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June 13, 2013

Not For The Faint of Heart. Or The Sighted.

I'm sorry, you guys. I have so much that I want to say--I am almost completely consumed by irritation when I watch General Hospital these days, which I'd like to write off as complete hyperbole but it's actually just a sad yet true statement about my tendency to become overly invested in ridiculous things like this incarnation of Franco and Silas's seemingly limitless supply of utter doucheitude (on the plus side, it seems like I now have a new recipient for the Ryan Lavery insults I've been stockpiling over the years!)--but I'm not going to be able to say it or anything else because this conversation happened between Patrick, who I'm assuming is suffering from some sort of undiagnosed brain injury, and the world's most childlike 27 year old (the very explicit mention of her age the other day didn't make me think "Oh, they're closer in age than I thought. So not ew!" as much as it made me think of a ridiculous and embarrassing playground game my friends and I used to play where we envisioned glamorous and successful adult futures--when we pretended to be as old as, like, fifteen. Holy maturity, right?! It's like Sabrina was playing MASH and thought "It's just a dream, but it could totally happen if I was 27!")

Patrick: Never, never, never imagined?
Sabrina: No! Well, I mean, imagined -- yeah. Maybe once or twice. But it was fleeting.
Patrick: Once or twice?
Sabrina: Yeah. It seemed presumptuous, not to mention far-fetched.
Patrick: So, does the, uh... reality live up to the fantasy?
Sabrina: Oh, well, um... I don't know. You never really know what it's gonna be like to be close to someone. I mean, at least not in my limited experience.
Patrick: You're wonderful. Yes.
Sabrina: Really?
Patrick: Caring and generous, open, and so very sexy.
Sabrina: My god, I'm blushing.
Patrick: I just want to make sure you're enjoying yourself.

I wish I could be more eloquent than this, but: ick and ew and stuff.


So the little mouse burger who first came to PC with frizzy ponytail and glasses and so painfully shy is now a 27 year old chick who had a boyfriend and lots and lots of sex. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I don't think the writers even try anymore. They just figure we'll buy any sack of crap they sell us.

Just like Franco lite is now redeemed because we are told that he is. Damn, this show is too annoying. DNA tests are available at every corner drug store but nobody is checking Franco out.

Sabrina and Patrick have no chemistry and they will never have chemistry. The actors are attractive but chemistey can't be written- either they have it or not. Sabrina is sweet and pretty but one of the most boring characters ever created.

I can't- no I refuse- to watch without engaging my brain. I'm done.

The thing I can't understand is this (well, OK, there are lots of things, lately, but let's focus on this one): We've seen some diversity of opinion on this site (although I'll note that nobody is expressing utter bliss, they're my abs faves, etc.), but mostly negative reactions--and they're not mildly negative, they're "this revolts me utterly" negative. So where is ABC finding opinion to support this pairing and storyline? Because you know they're doing research of some sort, and it must be telling them this is the right direction. So whom are they polling? Who is it out there that really, really likes this storyline and thinks this is a wonderful couple? Immature 27-year-old nursing students who dream of being Mrs. Patrick Drake? I just don't get it. (But it's of a piece with the "Who on earth thought bringing Franco back, and in the body of Roger Howarth no less, was a good idea?" choice. I do not understand the bad decision making on this show lately, especially given that there's been so much good, solid, praise-worthy decision making in the last year or so, up until the last few months.)

You know, I have to agree with the brave souls above who admit they do not dislike Sabrina. I genuinely like Theresa Castillo as an actress, and I am NOT convinced that she and JP do not have some charm. No, she is not Kimberly McCullough. Never will be. Isn't supposed to be. As someone who watched KMc's very first episode on GH, back in 1985, I have the softest of soft spots in my heart for her Robin. I also respect her desire to move on and spread her professional wings as a director. So...I have let go.

What has damaged Sabrina is not Theresa Castillo, or her acting. What has damaged Sabrina is not only dreadful storytelling at every level, but storytelling HELD HOSTAGE to the machinations between ABC/GH and Prospect Park over the fates of the OLTL Three. Whatever back story was going to be built for Sabrina, should have started to unfold MONTHS AGO! But she and Patrick have been "vamping until ready" while FV and RC get their other acts together -- meaning spending every spare moment trying to save and then reweave into the canvas the OLTL Three. Every other single character and storyline has been placed in limbo while this nonsense was resolved. And no character stayed more disastrously stalled than did Sabrina.

My thoughts on who she really is. If the rumors of a Puerto Rican mafioso coming to PC are true, it would seem that THEREIN lies her backstory. Sabrina herself described the man she was with as someone who believed women should not leave the kitchen. If she were "forced" to marry a, let's say, abusive mafioso, before she had any other experience with men whatsoever, and then found the guts (with help from cousin Juan) to run away from him (ending up very far away in the PC Nursing program), that would certainly explain her naivety about men. It might explain her fairytale wishes for a Prince Charming, and a lot of other things about her that suggest her experience with men has been "damaging," in some way. From one extreme to the other,

Now, that is a story I could "buy." If that is not her story, RC should be fired and I should have his job. If what I suggest is true, Sabrina is in for a rude awakening, because she will find that Patrick is not Prince Charming. He will drop her the moment Robin returns and think nothing of it.

As for the fans upset that Sabrina and Patrick did the deed (multiple times) in Patrick and Robin's home, and in the bed they shared, it was Sabrina who questioned Patrick about this and raised the, uh, "ethical" issue, which he dismissed.

I agree with everyone that hated these scenes. It was painful to watch. JT deserves better and Patrick's response to Sabrina about why it was ok to be together in his home and bed that he shared with Robin was not good enough, it came off bad b.c they have not developed as a couple at all! They have barely been a couple and now they sleep together??? and she is 27??? Please!! I dont hate Sabrina, I just do not like her with Patrick.

Generous means butt secks, amirite?

MrsM ~ Apparently the news of the prom being canceled came at the very last minute. I wonder which office staff/teacher/parent had to call every cell phone of every prom attendee to fill them in? My eyes are still rolling. The kids did look cute though.

I'm with most of you in your opinions of Pabrina and FF through all of it so I missed her deceleration of age and the pillow talk.. whew did I dodge that bullet!

I didn't watch original Franco so I'm at least lucky enough to be able to get past RH stepping into the role and am just enjoying him as I always have. I still don't know how they will get away with Michael and KaKa's impending illicit love story, but you KNOW they want those two together. Gross.

I don't like or dislike Sabrina. I just don't care. If they are not going to give her a backbone send her away.This sex thing is too much.Why didn't tptb at least allow this couple to become a couple,have dates go to parks with Emma, have a life before they jump into bed..Sometimes I think I am watching three shows,on alternate days.We see some then none then some?GMAB.I know Frank is trying to keep the budget down, but I want to see Anna, I want her to catch the bad guys.You know Sonny and carley will never pay for this, Sean may but they never will. Anna arrested Sonny why because he called the hit off, big shock. NOT. Olivia got shot. Not Franco. Carley will now become franco's bed buddy why because he is really and truly sorry.So am I , that I watched this shi$.Sabrina is 27,and has sex before. Oh my. Stop shocking me FrankenRon. Please try to remember you are writing GH not OLTL. No wonder KA got so confused and thanked OLTL instead of the show she fought so hard to stay on?

The "real" Patrick won't be back until Robin comes back. Or he/Anna get wind that Robin is still alive. I live in hope. Actually this is a good thing because the "real" Patrick would be such a waste now anyway. I'm convinced that Robin took his brain and heart with her. Loving the awfulness while not having to look!

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