, Louise. I haven't liked him in years, either. Like before Stefan was crazy and dead.

Liz is just so pretty and how I wish AJ would do the smart thing and just 'fess up to her. But I suppose that would violate soap rules.

Louise, I am with you on the Nik thing. I have not liked him in years, and did a major eye-roll when he warned Liz about AJ's "entitlement issues".....seriously Prince Nikolas? And why is he always shirtless? Why does his smile look more like a wince? Why am I supposed to like the guy who helped himself to his brother's fiance and now thinks she belongs with him after being gone for 2 years. He seems so passionless, except when he's got his hands on a woman. Hope he packs up and goes back to France or wherever.

"That is all I will say."


Oh, come on! You're not going to say what you think about the Llanview transplants new roles? Is this because you're Twitter pals with Ron? He NEEDS to hear it, to be honest.

At the risk of being stoned -- first off, I think Liz and AJ and Carly and Nik (who looks better than he has in years) are all so pretty that I could look at all of them all day. Their hair alone! (They really ought to use their hairdresser for this Silas character, because ME's hair: yech.)

As someone who still has a soft spot for Nik and the whole Liz/Lucky/Emily/Nik friendship of old and hates what Guza did to that legacy, I am willing to watch this attempt to repair at least some of the damage that the Liz/Nik affair did to Liz's character. And I think TC and BH have loads of chemistry, even though it was used very badly last time.

I love that Elizabeth is being fought over by two attractive men and that she is demanding respect from both of them, that every couple in this quadrangle has fans, and that it's a bit unpredictable how it's going to play out, although I suspect that ultimately Liz/AJ (who are very sweet together) are endgame.

It's not that I hate Nicholas, he's just an... ass.

Liz looked so pretty and it is nice seeing her not pregnant or in scrubs!

I am actually feeling Liz and Nik more than Liz and AJ now because....Carly. I just can't get over that. He's still self-destructive, he just used sex instead of booze. And he hasn't grown that much...he's always needed validation so much that he's blind to anything that isn't running ELQ. I'd have more respect for him if he came back and decided to be a carpenter or something.

I really wanted to like him.

I love it all.
Olivia being ridiculous... I want someone to take Sonny out and put Liv in charge. She can use her psychic flashes to keep her enemies in check.

I love Nik. He is totally doing Uncle Stefan proud. I love AJ. And though its sad I like that AJ would rather lose ELQ than Liz.

So Much Fun.

okay, at first I was gonna lambaste you for not liking Nikolas, but the truth is, all my affection for him comes from his amazing relationship with Stefan. Without him, I don't really care about him on his own. Bring back Stefan!

KA looks much better as a brunette. But, um, herheadisjustasginormous.

I want to hug you because I feel like the Nik and Niz love has been engulfing the internet and I DON'T GET IT. I disliked the character of Nik long before he and Liz wound up in the sack, and years later I find him to be even more of a smarmy, condescending douchebag than ever. Unfortunately I do think Liz is going to run right into his arms as soon as she finds out about CarnAJ which just undoes all the growth she's been through as a character in the past 6 months. It seriously irks. I admit I've stopped watching because of it. Maybe if TC is given the heave ho again I'll tune back in, but that isn't seeming likely. I know Nik and Niz have fans...I just DON'T GET IT and I never will :(

Not to presume to speak for her, but I really don't think that Louise was disavowing ever saying anything about the OLTL transplants so much as she wasn't going to dwell on that in this particular column. I have no doubt we'll get her trenchant opinions when she's ready to share them.

I also think it's disingenuous to think online commentary is going to change the trajectory the showrunners have planned. But that's just my opinion.

I can happily assure you that Twitter has not a thing to do with what I write here. If I didn't think Carlivati could take the heat, I have no idea why I would have written this post at all. The man gets people wishing death on him because of choices he makes for a freakin' soap opera, I think he can handle my opinions when I share them regardless of which way they skew. But Howarth wasn't on this episode, and Easton's and Alderson's scenes weren't much to really say much about yet, that's all. (Though I will say I respect those fellas for commitment to their work, what with that hilarious hair! NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!)

I've definitely missed KA's brown hair! Although she's gotten really skinny. I think she looked better back on OLTL when she had really long dark hair and wasn't all skin and bones. Just my opinion.

I'm not Nikolas's biggest fan either. At first I thought it was Tyler Christopher's fault, but I really like him on The Lying Game, so I think it's the writing. I liked him with Emily, but after she died, he started acting really self-righteous and like he was entitled to have anything and anyone he wanted. But at least Elizabeth is being written better than she was during that God-awful Nik/Liz storyline. She's definitely got more self-respect now.

I have to say that I'm little confused about KA's new role as Kiki Jerome, since I guess that means that Lauren Frank is her half-sister or are we supposed to assume that she changed her name to Kiki? Also I find it a little ridiculous that John McBain looked like Stephen Clay who has an older brother who looks exactly like him. It would have made more sense for Silas to be Stephen's idential twin. Sort of like the Ryan/Kevin Collins storyline way back in the day.

All I will say about Nik, is boy, those Cassadine men get obssessed when it comes to their women don't they? And given how awful Nik's family is, I don't really think he has a leg to stand on when it comes to AJ.

I scratched my head when GH would not put Liz with Jason, because of his dangerous life style, and yet, the same show had no problem with Niz when we all know Helena is a nutty fruit cake!

What is really driving me mad with Nik is him constantly SAYING he is backing off. SAYING he isn't pressuring Elizabeth. And he is saying this EVERYDAY as he shows up to see Elizabeth as often as possible to pressure her and tell her what a bad bad man AJ is.

I am not seeing him pursuing her, I'm seeing him try to seduce her.

AJ on the other hand is just sweet. He made a huge mistake with Carly but wow I didn't expect him to be willing to give up ELQ for Elizabeth. I was pretty impressed!

Sorry to disagree with most of you, but I love Nicholas. He is always there to take care of his family--he's the most concerned of all the kids about Laura and always has been. He's generous as well and was so good with the new Spencer today.

I like AJ a lot--and am tired of Tracy's routine--she's hardly the poster child of good behavior. So I hope AJ gets ELQ and I hope Nicholas and AJ both try to woo Elizabeth.

As for Kiki, I don't mind her--it's an introduction to a new character. I'm curious where the story is going.

I'm most sorry ME is not a cop--I thought he and Dante had good partner vibes.

Michael Easton played twins on Port Charles years ago (Caleb & Father Michael). Except at the end of the story arc, it turned out that both characters were a split personality & Father Michael was eventually merged with Caleb & gone. Very high on my Weird Crap-O-Meter.

I admit I haven't watched gh in several weeks as well, then caught gh the same day as your recap here. What a huge disappointment. I think, I just may be ready to let it go for a while. We'll see, maybe after I see Anna and Duke or Laura, Luke and Scotty, I may change my mind, but there was absolutely nothing of interest that I saw on this day.

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

I have always loved Nik. And I have always loved Loz. I even loved them through that incredibly poorly written affair that made no sense.

So I'm loving them now. When their biggest obstacle seems to be Liz's lingering issues over their betrayal of Lucky.

I was trying really hard to like AJ and Liz, but the minute Nik opened his eyes and said "Hi, Elizabeth" I remembered all my Nik/Liz love and was all, "AJ who?"
I'm glad we can all agree that it is great to see Liz wearing lots of cute outfits and having great hair and makeup and not spending most of her time listening to Sabrina drone on about Patrick, though!

As far as the new roles - I just want to say that I'm looking forward to RH taking his shirt off or getting it on with some random without everyone screeching "TODD WOULDN'T DO THAAAAAAAAT." Believe me, I understand and respect the concept of years of story and staying true to the character etc etc....but I want that man to be as naked as possible as often as possible.

As far as Niz or Quiz, as a tall and curvy woman, I'm just jealous of teeny weeny lil Liz having the 2 hugest men in PC fighting over her (other than, of course, Max & Milo).

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