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June 06, 2013

Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin!

And no, not about the latest offscreen drama. I'm just trying to train myself to remember that they're in uncharted waters here and there are going to be plenty of speed bumps before things get smooth and going by rote. Plenty.

So Todd got this note today:


Todd is displeased by the list

Okay, first of all: FUN. It's clearly a list to threaten all of his loved ones!

Second of all: as much as I love her (and especially the esteem with which she's treated in OLTL2), I did get a bit of a chuckle that Natalie was on the list. Sure, she's his niece, but does the threatener know about the time Todd cared about her so much that he kidnapped her and dyed her hair blonde to sub her in so Mitch could murder her instead of Blair and Jessica (the niece he does love) (oh wait, he loves his niece Sarah, too, dammit!)?

Third of all: theories? What are everyone's thoughts on what's going on? (NO SPOILERS. If you have heard spoilers and rumors, shhhhh!!!!)


Oh! Is that why he was creepily watching everyone on camera?

I have a couple of theories about Natalie being on the list. To backtrack a bit, when Todd came back after being held prisoner, he showed very little interest in Dani. Now he is working to forge a relationship. Perhaps the writers are working to get Todd and Natalie in a more healthy relationship and putting her on the list is the first step. Sure Todd would use her as a shield for most of the people on the list, but he doesn't want to hurt her for any particular reason, and if Nat was hurt, it would hurt Viki, who Todd DOES care about. Basically, if he has a chance to choose, he would let Natalie get hurt before anyone else, but if it's a crapshoot, he wouldn't necessarily want her dead and might make a small effort to keep her alive and safe.

The second theory is that this list may prove that the unseen person really doesn't know Todd that well. Viki ISN'T on the list and Todd WOULD work to protect her. So Natalie being on the list may be to show that the person in charge is less knowledgeable and powerful than we might think. Todd did inform Natalie about John kissing Sam, so an outsider might take that as a sign that Todd cares about Natalie. I do wonder if whoever is running this thing is using Victor as a point of information. Victor and Viki didn't seem as close as Todd and Viki. The rest of the names (except Natalie) were important to Victor. So the mastermind may be going by Victor's reactions and descriptions and then adding the Todd telling Natalie about John to deduce that these are the people who Todd cares about.

Percysowner, is Viki really not on the list? I thought that was her in between Blair and Tea, but my eyesight is far from perfect.

Well, that perplexed look on his face in the second shot is obviously going 'Why's Natalie on this list of people I care about?'

And, yes, Viki IS on the list.

Dani, Jack, Starr, Sam, Blair, Viki, Tea, Natalie.

As to what's going on... no clue, and I love that.

To be fair to Todd in his original plan to trade Nat to Mitch for Blair he was intending to keep Nat safe as well simply because she was Viki's kid.. Unfortunately his plan worked as well as his plans usually do and Mitch outsmarted Todd and he was the one who dyed her hair blonde.

I wonder how they came up with that order Not age not alphabetical.. not importance to Todd .. I love that I am so exited for the next show..
can anyone expain why RoHo is so awesome here and so not on GH., writing? co stars?

All I can say is, hope you saw the Snoop Dog vid, ladies at Serial D!

Remember, apparently Todd is the one who busted John to Natalie in order to "protect" her. Maybe Todd does care about Natalie in his own endearing ;), skewed way.

I have no idea who these tattoo people are but I think I will be disappointed if they aren't related to who was holding Todd for 8 years. That story should have gone deeper back on the ABC run.

Todd did bust John but that was revenge rather than protection. Any fondness Todd has for Natalie is based solely on the fact that she's Viki's daughter. That's pretty much it.

It's possible that he may appreciate her spirit but it's hard to say.

I'd love it if Todd and Natalie found a way to appreciate each other. Of course I would! It just hasn't happened yet, and Viki's affection for someone usually hasn't done much for Todd's empathy bank before. I'm psyched if it does now!

Can I just say what a breath of fresh air it is to come here and not see one gleeful or panicked comment about doom for the shows? LOVE IT. Love your take on it Louise.

I have no idea what the hell is going on and i love it. I feel like Irene is somehow tied in? That's about all I've got. I think Todd would protect Natalie for Viki now- the Mitch stuff was a long long time ago. But yeah, Jess should be on the list and Sarah- oh how I loved Todd's relationship with CJ & Sarah. I was their age at the time and wanted my own fugitive uncle that I believed was a genie.

Charming stuff today in La Boulaie & with Rama/Vimal and Bo/Nora-I wasn't on board for the radio show initially but I'm getting there. And I enjoyed Snoop today esp. Dani & Jeffrey starstruck but I feel like Snoop did all the talking & Matthew saw the light with him really quickly. I wanted more Matthew talking to Snoop about Drew. I'm curious to see if its 10 steps back from here.

And ohmygod the previews and the stuff in the music video ohmygod

+++Can I just say what a breath of fresh air it is to come here and not see one gleeful or panicked comment about doom for the shows? LOVE IT.+++

Lauren, isn't it the truth? It is GREAT to come to this place and read the best commentary available AND not to have to read through the professional crepe-hangers and other gleeful gloom-and-doomers.
OLTL is alive, it's good and it's getting even better.
The naysayers....nothing to be done but try to ignore them.

I really hope it not only ties back to Irene, but to the Victor Lord that showed up in the '00s and Dorian's cryptic comment once implying that that Victor was a fake. I know that was a despised storyline that the last few writing teams have just ignored, but I would love to see this all build up to some big Lord-Manning family secret.

I really hope Irene is alive! It would have been totally awesome to see Irene manipulating Tina, Todd and Victor for the rest of their lives!

I think this is the first time we at Serial Drama have been thanked for a lack of negativity! Ha! I love it.

But seriously, there's enough people bizarrely cackling that they're so sure cancellation is imminent that I certainly don't need to add to the pessimism. Or is it pessimism? People are being kind of happy assholes about it, aren't they? Or am I just reading the wrong comments sections?

Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and appreciating the show and letting them work through their union issues (something thousands of TV shows have managed to do for decades without getting canceled for it, by the way!). Why in the world some folks seem to want to wish death on this show is beyond me.

Truly appreciate the commentary & comments on SD. I try to consider every new episode of OLTL as a gift that I never thought I'd get. Yes, they have problems, they are trying something new & not everything will work, but I do wish people could be supportive instead of predicting failure.

Louise, I do think a lot of people enjoy being assholes about it!

I'm kinda scratching my head that Blair isn't first on the list and even comes after Sam, who, although he shared some awesome Spidey time with Todd, is merely his nephew and not his child.

I can explain it all away by telling myself it's just a random list written in the order the killer (has to be a killer, right?) thought of the names, and there's no way to know who'll get it first.

Was anyone else hoping that the computer forensics expert that Bo called in to examine Tea's computer would have been Oliver Fish? Or that one of the manicurists working on Todd and Dani would have been Roxy? What an opportunity this show has to bring back some fan favorites.

Was anyone else hoping that the computer forensics expert that Bo called in to examine Tea's computer would have been Oliver Fish? Or that one of the manicurists working on Todd and Dani would have been Roxy? What an opportunity this show has to bring back some fan favorites.

From your fingertips Judy to God's email, or whatever! I'm hoping they bring back other familiar faces over the weeks, one or two at a time, so we can squee over and over and over. Like, who was at Brook's door today? Shhhhh....

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