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June 10, 2013

There's A "Family" and "Blood (Is Thicker Than Water)" Quip Here Somewhere

I have a serious question--actually, I have MANY serious questions about the ending of today's General Hospital. Like, "Is Shawn the worst hitman ever?" (yes, he is. Or he is at the very least in the top five--bottom five? I don't know, but this is giving me shades of Dr. Ian Devlin, who I had COMPLETELY forgotten about until just now on account of being pretty skilled at repressing terrible Port Charles memories. Terrible. Shawn, I can't even say I thought you were better than this, because I've actually never thought about you at all,but still: awful). And "Has Carly EVER had a pan that didn't begin and end disastrously?" (Nope!) And "Has anybody else seen Olivia's dress at Ann Taylor and lusted after it?" (because it's super cute, isn't it? It would look absolutely horrendous with my coloring, but still, I can admire from afar).

But the biggest question--and one I'm almost entirely positive I know the answer to*--is that if it turns out that Olivia gets shot instead of Franco and Sonny (as ever, so close yet so far away), will this serve as a wakeup call to, oh, anyone?


How much more Falconeri blood needs to be shed before they realize that Port Charles is a den of sin and that also SOMEONE NEAR SONNY ALWAYS GETS FREAKING SHOT? I'm sorry, if I'm Olivia, I'm saying to myself "This entire family has been shot or shot at repeatedly and it's not like I've ever even had a story to justify my continuing presence in this godforsaken town. FALCONERI, OUT!"

*The answer is that all of them need to get shot at least two more times each and then also die before they start to think that maybe something is off about Port Charles. But the last words on their respective deathbeds will, of course, include a monologue about how sorry they are that Sonny needs to go through this.


LOL. Yes, Olivia and Connie should have been gone a long, long time ago.

Every time I see one of Sonny's exes (Carly, Alexis, Sam, Olivia, Connie or Brenda), I roll my eyes and hope that one of the women either leaves town (permanently!) or die a fiery death!

I'm thinking this means Sonny and Carly will have to marry now, so they cannot testify against each other, and they fight (again) like cats and dogs until they discover they are (again) in love, and the ratings dip even lower (again). I hope Prospect Park can get the rights to GH soon, because they seem to regard the audience somewhat friendly.

(Mallory - Do you think there is any chance they will go back to a four day schedule per show and do away with that badly scripted Friday yawnfest? Better yet, replace the actress with you two, people who really know the shows and can ask relevant questions instead of the current crap?)

Ah Mallory, you always say what I've just been thinking. It was painful yesterday to watch Olivia reminiscing about Sonny while Connie babbled about how he made her feel when they were together. You just know that if Olivia is shot, it won't be anyone's fault except Shawn and Carly's. The fact that Sonny put a hit out on Franco will completely slip everyone's mind.

Just like when AJ was ranting about how Sonny and Carly put Michael in harm's way repeatedly, Michael made excuses for them.

As unkind as it may be, I don't mind a bit if Dullivia gets shot if it will, at the very least, SHUT HER UP for at least an episode or two. She's become this odd mix of Daffy Duck and Mama Celese. No ABBONDONZA for Olivia, I'm afraid. I just wish the bullet would riochet and temporarily - at the least - silence Konnie and Sonny too.
That was pretty painful having to listen to Dullivia and Konnie wax poetic about Sonny yesterday. From his unibrow down that pot roast body all the way to those adorable 6 toes on each foot, they let us know that this is ONE moobster that just everybody loves! Or, in their case, they just "wuv", cuz he's such a little pussy cat.
WHAT is going on with Ron C. these days??

@Elizabeth I'm not a Sonny fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I did hear him say the hit was off, albeit for now. No, this solidly rests on Carly and Shawn.

Shawn. Worst hitman ever. He had several good shots before Sonny or Olivia went out on that terrace. Clear shots.Carly is the Wile E. Coyote of soaps..her plans never ever work.

I liked Felix and Britt's scenes, and Patrick and Sabrina's chemistry-less date even if they spent the whole time discussing Britt and I was praying Patrick wouldn't be the recipient of Shawn's bullet. I let out an audible sigh of relief when he and Sabrina left.

I too like the Felix and Britt scenes but almost fell asleep during Patrick and Sabrina's date. Seriously, it is like watching a brother and sister hang out and talk about their stepsister. Even though Jason Thompson is a fine actor, I think he's even having a hard time faking the romantic spark. BARF if we have to watch a love scene this week.

I think the worst part about this entire situation is that it will most likely be a redux of Ian/Claudia, Shawn being Ian and Carly being Claudia (yeesh, the irony). Except because Carly is so brave and strong and has good instincts, everyone will forgive her and understand that she had good intentions and forget about it in a month.

Sadly, if Michael getting shot wasn't a wakeup call, nothing will be.

Olivia has never had a reason to stay in town, but I wonder if her wish will finally come true and that she and Sonny will get together. You know that's what she's been waiting for. Oy.

Shawn is so dumb. He had more than one opportunity to take out Franco and then waits until someone is standing in front of him to take the shot. Btw, why didn't he call Sonny about the hit being back on? Since when does he work for Carly? Why is he still here? Why are Olivia and Connie? These ladies appear to be becoming some sort of weird, unamusing version of the Buchanan twins. Olivia never served a purpose and Connie stopped when she was no longer Kate Howard, the ice queen fashionista.

Sadly, I really could care less if Olivia was shot or not. The character is seriously useless on the show. She should have been gone a long time ago and yes, I hope this is her exit storyline.

Sonny is a pretty easy target here because it's almost always Sonny's fault. However, it isn't this time. He didn't know a thing about the hit. Carly is a raving lunatic and Sean is the worst hitman ever!

I have mixed feelings about Sabrina and Patrick. On the one hand, I am a huge Scrubs fan so I really don't mind that this new relationship feels flat, but on the other hand, I am a huge Jason Thompson fan and I want him to have a storyline that works. There is just something off with the writing for Sabrina. I like her best when she's sticking it to the Britch, but when she's with Patrick she's too docile and even though they've been "dating", or whatever you want to call it for a month, she still seems to be star struck around him. It just makes me uncomfortable with their relationship. I've seen fire in Sabrina but I don't see that fire during her interaction with Patrick. Not sure I'm making sense, but I hope all those involved can fix this somehow or Sabrina and Patrick ain't never gonna work.

Roger looks awful. Just, awful.

And this storyline... RMFE, my eyes are stuck.

Someone get that man a comb!

I was more offended and sickened by Olivia and Connie nearly swooning at the twu luv going on at Patrina's table. WTF? Someone should shoot both of them just for that.

Seriously, I know this is supposed to be summer sweeps (or...something) but I haven't watched a full hour of GH in weeks. It's painful, guys. Really really bad. Between the 'Chew disaster' (in every sense of the phrase, it proved an ill conceived idea), the whole Franco debacle, and the fact that I couldn't care less about 90 percent of the storylines on the canvas right now, OR the truckload of new characters. Seriously, how did Sabrina get dull immediately post makeover? Why did it take me that long to realize Sabrina and Patrick together are like watching paint dry? That's absolutely no reflection on the very charming actors playing them--on screen chemistry is so hit or miss and apparently I liked the buildup a lot more than the main course.

Name a character right now and I probably don't care who they are or what's happening to them, including all the characters I used to be mildly to generally interested in (Dante. Maxie. Lulu. Alexis.). And all the new characters I never really loved I now like even less. The only thing that keeps me watching right now is Michael Easton--there I said it. I don't know what needs to change, but I hope the change comes quickly. Remember a year ago when GH was getting good again? Remember when it seemed like they'd (somewhat) remembered what made soaps so much soapy fun? I want to like this show, I really do! Time to pop in the 90s era videotapes, scriptwriters and find some inspiration again.

Also an aside: how laughable was that line the scriptwriters gave AJ in today's episode (?). Quote, or something like it: "The tape looked pretty convincing. It seems like Franco really *does* want to change..."

Or something to that effect. Nice try Writers, we still think this character is awful. Talk about the Emperor Has No Clothes Syndrome. Various characters spouting the line, 'Gosh, maybe Franco isn't that bad' a thousand times in every episode henceforth will *still* not make me like this character, and it just irritates me when they try it so blatantly. Want to make us believe in Franco, even a little? Show, Don't Tell, writers! Narrative Fiction 101.

It feels like a laughably bad political campaign.

It's no coincidence that the decline in quality coincides with all the veterans they brought back making once a month appearances. I feared at the time it was a one-time budget increase to drive viewers for the anniversary and create a perception the show was regaining audience.

Now we're back to normal. Yay.

I never felt that Olivia was ever relevant, and once they recast Kate Howard the character's never been the same. I hate to say it but I think this is going to kick off a Connie-Olivia-Sonny triangle. I really cannot stand Olivia and even though she keeps ending up stabbed, shot, or flung from a bus, she will still survive because it seems like the show runners love her. Yes, Shawn is the worst shot ever. I kept yelling, "Shoot!" when he had a clear shot at Franco (ugh, I even hate typing that name).

I naively thought when the ratings went up for the Nurses Ball and they said Lucy, Laura, Scotty, etc. were sticking around, TPTB would realize the viewers really want to see the vets and they'd continue to be on. Instead we get the teen scene, Franco, and I hear more newbies may be on the way. Anna hadn't been on in ages until Tuesday. Maybe it's a matter of budget, but I'd rather see fewer characters of good quality (that means acting too) than a whole slew of mediocre characters.

@Fleur: I think I missed that line of AJ's, but since he's trying to change and everyone's still judging him by his past, it actually makes sense to me that he might say something like that. Of course it's also extremely UNlikely because of this lunatic being responsible for his son's rape.

My aside: Today during GH we were treated to a public service announcement from one of the Spew ladies. Give it up, ABC! The Spew is not worth pimping out.

Olivia got exactly what she deserved. She covered for Sonny now he is still there to reek his hell, welcome to the Kool-Aid drinkers society. Dante if you arrested your sperm donor instead of committing perjury your mother may have not been shot. Standing next to Sonny can be dangerous, ask Michael. maybe not, he hasn't learned his lesson either. To think I liked Sean when he first appeared and helped Molly. dumb me. Sean should never be allowed with a gun. This is the second time he has taken someone out BY ACCIDENT?
FrankenRon can have the whole show say FrankoTodd isn't so bad and I will refer them to YT to watch old tapes.He was worse than bad. Are we watching OLTL or GH. been there seen these Starr/Todd repeats .Wash rinse and repeat.AJ saying he wasn't so bad was a joke right.Ron just wanted to see if we were still awake watching this?

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