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May 30, 2013

The Curious Case of The Guy With The Name That We All Hate

So yesterday was a pretty uneventful episode of General Hospital, right? No big revelations, no appalling history rewrites, no atmosphere of seediness and grossness, and certainly no horrified viewer revulsion at home.

Ha, just kidding. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.

While I try to re-teach myself the English language, the memory of which fled my mind in panic after Wednesday's show ("OHMYGOD SHE'S GOING TO MAKE ME WRITE ABOUT THAT ICK. CAN'T DO IT, WON'T DO IT. LANGUAGE SKILLS, OUT!"), let's try to decide once and for all which bit of ridiculousness is the most ridiculous: is it the now-iconic "James Craig is Jerry Jacks! And now he's dead! Just kidding, he's not! But he is! And now he's not again! Plastic surgery and immortality, you are just too much!" ridiculousness or the "Franco is ALIVE! And still WEIRD. And now played by the guy who just played Todd except we're not even allowed to say the name Todd for legal reason. Is his canvas still murder? STAY TUNED!" ridiculousness? Or is all of the above completely meaningless to you because you've managed to deliberately repress every one of those sixty gross and terrible and Franco-filled minutes?


Bringing Roger back as anyone but Todd is the lamest thing ever done on GH and they have done alot of lame things, I've been a watcher
/fan for along time...but am getting to the point where I don't even care anymore. Sigh.

oh mallory, there you are being the big mean ol' bad cop again ;)

I aam starting to agree with a lot of message board comments that Ron is still stuck on not being able to tell his OLTL Todd & Victor story so he'll just move it over to GH with Jason & Franco.

RoHo is still playing Todd Manning. There so many GH characters that could have been brought on even another evil Cassasdine.

If ABC/GH wanted to keep Roger Howarth, they had no choice but to bring him back as someone other than Todd Manning. That's not anything they could control once Prospect Park declined to share the character rights long-term.

I wrote this at greater length on another post, but, in short, I guess I'm lucky because I didn't watch any of the Franco fiasco -- I was boycotting GH until Guza was gone. I come into this story line with zero baggage. So I'm enjoying RH playing ominous and crazy. And I enjoy any opportunity for AJ to get his righteous Sonny hatred on. (I did know about Michael's rape and, though I wish it hadn't happened, I'm glad that AJ knows. And I'm glad that Sam was not raped by Franco.) Plus Helena and Stavros! I guess what I'm saying is that I am not hating this week?

uliis, :) It's a title I wear proudly. I sort of want to change my job description on Facebook to best reflect it...

I just don't GET it. There are so many characters--so many VILLAINS--that they could have had Howarth play instead, but FRANCO? Why and why and why again?

I cannot fathom how the hell they have gotten Roger Howarth to agree to this bullshit. The man quit OLTL the first time because the show did try to gloss over Todd's rape crimes. And the crazy people out there who wanted it that way.

They wanted to keep the whole idea of a Jason twin? Fine. Then they should've just had James Franco's version be some sort psycho impersonator. Hell, let him be RH's Franco's real psycho adopted brother via crazy mom. But to even try to pass this "Why so hateful? I didn't REALLY RAPE YOU! Friends?" crap as a viable reason the character of Franco shouldn't be locked up or dead is just plain stupid.

And the joy of the prospect of Lulu being raped by her half brother's crazy sadistic father just added to the fun. And Dante acting all pissy didn't help my mood.

And YAY! Today we will get to remember Michael's prison rape!

I don't know if I can handle the sheer STUPID of yesterday. And it looked like it would be continuing today. Joy.

Anne, I think, I think, ABC could control the fact that they bought RH back as Franco. Even if he eventually turns out to not be Franco, the rape-y mess that he brought with him isn't going away. Also, PP is under no obligation to share Todd Manning. Todd Manning doesn't belong to GH. Todd Manning is an OLTL character that was on loan for a finite period of time. Todd Manning was never supposed to be a long term GH character. Lastly, "PP declined to share the character long-term"? Receipts (proof) that the cause of the talks breaking down was completely on PP's head. ABC shills like DC and SID don't count as receipts.

As for the content of the post, Franco again. Even if he turns out to not be Franco, he'll have messed with the truth of the circumstances behind Sam and Michael's rape. Why couldn't he just be a brand new character?

Just thankful in my heart of hearts that Roger is Todd on OLTL where he belongs. Can't fathom what he's doing on GH, at all.

RoHo and KA could have played Webber's, Hardy's, Cassadine, etc.. there was no need for Franco!

I call RH's version of Franco, Unnecessary Recast Franco as opposed to Original Recipe Franco. The whole rewrite yesterday of 'Hey, I didn't really rape you, I just made you think I did," had to be because Roger didn't want to play another rapist. I'm just not even sure why this character is back when he was loathsome and disgusting the first time. Someone mentioned over at Marlena de la Croix's blog that RH could have played Alexandria Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine's son which would have made him both a Cassadine and a Q. That would have made so much more sense than Franco, a character universally despised by not only the characters on the show but the audience at home. KA could have been a Kristina recast. Right now, neither Kiki nor Franco are cutting the mustard so to speak. It's like the writers are saying, "Hey, you asked for more Quartermaines, we're giving you Quartermaine's." Yes, we did but not loathsome roachy Quartermaines.

I thought for sure I read somewhere that Cartini (not sure which one) said none of the OLTL people were coming back as recasts. Therefore I don't know why we ended up with Roger Howarth as Franco. With everyone's horrified reaction to his face, he's definitely the serial killer nutso Franco, unless there was a third baby and there were two identical triplets one fraternal and...yikes. I'm holding out vain, thin hope that somehow this isn't the recast James Franco character.(A little nitpicky but if he's the actual Franco as a recast, why not dye his hair darker to look more James Franco-like, instead of that Sun-In disaster.)

There's already a Robert even if he's off-screen. So will we have to hear "Franco" all the time, which only brings back bad memories of the James Franco experiment?

I WANT to like new characters on my show, and I do try to give them a chance, but Franco was a character I couldn't even enjoy as a straight-up villain, like I could enjoy a Helena or an Anthony.

I had been so pleased that I missed the whole original Franco debacle (I had quit watching at that point), but I certainly know enough about the heinous things he did. Heck, I'd rather RoHo been brought back as family for Sabrina even.

Sabrina...found myself wishing to see her, of all people, during that hot mess yesterday.

@Janet B. I had read the same thing, that none would be recasts so I agree, why Franco?

A bit of brightness though, someone posted on another board that now "A.J. will finally be the good brother."

ON the plus side.... We don't have to worry about James Franco making another appearance.

I'm trying to hold onto anything.

I hate to be swimming against the stream, but I have found the last 2 days to be somewhat riveting. I never thought Sam was raped and that whole thing was played about harm to Jason. That was so repugnant.

I get that they're rehabilitating the character of Franco but it's not the original horrible James Franco in the role. Could be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

And AJ was right today. What happened to Michael, going to prison is on Sonny and Carly more than Bobby Frank. (I can't call him Franco)

And Lulu wasn't raped which I found to be a surprising reveal today.

I was totally into AJ and Michael's scene today...had me crying. SK rocked it. I hadn't realized that AJ not only didn't know about the rape or even that Michael had gone to prison.

Mallory - I couldn't even begin to guess "why Franco", but my first two guesses are Ron is trying to get on the Soup again and for some reason wants to keep that connection with James Franco alive. I'm just guessing wildly though.

Cindy - AJ knew Michael went to prison. That was a continuity error. Michael told him back in November.

Lucy D - I think it's kinda of depressing that we're all surprised Lulu *didnt* get raped. That said, I'd rather be surprised than be all "I told you so" in this instance. Also glad because Lulu is so not the type of person to throw herself on the sword like that and I'm glad they recognized it.

@uliis Thanks. I thought Michael had told him, that was why I was a bit stunned when AJ acted like he didn't know.

I'm glad she didn't too @uliis. There was so much hatred yesterday about the "fact" she did--seemingly as if people forgot it's a soap and stories get continued.

There was a lot of jumping to conclusions & declarations about the death of GH.

I actually like the quickness Ron is wrapping up the Franco reveals and Lulu's amnesia

Lucy D - I have to admit I was one of those who did not appreciate that "was Lulu raped or wasn't she" as an episode cliffhanger.

I really don't think they should have bothered with the amnesia if they were going to wrap it up already, but oh well, I assume they have another story planned now that they're done transitioning the recast. Hopefully.

I meant to say, "was used as an episode cliffhanger"

I'm kinda wondering how James Franco feels about all this...I mean, I assume that the CHARACTER is ABC's intellectual property but it's weird to see it recast. Must be even weirder for him.

Not sure @uliis. The coming attractions seem to show she's gone missing. And I leave tomorrow for a business trip --one week out of the country. The things I'll miss.

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