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June 04, 2013

Phat Tuesday

I mean in the nicest way, but does anyone else find it a little odd that the youth scene in Llanview is just gushing over the presence of Snoop Lion? Are college students really his demographic? 

Freshly manicured dani is a little too impressed

Snoop and jeffrey

Don't get me wrong, I love that he's a fan of the show and that they wrote in this history between him and Bo, and his visits always give me one heck of a chuckle. And I certainly do not have my finger on the pulse of today's youth culture but it just strikes me as hilariously... discordant?

How awesome was the little father-daughter manicure outing today?

Father daughter manicure

It should be an annual pastime! I was a little disappointed Dani didn't succeed in getting Todd to get that neon green color on his nails.

Even better yet, Dorian joined the fun!

Quite the salon trio

I'm not really a spa kind of gal, but if I ever did indulge in such a thing, there's no one I'd rather have with me than Dorian Lord!

Destiny and Matthew had another mini-battle over adorable-and-rapidly-SORAS-ing Drew.

The buchanan-evan bickery

He looked pretty bored.

Laura Harrier is better than she was in the first few episodes, but my jury is still out on her. She's a little awkward, which could iron itself out with time (she's certainly green) and I'm definitely rooting for her -- but the acting tics, the acting tics! I want someone to put a pulley on her so she can't lean forward anymore, and I think it might behoove them to tie her hair back more often so she doesn't rely on curling her hair behind her ears constantly. Oh dear, the acting teacher in me is rearing its ugly head, isn't it?

But ladies and gentlemen, let's all consider the most important thing we learned today:

We're all sorry about the giraffe

You guys, Victor is really sorry about the giraffe. 


I wonder if the leaning is because she is soooo tall, like an attempt to be at eye level with her scene partners.
Head up and shoulders back, LH!

I agree that she is better than she was a few weeks ago but I'm not in a hurry to see her in any heavy dramatic scenes for awhile yet

I loved today's ep- so much good character stuff with Matt/Des, Dani/Todd. And obviously Victor would contact Tea about the giraffe because that's what you do when you're running for your life.

Louise go back and watch- Todd did get the neon green nails! There's a funny bit where he's trying to avoid smudging them.

I'm liking LH better each time she appears- I wonder if they are directing her to lean over because I think she TOWERS over Rob & Corbin otherwise. But yeah its annoying.

Its been a month and I am still giddy every time i realize I'm reading a new OLTL post about a new ep.

Louise, I'm sure you'll agree with me that Oliver Fish is the LPD's resident foresnic Internet tech whatever guy. Let's just pretend he had the day off. Maybe he and Kyle took Sierra to Disney World!

Todd head's drooping with shame after he heard Dorian enter the salon was priceless.

Loving OLTL

I'm wondering if that really was Victor texting Tea. The ones watching would have seen Victor attack the giraffe.

I stand corrected! I was looking for Todd's green nails in the final scene and couldn't see them, but I hear they were in the prior scene. Yay!

C, obviously Oliver Fish is the tech guy! He's their top guy now!

Yeah, he didn't have them in the final scene. I'm certain he had them take the polish off the second Dani left.

And, man, his absolute mortification at Dorian finding him there was delightful. Hell, Dorian's obvious pleasure at his mortification was equally so. I also liked her comment 'Oh, yes, you go for the earthy types.'

As a college student, I will say that Snoop Dogg/Lion is hardly my favorite artist, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't flip out if I walked into my dorm and he was standing there chatting with my roommate. And a bunch of the people I go to school with are big fans of his, or at least they were pretending to be when he was at a club in NYC a couple months ago.

I think my favorite line from today's episode was, "Todd! I didn't know you were a metrosexual!" What I wouldn't give to have a spa day with Todd and Dorian...

The nails were green!

Oh, and the whole Snoop Lion thing? I skipped through ALL of his scenes. I hate gimmicks!!

Snoop Dog? Snoop Lion? LoL. Anwhoo,,, I've always loved how the singer loves OLTL, Bo, and Nora!

One more thing we learned today/yesterday; Tea types far more keystrokes than there are in the words that are actually produced. Normally I'm not so nitpicky but I started thinking about it like those foreign translators who turn a 90 second diatribe into "no".

Re LH being tall and leaning in/slumping, I could be mistaken but isn't she usually in heels? She wouldn't tower quite so much if they put her in flats for a change. I'm bothered by the slumping newbies on OLTL and AMC - AMC's Celia's slumping is SO distracting to me. Don't they teach actors to stand up straight anymore? Just weird.

Louise: You guys, Victor is really sorry about the giraffe.
Geoffrey (of ToysRUs): He is NOT forgiven!

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