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June 18, 2013

In The Worst Way

It's frustrating that I'm too insanely busy to pay attention to soaps much these days because, really, OLTL is on freakin' fire. In all honesty, it's the only show I've gotten a chance to watch in weeks. As upset as I was about the reduction to two episodes per week instead of four? Now I'm super-relieved. Because I get to watch all of it. And it's all adorable.

Unfortunately I wish I had more time to just screencap the whole darn thing and find new ways to describe my general happiness with the show, but I don't. So let's just check in real quick.

My favorite non-romantic-but-I-bet-there's-totally-fanfiction pairing hung out today and got all worried about each other. 


We have to team up and save each other, tea!

They're so worried!

Blea, working together to save each other and their families! Looking super-hot while doing it!

Have we discussed how much I want them to be crime-fighting sidekicks like they were in Roxy's Fraternity Row dream? Because I do.

Oh and Matthew got Catfished (or so it appears).

Sad matthew


I really enjoyed the way Kelley Missal played Dani's reaction -- a perfect mix of sincere sympathy and mild amusement.


Love it.

And now that Clint's machinations to keep John away from Liam have come out, guess who's back? QUEEN VICTORIA, that's who! And she is unleashing some royal wrath.

Clint is gonna get it

The queen is angry

If looks could kill.


OMG I adore this blog and this show. Thanks!

The Clint/Natalie confrontation was too short, but awesome. Jerry ver Dorn always rocks the cranky quips and angry denouncements. And I kinda loved that Clint didn't express any remorse about keeping awful, greasy John away from Natalie and Liam.

And with him now on the outs with Nat and Viki, might this not be the perfect time for a visit from your favorite stripper and mine, Kimberly Andrews?!?!

LOL, Queen Victoria is B.A.C.K.!!!

I prefer "Teair" over "Blea." But you're right: the show is on fire.

I loved, loved, loved the confrontation between Natalie and Clint. Those two are great together! I wish it was much longer though and I wish she was over John.

Yesterday's show killed me. One on hand, I don't want to see horrible things happen to Viki because I am so attached to the character, but then Erika Slezak acts so well I scream "Bring ALL disasters to Llanfair!"

And thank you for this post -- because I've been looking for a place to confess that, for all my love for Todd/Blair, my OTP for OLTL is totally Blair/Tea. In fact, given that there aren't a whole lot of age-appropriate men in the cast right now, as opposed as I normally am to stunt-lesbianism, I'm pretty sure once Roger Howarth leaves they should just go this way - if only for the reaction if Todd and Victor come back.

(I am really not comfortable that I used the term OTP again without even blinking.)

One complaint though, ever since you pointed out the actress who plays Destiny's tendency to lean in, I CAN'T UNSEE it.

I'm wandering if the lean in is because she so tall. I'm totally getting to the point where all I can think is that she must have been a good model.

I wish I could love the Tea/Blair friendship as much as everyone else but I can't Tea has screwed Blair over so many times over the years every time Blair confides in her I scream don't do it Blair..

Other than that Yes OLTL is awesome and I thank the soap gods that RC is far away from it and can screw up GH not my OLTL.

Does anyone else think that OLTL is starting to feel like a south american soap? I've been trying to put my finger on it -- I think it is all the outdoor scenes and lots of extras, or maybe it is the soundtrack and directing.... thoughts? No matter, loving it.

OLTL has been on fire the last two weeks!

If they can include Natalie in their schemes it would be perfect.


Have the new writers started?
Because BOTH AMC & OLTL seem to have sudden kicked into high gear!

Norn Cutson, these are still the original head writers (Racina/Horgan). Not sure when the new material starts -- there should be a few weeks of solo-Racina material before we even get the newer newbies!

@Nora Cutson and Louise: The new head writers' material on OLTL will air in the fall according to the website Soap Opera Network.

Blair and Tea doing an Otalia would be awesome.

That would fall into the category of "more adventurous stuff we'd expect from the online broadcaster with no restrictions."

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