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July 11, 2013

Heaven! I'm In Heaven

All right, General Hospital, you won. Don't go around being all smug about it because that's just poor sportsmanship but I can admit it: you bested me.

Because I was prepared to rage. I was SO prepared--I mean, granted, I could write this particular rant with my eyes closed because I've been shouting it, angrily, from the rooftops for so many years. But I was prepared! I had a list of insults ready to go and I was all set to type them angrily and wordily and my words were going to be bitter and full of hatred.

Olivia: Now, if Franco was threatening my kid, I would have done exactly the same thing. I might have kicked his ass myself. So to answer your question, no...I'm not going to turn you in.
Sonny: Thank you.
Olivia: I'm on your side, Sonny. Don't you know that.
Sonny: I do now.

Did you not hear a record scratching sound effect like you are the quirky heroine of a 90s era dramedy? I mean, what? WHAT? WHAT? Is she for real? Did I just have a seizure? Did we all have a seizure at the same time and for some reason hallucinated such a bizarre and unrealistic and terrible interaction? How is it that THREATENING Olivia's child is somehow a bridge too far but SHOOTING her child (IN THE CHEST!) is clearly not an impediment to hot, hot making out? I wanted to vomit and then punch this show in the face.

Until the end of the show happened and all I could think was "[High pitched squealing accompanied by semi-hysterical clapping"] and "WHEN WILL IT BE TOMORROW AT 2 PM?!?!" because--did you see the end of today's show?




I'm kvelling.

I love it. I was so surprised and so emotional and am so looking forward to their conversation tomorrow, which I am sure I will cry through, that I am not even going to do my normal complaining about how awful it is that Georgie has to be brought back as a ghost because the show made such a colossal mistake in killing her off--I mean, I will probably do that tomorrow after Maxie and Georgie talk and Kirsten Storms and Lindze Leatherman remind me of their sweet familial chemistry. But TODAY I will not complain. I will only smile all dopey-like.


I know, right? My jaw dropped, there was an audible gasp and teary eyes. Frank and Ron do so well at keeping big surprises secret. Do we know for certain she's going to be a ghost? Can we at least hope that Ron and Frank are going to right that terrible wrong?

I saw on the General Hospital twitter page today that there was going to be a surprise at the end of today's episode but never, in a million years, did I think it was a Georgie return!!!!!! That just makes me soo excited for tomorrow's GH in ways that I haven't been in a long time!

It was a beautiful (if gaspable) moment. I teared up immediately. Heck I teared up when Maxie was telling Lulu why she wanted to name the baby Georgie.

The one (only) good thing about Olivia and Sonny is I can FF both of them simultaneously. It was more disruptive to do it when they were in separate scenes. My wish is Connie goes ballistic and takes Olivia out. Or I hope Dante refuses to let either of them near the baby.

Lets face it.Guza is still there.The scenes with Sonny and his goons is just like they penned it. Oliviaa My head is still shaking it, If anyone hurt my child.Is the LSD kicking in again. Sonny shot your son point blank in cold blood.. If FrankenRon are trying to make me dislike Olivia they succeeded. FF city here I come. Alexis isn't much better Officer of the court my asH. I saw Georgie and she looks great.I liked her ok before but, I had shut the show off for years when the sonny show was on before so I don't have as much invested in the character.Maxie can use her help.She needs someone to confide in even if its a ghost.

If they can bring AJ back, they can bring LL. But that would steal the spotlight from Kiki. But - on a positive note - LL looks gooooorgeous.

Olivia should be killed off. And I don't say that in a "I hate her" way, I say that in a "she needs to be saved while she still has a teeny scrap of dignity left (if she still does)" way.

I just need to get this off of my chest: I despise Sonny! I so wish he would be knocked off of my screen. He has no qualities, redeeming or otherwise. Maybe Olivia and Sonny can both be offed by Connie. Dreaming....

Hmm Georgie would be slightly older than Kiki though honestly Kiki could stand to share the spotlight.

And Sonny. Ick. There are just no words. I completely ignored him and Olivia today.

My DVR ruined the surprise -- something about "Maxie gets a visitor from her past" and when she started to talk about Georgie, I knew who it had to be. I love that girl and it'll be great to have her (hopefully) speaking some sense. But I do have that rage that boils up anytime Georgie, Alan or Emily are mentioned. So much potential wasted!
Didn't Days once kill off like half their cast and then have them all actually on a secret island, held by Stefano? (I had stopped watching by then, but I'm assuming it was Stefano. It was always Stefano.) Can we have a secret island, please?


Sonny is pond scum.

Olivia must be horny as heck to even think about sleeping in that nasty bed that has seen so many women in the last six years (Kate, Carly, Kate, Claudia, Brenda, and Kate/Connie).

please get rid of Olivia and she can take Sonny with her . Sonny couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag! I like what Franco said today when Alexis 's asked him why he didn't say who beat him put . I like it when i got something to hold over Sonny's head !

I guess we have to get used to her blind Sonny Love/Lust since Lisa L (Olivia) has a contract. Has. A. Contract. WTF?!?!?

I thought it was hysterical though that Maxie was explaining to Lulu who Georgie was. Um, didn't Lulu sleep with Georgie's husband Dylan and conspire with Diego to break Georgie and Dylan up? Wasn't Georgie totally into Spinelli who was in love with Lulu at one point? Lulu knows who Georgie was.

I really enjoyed Megan Ward's original version of Carly until she was pushed aside for Sonny/Claudia. However, once the show decided to not bring on MW as Kate/Connie, my interest in the character went south since KSu is at least 15 years younger than MB, so there is now way that Connie/Kate grew up with Sonny & Olivia.

It never made sense why KSu was not brought on as Dr. Sarah Webber and she fell for Sonny's dimples.

Ugh. I meant Megan Ward as original Kate Howard!

Ladybug said:"I really enjoyed Megan Ward's original version of Carly"

Er, Ladybug,I think you mean KATE. Megan Ward was the original Kate. Not that Slagbeast.

And like I posted on another board. Am I supposed to be impressed that RondouchebagCarlivati "brought" back Georgie? Cuz I'm not. ESPECIALLY not after the offensive crap I watched earlier this week with Brad the gross sexual predator and Michael.

I loved seeing Georgie... it was the only part I watched... seriously in months... Love LL --she looks great.. love her hair.

George (LL) and Maxie (KS) have such chemistry --it was a mistake for her to be killed off.. GEorgie should be in the swiss clinic too...

Georgie, Alan, Emily, Jake and Robin. . .they can ALL be at the Swiss clinic! I'll even allow Luke to be the saviour of all these Port Charlesites. . . .

I'd be ok with that story. . seriously!

Georgie can fix Maxie's mess AND make a reason for Dillon to come home AND be a great story with maxie/spinelli/ellie

Alan can be wonderful in the Q mansion once again fighting with and loving Monica AND sparring with Tracy

Emily can occupy Nikolas, and keep him away from Liz

Jake can save his little brother Danny and mend his mama's heart

and Robin can kick Sabrina's ass to the curb.

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