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June 02, 2013

Presented Without Comment

Okay, maybe two comments.

First: Alley Mills is a national treasure.

Alley mills is awesome

I mean, right?



Girlfriend is hot!


So....what exactly happened here? Is she wearing Brooke's power suit because it's laundry day?
Also? Yes, she is obviously amazing

Exactly the kind of post I was hoping for! :)

O42, according to Pam, Brooke has gone "all diva" by not showing up to any of her Brooke's Bedroom line fittings (being preggers and all!), so Pam suggested to scrap Brooke and launch Pam's Boudoir line, and she proceeded to strip off her day's outfit to reveal this underneath. The caps don't do the scene justice. Definitely watch it! It was on Friday, and Eric & Taylor were so lovely to her, while trying not to laugh.

Taylor even said, "Somebody else running around in her lingerie besides Brooke, it's about time!" LOL

--> This is why I watch B&B! I want more of this hilariousness!

Alley Mills is one of the few things I miss, now that I've stopped watching the Bold and the Beautiful.

Thank you for reminding me of her cuteness.


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