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May 21, 2013

The Curious Case Of...The Guy With No Name

I tried (a little).

I was patient (in a way).

But the mystery of...Mystery Guy played by Roger Howarth has become officially bothersome.

Is it just me? Or is everything about this story, from Howarth's creepy stares to the soundtrack of ultra dramatic music that comes on whenever he appears on screen or the writing that is just TRYING SO FREAKING HARD that I am suffering from profound secondhand embarrassment at the very sight of it, so incredibly lame that you can literally--literally!--feel the last of your nerves fraying from irritation?

Man on Plane: Oh! Unh! I was sure that was it. I mean, your face is just --just so positive. I mean, at least I have a positive association to it. It's like a spotlight that's shining on it. It's -- it's just positive. Are you famous?
Mystery Guy: Well, that depends on what you mean by "famous."

Heather: I had no idea you were back in town.
Mystery Guy: Surprise.
Heather: Something about you looks different.
Mystery Guy: You think?
Heather: Not sure what it is. But it suits you.

Lulu: I'm sorry. Are we close?
Mystery Guy: No. Not at all.
Lulu: Well, don't be offended if I don't remember your name. Mine's Lulu, but you know that. What's yours?
Mystery Guy: [Dramatic soapy stare]

The longer we go without a big reveal, the more enraged I am going to get by cutesy near-miss exchanges like the one above. Let's just get it over with, show! Announce that Mystery Guy is actually FRANCO* and my head will explode from anger and disgust and that is one less angry blogger you'll have to listen to!

*I mean, right? I actually had a long list of clues that back up my suspicions, but the more I think about them, the less water they hold. I mean "Knows and has probably schemed with Heather" is about as non-specific as one can get, considering that one needs to merely walk by Heather in order to get roped into a scheme of hers. And "Treated Sam horribly" applies to almost everyone who has ever set foot in Port Charles--the woman has been brutalized during every sweeps period since she came to Port Charles. So I have no actual clues, just a very anxious gut feeling. But maybe he's someone else! Like the lead singer in a Flock of Seagulls cover band.




I'm starting to have flashbacks to the the "It" scenes from when Howarth returned to OLTL. I'm beyond frustrated, I'm going nuts trying to figure it out. It *feels* Franco but doesn't quite fit in the puzzle pieces, there are too many things that don't fit.

On an unrelated note, is it weird that I want to jump up and squeal KEVIN every time he shows up on screen? Seriously, Kevin is the person I'm always most excited to see.

I'm kind of enjoying the suspense. Of course if Roger turns out to be Franco, my enjoyment will immediately end. And I can't figure out how he's connected to so many players.

Franco had nothing to do with Elizabeth that I can recall. And was he ever in the Crimson offices to hide something?

@Lucy D.
Franco kidnapped Aidan...so that connects him to Elizabeth. Plus she was the mother of Jason's son.

Whatever. I really did not miss the 3 OLTL actors and I've watched that show since the late 1970's.

Kiki is still Starr Manning in my eyes. McSilas McBain is still John McBain, copDoctor. Todd and his new alias is still, Todd Manning. All three new characters are back to sharing scenes and story with the same GH characters that they started with 15 months ago!

Thank you Gwen for reminding me.

If Roger turns out to be Franco, I'm seriously going to have to consider quitting this show. (It's bad enough that KA is back with nuMorgan and both of them are the MOST obnoxious couple I've ever seen on a soap.) Now if Franco the Freak is back, I don't think I can stand it.

I'm thinking he's connected to the Cassadines . . . maybe he's Sam's dad. Would he be old enough? What could his name be, and how would he know Heather? He's not Jerry Jacks again is he? Perhaps one of the Jerome's. . . he did get the blonde highlights eh?

I really don't want him to be Franco, cuz that character is going nowhere and I love RH and his acting.

I have to agree that I really didn't need any of these actors back on the show. It was one thing when they were playing characters from OLTL. I thought the writers did a very good job of connecting the characters to the canvas. But this just feels like the writers are just trying to shoehorn them in because they have the actors under contract. And I really hope that RH isn't Franco because seriously we do not need to go down that road again.

I don't care. I don't think GH deserves our support any longer after the way ABC behaved about the L3 actors and the PP reboots. I don't care also because, well, I don't care. GH just isn't very interesting. I've tried to care, but I don't care. Too many characters are boring and pointless. I love my vets, I love my Sean Kanan, but I simply don't care.

So sad what you said about Sam, but so true :/

How did GH go from can't miss- try to be home at 2:00 if at all possible from like October-early April to THIS? Between the relish and the ridiculousness of the OLTL comebacks, watching now feels like homework. With OLTL and AMC back and off to the races out of the gate quality-wise, GH may lose me for the first time in many, many years. IF RH is Franco, I am done. I know ABC probably pays much more handsomely than Prospect Park but the thought of losing Todd Manning to this tomfoolery infuriates me.

I also think he's a Cassadine. Hell, maybe it's Helena! A sex change doesn't even come CLOSE to the freakiest thing that's happened in the realm of Cassadine history.

I'm still guffawing (and also shaking my head at the stupidity) of people wondering where Roger Howarth's scar went. SIGH.

As much as we try to deny it and hope against hope that he is not Franco, he will be Franco. This sucks! Who else could he possible be? A Jason recast with a face change? Nope. It's Franco the pyscho...

And if Lauren (Star) is going to end up being Michael's cousin now then I hope they find out before the two of them get it on. Because they still have chemistry even though she is with newly-aged-but-astonishly-bratty Morgan...

I am dreading him being Franco, but the DVD today made me admit defeat. Ugh. Just ugh.

OMG, him as Helena is a great idea. If they're gonna do something dumb, do something dumb with aplomb!

Excellent post.

Franco is such a bad idea. He was an awful mess the first time around, and now again? I'm not really into the idea of RH playing the real Franco or some ish, because I just want the very existence of a Franco to be forgotten and never mentioned again ever.

I wish the name Franco could be wiped from the GH history books. What a lame butt character.

Clearly he's going to be Franco because it's exactly what no one wants and Ron is a master of giving the people exactly what they DON'T want. I don't know what I'm looking more forward to: the fallout from the flop of the soon to be reveal or the potential twitter meltdown from the HW.

And I'm one who's convinced Roger's just tanking this crap given how damn GOOD he is on NuOLTL and how HORRIBLE he is here. Bad locks aside.

@Anna Hard as it is to choose, I'm looking forward to the meltdown for mockworthy purposes.

Why don't they just have him be a new character? No one liked Franco the first time .He hurt to many characters, and ,someone should stick a fork in him. He is done. Along with Jason and the mob. FrankenRon need to be tied to a chair and forced to watch their old OL films, so the mistakes they made they are not doomed to repeat them, and us to watch. I don't want to see the misogyny Guza spouted, no more rapes, no more brainwashing, and no more who's your daddy? No more rinse, wash and REPEAT !!!

Did you watch FrankenRon's OLTL they loved rape and amnesia and murky grounds of consent.. unlike Guzza they switched it around because the women loved the rapists after they were raped,, Ron actually makes Guzza look like a feminist.. Guzza made Sam's rape all about her husbands reaction.. Ron makes Rapists the hero who have to be defended by their victims.

If RH was a Cassadine I would love it so much better than being Franco. That character was more than a hot mess~

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