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May 14, 2013

The Pairing I Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!

Okay, I'm probably overstating the case considerably. But I have been waiting years for Blair and Natalie to hang out.


The fun trouble they could cause! But they really barely ever interacted on OLTLABC, I guess because they made Nat spend so many years pretending to be squeaky clean so she could meet John McBain's boring standards or... something. Anyway, I have absolutely no idea if this will lead to anything, but it was a start and I was nonetheless gleeful! 

Plus, once again we see that Natalie looks better than ever and someone on that show realizes they should feature that (finally).

Nat so purdy

I wasn't crazy about the fabric of her dress, but at least it was damn flattering and the appropriate parties noticed!

Cutter flirting with natty

And Natalie is definitely noticing Cutter, too:

Natty checkin' out cutter

"What is it about bad boys?"

(To be fair, Rama's response was even better: "I don't know, I just work here.")

Speaking of people looking good in their outfits, Téa slid weeping down the last wall against which she got nailed by Victor, but she was wearing such a cute dress while doing it!

Here's where we had the hot monkey sex

Those types of dresses have always been my favorite on her.

Of course then she got a terrible shock when she stumbled upon the HORRIBLY MANGLED STUFFED GIRAFFE!

Poor giraffe

Oh, Victor. What ARE you up to? (Strangling Todd in another scene, if anyone's actually asking.)

Téa's daughter, meanwhile, was busy getting naked in drinking games with her new roomies.

The young-uns break it down


Okay, but seriously. I love the idea of a bunch of early-20s kids actually hanging out and playing drinking games (though I had a little trouble following their version of Truth or Dare) the way they actually would in real life, as opposed to the way most youngfolk on soaps are either rarin' to marry and bear children by 22 tops or, alternately, turn into raging addicts or alcoholics the very second time they indulge. That said, the elephant in the room here seemed to be the infant in the next room, which doesn't really bode well for this not veering into Afterschool Special territory. But I have hope, I do!

And the Truth or Dare game also led to a pretty hot little kiss between Dani and Matthew.


Nice goin'! Only a little awkward for poor Jeffrey! (Eh, he's too blitzed to notice. Or maybe since they were doing "biological father" shots, he was too busy wondering who his bio-dad is. And as we all know a certain Llanview resident that has a child we didn't know about until very late in the game and have never seen, I think we're all pretty close to seeing where this is going, huh?)

Back at the Peach Pit After Dark, we had two more random pop culture-y guest stars who aren't meant to impress people like me. I don't know who they are -- I think the dark-haired girl playing the bartender (and apparently Cutter's sometimes-LOVAH) is from a reality show and the blonde chick maybe really is some sort of known pop act? (These are not questions I'm really asking, mind you, because I am filing such cameos under "DON'T CARE; NECESSARY EVIL FOR DRAWING AUDIENCE" in my special desk drawer of things I can forgive on my favorite soap.)

New girl

I think this one is actually sticking around on a recurring basis, which is okay with me so far if that stays "recurring." She wasn't terrible -- she actually kind of had that laconic club-bartending chick thing down pat. Or maybe that's just her personality? 

As for the other one, whoa.

That other girl

She got up there and sang some song about getting "white-girl wasted" (which perhaps was Dani's theme song for the episode?) and it frightened me a bit. And I felt sorry for all the actresses having to supposedly just be bowled over by how fabulously talented she was (then again, this is a world in which Starr was a legitimate contender as a major rock star, so let's not get ahead of ourselves here, this was an improvement).

Depaiva and archer are THRILLED!

(To be extra fair, though, Shenaz Treasury did sell it pretty well later!)

It's just all so fun. I think this was the heavily-at-the-Peach-Pit-After-Dark episode that bugged me the least so far, but I'd be willing to wager that was because of the whole Blair and Natalie factor!

The joy of a new OLTL every morning really still has not worn off one bit. It's tricky for blogging, admittedly, because I cannot wait. I have to watch it first thing in the morning, but then of course I have to leave for the day and don't get a chance to sit down with a re-watch and notes till the end of the day (if at all). But I'm working out a system, I promise!

And don't forget there are still 12 more days in our sweepstakes if you haven't entered yet! You could win a free year's subscription to Hulu Plus or a Roku. Not too shabby.


In addition to enjoying her interactions with Blair and Cutter, I loved Natalie's reaction to be reintroduced to Rama. I hope those two hotties can bury the hatchet so they can hang out and bash their mutual enemy Kimmie over cocktails.

New Girl #2 (the bad singer one) is definitely here for Jack. They made much too much noise about establishing that she's an appropriate age for him. Plus, she's already on Blair's bad side. That's just soap math!

Tea's reaction to the garroted giraffe was awesome.

I need Girls Night Out with Blair, Natalie, and Rama to happen - and I need it to happen. right. now.

I forget who but someone said Nat looked like a Disney princess with the big eyes and big smile and the ahem great chest..
which made me smile I was so tired of Nat's looks being downplayed in comparison to characters like Van, or Jenn or even Jess..

Melissa Archer is flat out stunning.

Nair? Blat? Whatever (I actually hate smashed names). They're my new favorite couple.

I want Blair, Natalie and Rama to go out wearing ridiculous yet awesome outfits and fight crime or something.

Power Trio!!

I need a girls night out badly.

@Louise: The dark haired girl is Jenni "JWOWW" Farley from the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" (her character name is Nikki), and the blonde girl singer is Jessie Malakouti (her character name is Dusky), who is the lead singer of the band Jessie and The Toy Boys, in which she sings with a couple of male mannequins (I'm not kidding)! Both of them are on a recurring status with the show (they are both slated to appear in another episode, with Jessie M. making another appearance on next Wednesday's episode according to OLTL associate producer Jared Kaplan's twitter account).

Who were you talking about with the whole "Llanview resident with a mysterious unknown late-in-the-game child" thing? The one you were hinting might be Jeffrey's father? I feel like I should know this but I guess I'm still a little fuzzy on the characters. It's been a while.

But this is gonna drive me insane. I MUST KNOW!

If you must know, it was David Vickers Buchanan.

Wow, I totally forgot about that! So if Jeffrey is David's son, then that would make Matthew his uncle... huh. Now I'm kind of hoping they decide to make that happen.

I barely know who Natalie & Blair are (only from your recaps really and the YT clips you links to sometimes), but i am always up for budding female friendships, so yay!

Is that place really called Peach Pit After Dark? I guess not because it's owned by 90210...? Made me laugh. And as always the screencaps are awesome!

@Ziyal: The nightclub's not really called Peach Pit After Dark, it's called Shelter (which used to be Capricorn before Blair changed the name and the look of the club) and Blair owns the club wile Cutter is the manager and club promoter of the club, and Rama is the VIP Hostess there, too!

Louise: Nikki isn't Cutter's "sometimes-LOVAH", they just hook up with each other sometimes and they don't have a serious relationship with each other!

@Lisa: "Nair" is awesome :)

I actually liked the singer. She was different and not a bad voice either. And I was surprised that JWoww can sort of act. The boob comments were gratuitous - at least Nat's are real, and pretty to look at (and I'm not into girls).

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