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May 07, 2013

The Day That Got Way Better

Today started rough, y'all. As I'm sure many of you experienced, for some technical reason Hulu had not posted today's new One Life to Live by morning -- and it's become my getting-dressed routine! Add to that the fact that my television's HDMI ports have been on the fritz so I couldn't put anything on the TV and just had to get ready in silence like some CAVEPERSON! And then we won't even get into what happened at work today, but it might have had something to do with a pair of pants I had SPLITTING when I bent over to file something and might have resulted in my having to fashion a pashmina into some sort of skirt-esque thing for the subway ride home. It might have! BUT I'M NOT SAYING.

But I came home and I got industrious and I signed up for my free trial at Hulu Plus and I did some HDMI trouble-shooting and I hooked up my brand new darling Roku and I got to watch a new OLTL on actual television for the first time since January of 2012! So that calls for just a straight recap, doesn't it?

Here we go!

Poor Vimal. He's sad that Rama is going to work, where he's sure men constantly undress her with their eyes. Or not with their eyes.

Treasury is right!
And he can hardly blame them!

She reminds him what an open marriage is, which he doesn't much care to think about since he's clearly only doing this because he's a sad little fellow who will do anything instead of lose her.

And now we're at the Peach Pit After Dark. (Or "Shelter," or whatever.) There's a guest DJ and it's... Nervo? Something? I don't know. The more of these kinds of guests they have, the more confused I'm going to be, let's face it. There's some other guest star playing some sort of a drug dealer named Jamie (I understand there's a whole story behind this guy and James Franco and some movie and I can't really pretend any of it interests me). The point is that he needs his "moneys."

Jamie frankko

Cutter looks displeased with this whole thing. (Riff Raff, is that his name? Lord I feel a million years old right now.)

Bo and Nora are kickin' back with some red wine and it makes me want some. It makes them want each other.

Todd has a bit of the iced tea (I mean bourbon?) that Victor spiked with what I think was arsenic.


I Am Jack's Awful Credits T-Shirt

Jack's shirt is never going to be okay, but Viki is just so lovely at the end each time. 

I am super-dumb. I thought Hulu Plus didn't have commercials. It does. Just not as many, I guess?

Some sort of drug pusher is trying to get Dani to take... ecstasy? Is that it? She's trying to resist but is clearly tempted.

Nora is telling Bo about her days as a college radio DJ.

Back at the Peach Pit After Dark, Jamie has some of his hangers-on make out with each other a little. Both his facial hair and his head hair are frightening me, and I mostly can't understand what he's saying. He wildly resembles Gary Oldman's character from True Romance.

Gary oldman

Does Hulu have closed-captioning?

Matthew is concerned that Jeffrey will never get laid if he keeps checking in on work while at the club. Jeffrey thinks Destiny looks hot tonight, while Matthew has, "been there, done that, had the baby." Classy, Matty! Anyway, he's more concerned with Dani who has gone back into the VIP room, for which Matthew is not on the list. Jeffrey gets them in with his press pass, but Dani is less than pleased to see him and isn't having Matthew's concern. Eventually the VIP drug dude decides Dani brings too much drama with her anyway and has Cutter boot her from VIP anyway. Dani is irate! She explains to Matthew that if she wanted a hero, she would have "ordered a sandwich!" (Dani's really into puns now, y'all!)

Jamie "Frankko" is super-hot for Rama (has good taste, I'll give him that!). He has her tell Cutter that they can call everything even if Cutter just arranges for him to spend an evening with Rama, but Rama has no idea what the whole Cutter/Jamie "deal" is in the first place. Nefarious, for sure! YOU CAN TELL BY THE HAIR!

Bo and Nora continue to flirt adorably.

Dani comes home and gets yelled at by her mother and her uncle. Tea is livid -- livid! -- that Dani would go out and make her worry about her daughter when she already has one dead child. She tells Dani that what she's doing literally makes her want to commit suicide. Seriously. Emotional terrorism much? Damn, Delgado!

Tea berates dani, hard

Anyway, Victor checks Dani's eyes and coordination out to see if she's telling the truth that she's not on anything, and he believes her. Tea dresses her down a little bit more before she goes to bed, and I'm really going to have trouble accepting the SORAS-ing of Dani to 21 if we keep having scenes like this! Of course there have been hints that she has designs on moving out, so hopefully we'll get there soon!

Bo and Nora go on with their cute selves. Bo calls Nora from right next to her as if she's back in college DJ-ing again.

Phone sexin' on the same couch

And it is the sweetest. Turns out Bo has handcuff fantasies, which apparently surprises Nora. These two have never thought of this before? NO MATTER, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Cutter gives Jamie the money he owes him and tells him never to come back to the Peach Pit After Dark.

Destiny convinces Matthew to dance with her "for old time's sake" and it is tremendously awkward, as club dancing in television shows generally is. The implication here seems to be that she turns him on and then leaves him hanging.

"I Got You, Babe" starts playing (aww!) and we cut to...


Some hanen buchanan heat

Get it, Bo and Nora!! Hell yeah!

Matthew comes home all grumpy and I guess a little blue-ball-y and goes online to try to chat with the girl that Jeffrey was trying to flirt with. 

Rama comes home and Vimal is asleep. She gets all sexy and climbs into the bed with him and then cuddles up.

Cuddle time for the patels

Victor and Tea are in bed. He's asleep and she looks miserable, as they do.

The happy reunited-after-presumed death couple

She starts to get up but then goes back to watch him sleep, which I'm sure he'll appreciate if he wakes up with a start after a year and half in captivity or wherever the hell he's been since January 2012!

Todd has a little more of the arsenic-whiskey (I'm loving the way they're block-taping and if someone's in an episode it doesn't mean they have to have them in several scenes to justify it financially -- it would have been so boring to keep cutting back to close-ups of the drink and Todd getting mildly sleepy in the middle of the episode). 

And of course...

Toddy go boom

Down he went!

Well, I have to say that this was not my favorite of the new episodes so far because I'm starting to get the feeling that the various late-night club storylines are not really geared toward my tastes and demographics. And that's okay! I've never liked everything on any soap, even my favorite soap (ahem, this one), and whatever they have to do to get eyeballs on screens without sacrficing the balance with the other storylines. And I loved the "I Got You, Babe" montage at the end, AND NO DAY THAT BO AND NORA GET IT ON CAN POSSIBLY BE A BAD DAY. Can it.


I know very little about OLTL, but I'm enjoying the screencaps! I'm always a fan when people of a certain age still get be shown enjoying sex + Sonny & Cher are always a win :)

Umm, I'm not sure I understand your comment about block-taping and Todd having more scenes in the episode?

Bo and Nora were absolutely adorable, all flirty and fun. "Who wears the handcuffs?" Hee!

Cutter is clearly up to his neck in something, I really wish we'd get some info about what kind of trouble he's in. I desperately want it to lead to Alex and/or Kim coming to town.

Loving Rama this go around.

The way actors appear only for a few minutes in an episode if that's what's needed (Todd today) and all appear at once for big events is love.

I don't know if it's the block taping or the different way of paying actors (not getting strangled by weekly minimum guarantees) but it has improved the show vastly.

Amazing ending to this show today. OLTL is the best.

OLTL is missing...something. I want the beats played out where Victor and Alison are concerned. How did Victor escape old cray-cray Alison Perkins? Victor has a hair cut. Victor has not mentioned Sam at all. Has Blair told Sam that his biological father Victor is alive?

I am seeing way too much of shelter. Okay, I'm complaining,,,, but, it would have been nice to see what happened with Victor and Alison.

Yeah, I don't get why everyone's acting like Victor rising from the grave is no big deal. He wasn't on a long vacation, people, you thought he was DEAD! And now you're not even questioning how or why he's back? You'd think they'd have learned by now....

Sheesh, SHELTER is Douche Central!
.... & it's a fine dining establishment as well?!?!?
That hurts my head as well as my stomach.

.... And you KNOW I want OLTL to succeed!

Viki asked Victor how he got away from Allison. But he didn't want to talk about it. Tea's been asking him to talk about it too. But he doesn't want to talk about it. So, hopefully we'll get to see him open up about it soon. He did hint it wasn't just Allison, and judging by the symbol on his arm, which Todd had in his hand on the first episode, I'm thinkin' he had something to do with keeping Victor captive. Doesn't really fit well with how the "murder" went down, but that's soaps.

Louise, YES, hulu does have closed captioning. There's a little gear at the right side of the timeline (?) that lets you do different options including turning on the captions. It's really hard to hear anything in Shelter, and really hard for me to hear anything Tea and Victor have said to each other.

Arsenic can be used in small doses to poison someone over several months. They get sick, they lose their hair, all kinds of fun things happen before they finally die. I'm not sure Victor used arsenic, but maybe he did and his plan is to torture Todd with unknown sickness. I can dream about originality, right?

Is it too soon to say that I've had my fill of Shelter already?

'Cause I've totally had my fill of Shelter already.

Louise, Jamie Franko is an art dealer, not a drug dealer! And I think that Cutter might be running a drug ring in the club with this Dean guy that works for him, because Cutter asked Dean if he gave Dani any drugs during the second episode last week, and he was worried that he was getting aressted when Dean brought over that dirty cop Bruce to work as a security guard at the club in last Thursday's episode.

I'm still believing that things will get explained and dealt with.

As for Shelter, it is a restaurant but after hours it becomes a nightclub.

Bo and Nora were so wonderful today. And I loved that ending montage.

Is it crazy that I noticed that we had people sleeping in beds on a soap? I honestly can't remember the last time I saw that.

I feel old when I'm watching. I'm definitely sick of Shelter. And these kids...I'm still watching but on the fence regarding where I stand with the show. I'm really only feeling Viki/Clint and Nora/Bo. Even Dorian and David seem slightly off. We'll see if they find their footing with me.

@Dande: Shelter is only just a nightclub that just so happens to serve food too!

Um.. if it helps, I managed to lock my keys in my car while it was running a mile from my house. I was lucky that the coffee trailer on the corner was open so I could call my car insurance company to get someone out to pop the lock. *sigh*

The bad thing about all these club scenes are all these can't even dance a little bit people. It's distracting when no one can find the beat to me. It's unintentionally funny.

This has nothing to do with anything but when Todd decides to take off his jacket and just walk around in vest/shirt/pants...there is not a large enough font for the YUM I want to put here. His shoulders are ginourmous enough, this just makes them look even bigger.

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