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June 05, 2013

Betty Friedan Would Be So Proud

Oh, Steffy. Steffy, Steffy, Steffy.

My favorite days are the ones where a B&B episode sets the feminist movement back about six decades.

This could be a heartbreaking story, Steffy's miscarriage. Instead, it's already about Hope moving in on Liam and Steffy becoming fixated on becoming pregnant again AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Ostensibly to make sure Liam doesn't jump ship.

And this could be a moving and powerful story, Steffy's newly-diagnosed near-inability to conceive. Because that is a real thing that happens to real women every day, and it's not generally something that leads them directly to getting hung up on holding onto their men. Because it's so much bigger than that.

And it could be one of those great soapy "unlikely friendships form" type of storylines, the way they've positioned Katie as Steffy's first ally upon getting the news.

Could be!

Oh but....

Poor doc only has crazy patients in this damn town

La la la steffy can't HEAR you!

Steffy: No no no. I promised my husband a child and I'm going to give him a child. And you're telling me that I can't? I am not hearing that!

God forbid she think about her own needs. God forbid any freaking thing on this show not be immediately about Liam Effing "Douchenozzle" Spencer.

Look, let me be fair. This just started. They could go somewhere better from here. And there have been some lovely moments so far.

Sympathetic katie

Katie steffy hug

Sad steffy

I just fear that this, like everything else, will be all about hanging onto Liam. And I can't.

How much did we laugh at Bill Spencer of all people explaining women's health to Liam today?

Meanwhile, Brooke. Brooke is diabolical at this point.

  Seduce him with FIYAH brookie!



Oh dear

Oh, Eric. He's done for. Stupid, stupid Eric. He just has to rescue Brooke. Has to! Since the poor thing clearly did nothing wrong! She only screwed her sister's husband, got pregnant by him, and simply wants Eric to lend a hand by breaking Taylor's heart and pretending it's his kid so he can raise a family with Brooke until she loses interest again!


We're all pretty much in agreement this episode was literally ghost-written by Simone de Beauvoir, right?


I've only started tuning into this show in the last year or so (and I don't catch it more than once or twice a week, actually)(unless Maya or Oliver or some non-Spencer, non-Logan story is happening)(that's funny, I know) and even I can tell that Eric and Brooke have been on this rollercoaster far too many times to do it again. Poor, poor stupid Eric.

the titles you give your caps crack me up, Louise! Sure is FIYAH! Brooke is truly diabolical, but what I'm finding most interesting at this point is that she is actually being PATIENT until Eric acquiesces all by himself. Because if she had said his name on the runway (on Tue's eppy), I really don't think he would have publicly said she was a liar. So the older Brooke is indeed more diabolical and patient in her plans than the young Brooke.

I read the recap of today's episode where it said Steffy said she wasn't a whole person without being reproductive and I wanted to say "Louise, save me and the feminist movement from the Bell family." Ten hours later, you have.

Meanwhile, on Days, Stefano has sent his hitchman to castrate a comatose Rafe for sleeping with Kate, so... progress?

(The answer is no.

Kade, we always need more Oliver! Why do they not get how adorable that guy is??

Considering that Simone de Beauvoir used to seduce young female students and then pass them on to Jean Paul Sartre, yes this episode could indeed be written by her.

Why does that mean she could have written this episode, which had nothing to do with seducing female students and passing them on to a man?

First of all Lisa and Elizabeth:
What you said about Simone de Beauvoir actually is more entertaining than what I see on my screen from 1:30 to 2PM weekdays on CBS. I can see Taylor in the role of Simone. haha Hunter Tylo seducing young women. I'm literally laughing right now.

Second of all I think I remember seeing this sexist dialogue on an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman which takes place in the 1870s. That tells you how bad this is. I don't understand why there is such an obsession with Liam. I also don't understand how the hotness that is Oliver is being wasted. Then again I want to see some Crystal Chappell. Five minutes of her on screen as Dani is more entertaining than a month of this horrible triangle.

I also had to comment on the Stefano/Rafe stuff on Days that Mike mentioned. First I laughed and then wondering when the writers at Days were replaced by the writers on Passions.

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